Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Better Than A Pain In My Ass I Guess

As I explained before, I screwed up my back while at the gym doing dead lifts. Wasn't doing heavy weight, probably just pulled up wrong or something. Anyways, T came at me with the same cure that she always does....Chiropractor.

So I finally for once listened to T and called the one that the kids go to and asked if they could refer me to someone in my area. I needed someone close that I could go to either before, during, or after work hours. I get NO break time (another story for another day) and a 30 minute lunch does me no good. So they found me one close by and I did it, yes I did. I called and made an appointment. Wasn't thrilled about it but I made it.

So I went this morning to East-West Spine and Rehab. Got there and was nervous. I hate doctors. Doctors period. I don't care what kind, what they look like, where they are from..NONE of that. I just don't like doctors.  I see this dude get out of his car and he is looking like he should be training me at the gym. I'm like damn this dude is gonna kill me in there.

Get inside and he ends up being a nice dude. Now I told him I didn't like doctors. Nothing personal, just don't. He laughed and was fine with that. Talked to me for a few, asked me some questions...Then looked at a few things, (keep it clean people) and then off to take a few x-rays.

After that, the best part was laying on the table and having the pulse pads on my lower back. That shit felt good. Then some adjustments and popping and moving and a bunch of cracking and nosies and then it was done. He showed me my x-ray and told and showed me how my hips were offline and my spine was grinding together.  Gave me a few exercises, told me to stay away from some of the exercises at the gym and then slapped me with a bill. Paid, got a t-shirt (thanks) and I was on my way. He did mention that in order to get the full benefit of the visits that I needed to make sure I was having plenty of in house PO-DO. At least 3 times a week.

All in all, I guess it was a good experience. I don't know. I feel better now, my lower back still hurts but I know it may take a few times. I told T about the appointment and she looked at the web site and mentioned about how cute the chiropractor was and yeah, he does look Roberto from Ally's season of the Bachelorette. Damn it.

Well I am going back Thursday and I guess I will see what happens then.

Wish me luck.

Kiss the Baby



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