Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Can You Feel It? The Needo for Speedo!

If you are a parent that has been to Disney you know how much it can cost you. T and I are lucky enough to have four healthy kids and Disney still breaks us to the bone every year when we go.

Now for just a minute imagine that you are the parent of a special needs or terminally ill child.  I cant begin to understand what those parents go through. I stress about everything as it is. Think about all the hardships that the kids deal with and all the pressures and stresses that the parents have to handle to be able to take care of their children. Take the most trivial thing for a family in that situation like going to Disney and it becomes not so trivial. It becomes a big production. They have to have so much more planned than an family of 6 like us do.  I'm sure the money is an issue. A huge issue. Doctors, helpers, whatever that the family uses or needs on a daily basis, they have to account for that on this thought out, in depth vacation.

Nothing for a family in this situation is ever a guarantee.  But for them going to Disney there is one guarantee and its a big one. The smiles on the kids. Smiles, that's it.

That brings me to my friend and his radio show, The Bert Show. OK, I'm lying he isn't MY friend, but I am his friend. Wait, OK. Honestly, I'm just a twitter and radio stalker that listens to him and he does so many great things for the youth of the city of Atlanta and surrounding areas and this is just another way I can try to be helpful and spread the word. But I know people that know people that know him, so we are friends in that way.

Bert Weiss and his wife Stacey have a Non-Profit called Berts Big Adventure. Berts Big Adventure Website. Some of you are saying "What is Berts Big Adventure?" Well its a non-profit organization, committed to changing the lives of children with chronic and terminal illnesses. And they have both been doing this for 10+years now. And just how do Bert and Stacey change the lives of these children? Well besides helping families all year round in different ways, one of the biggest things they do is take families to Disney World in Orlando, Fl.

Now I am not well off by any means, I try and we try as a family to do things to help others. I cant always donate money, but we try to give toys, used or not, clothes, used or not to families that really need the help. Food, we donate food as well. Now Berts Big Adventure accepts donations for the big trip and does so in many different ways.  This year there is a special way to donate and you actually get something back in return, other than the feeling of being a great help.

They do a thing in Atlanta called the Santa Speedo Run where people run around the city of Atlanta in speedos or bikinis in the winter time and have fun.  Teams are formed and money is raised to benefit different causes.  Well Berts wife Stacey is doing this and Bert was going to but he has a prior obligation which is causing him to not be in a speedo and run. Now if you haven't seen Bert, he isn't a bad looking dude. He is trained by The Biggest Losers Dolvette, so that may just tell you that he is in fact in decent shape. So since he wont run around the city in a speedo, you are more than able to catch a peek at him in that speedo. All you have to do is donate here Bert Strips Down for Donations and if you get to the magic number, he will bare it all down to the speedo.

It may seem silly and crazy but Bert and Stacey really go all out and do what they have to help these kids and the families. I hear about these stories and responses from people about how great it is.  You have a guy and his wife who have two young boys, yet they do all of this for these other kids.

So again, I know that I only reach certain readers that have come to know Me, T and the 4 C's and maybe you don't have or know anyone that has chronic or terminally ill children, but then again maybe you do.  I'm not asking you specifically to donate, but to just spread the word around, tell people to come read the blog and go to the sites and see what it is all about. Maybe some of you ladies want to see Bert in a speedo, maybe some of my males readers do too.

Can you feel it? Shhhh, listen..Can you hear it?  Its the sound of women talking about how good Bert looks, and its the sound of jealous men all over.

The Bert Show Radio Show
Berts Big Adventure
Atlanta Santa Run
Bert-strips-down-for-your-donations page

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christopher (@twistedxtian) December 1, 2011 at 8:47 AM   Reply to

That's really cool and encouraging to read. It's nice to see people out there doing what they can to help those in need.

Happy #CommentDay!

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