Friday, November 18, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 11-18-11...Im feeling a little Boy Bandish today

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Here we are again.  This week has come and gone and I am happy to say that we have made it once again to Friday. And for some reason, I am in a Boy Band kind of mood today. Singing Boy Band songs. Something is really wrong with me. But just remember that Backstreets Back Alright.

So, I am a complete idiot sometimes. Well most of the time. The other night T was not feeling well, so she asked me to do one thing. ONE, that is it.  Text message from her read as "Can You please divide the meat in the fridge when you get home?"  Yep, no problem, no problem.  Fast forward to yesterday when I am sitting at work getting my breakfast out of a ziploc bag and that is when I remembered, I didn't separate the meat.  Yikes. I was asked to do ONE thing and I couldn't even do that. Oh boy.  I guess its a good thing that I talked her into letting me stop and get her some soup. That made the kick to the balls much softer.

Our board that is in the closet. The one we write stuff on, ask each other questions on, leave dirty notes for each other on, (well I am the only one leaving dirty notes) but whatever...She wrote this on there the other day

Well this is not an easy question. She really hit me with a hard one.  Not because she has so many and I had to decide but she really doesn't do anything that I cant stand.  Then it came to me. As soon as I stopped thinking it hit me....and my answer was.......

"You don't take enough time for yourself"

Wow, so last night I was made aware that the kids were talking about Christmas lists already.  Then T told me that C4 wanted a cell phone. What? NO and HELL NO!  T and I laughed. All of our kids are WAY too young for phones.

Then as I was tucking the kids in, I said to C1, "hey man , you have done a really good job taking care of your hermit crabs, (fist bump)" and then he says to me "Dad, Im thinking I should get a puppy for Christmas" Ummm, NO! And then from the other room Mrs. I Leave Panties All Over The Floor chimes in with "Yeah Daddy, We should get puppies" NOOOOOOOOOO.

I walk back into my bedroom and tell T and she is like "Yeah, they have been talking about it all day".

Shit, what next a damn car?

I read an article yesterday that says over 60% of men feel like they don't look good enough in the bedroom and it affects the love making with their female.  OK, I must be in the 40% because even though I am going to the gym and I always call myself fat....In the bedroom at that time with T, I look like Tom Brady. (T will tell you the same thing)

After talking to a few of the fella's on twitter yesterday, I am thinking I may need to do a new song vlog.  I mean, I can sing so well and I know you all have been missing my vocal abilities. Im thinking bout some Motown Classic. Actually, for you the readers, fans, and loved ones is there any song you would like to hear.  Tell me whats your choice and I will think about it.

Saturday.  Twilight with T for a Date Day. Yeah, we dont do Date Nights, just Date Days.

Sunday. Football. Atlanta Falcons 4pm.

Weekend. Honey Do's and Must Finishes and maybe some Bow Chicka Wut Wow mixed in there. (If Im nice, positive and lucky)

Have a great weekend.  Husbands be nice to your wives.  Wives give your men some PO-DO. Most of all love your kids and have fun with them.

Kiss the baby



Anonymous,  November 18, 2011 at 8:49 PM   Reply to

you seriously crack me up! I asked my husband the same question that T asked you, he didn't need to think about it (haha). Have fun on your date!

Unknown November 19, 2011 at 9:57 AM   Reply to

what a great idea! totally doin this white board thing

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