Tuesday, November 22, 2011

From A to Z, Things I am Thankful For.

Being Thankful can have so many different meanings.  It kinda depends on what you are thankful for.  I can always talk about being thankful for T and the 4 C's, which I will do later this week.  I can write about being thankful for having great parents and a great mother in law, but no one wants to read about that..(except them) lol, I can write about having a great job, and I am sure I will once I find it, I think what I am going to do today it let you all know some of the simple things that I am thankful for.  The little things that make me smile and make me go Hmmmm.  I am going to try and go from A to Z and list the things that I am thankful for that go with each letter.

Atlanta Falcons- My favorite football team. They support every emotion I have.

Back Hair- It gives T the chance to be with me while I am in the bath.

Coffee- Best part of waking up, is Coffee in my cup.

Diapers- So thankful that I have a wife that changes them.

Earthy- Organic stuff, makes me more regular.

Friends- The people that I never answer the phone when I call them.

Gym- I feel like a stud at least 2 hours out of the day.

Horny- I am this all the time. T is not so thankful for this one.

Intelligence- Keep thinking I will get this stuff one day.

Jeans- The ones that are too BIG for my fat ass. Makes me feel better. (See GYM)

K12- Making me realize I am not as smart as my kids. (See Intelligence)

Laptops- Easier than carrying around a desktop.

Music- Every kind, all the time, I listen, I sing, I dance.

Ninny- All the kids have sipped on the Ninny Juice.."Rollin' down the street in a carrier Sippin' On Ninny Juice..laid back with the mind on the Ninny and the Ninny on the Mind"

O- plain and simple letter that can be used as a word. Ex.- When I forget to do something that T has asked me to do I say "O Shit, I forgot!"

PO-DO- Ohhh so Thankful, ohhh so much.

Quiet- Something that is never in our home, but then again that would be boring.

Razors- Especially the ones that curve and manscape the man parts with no cuts.

Scott- Hell Yeah. Me, Myself and I. I love Me some Me!

Twitter- I have found so many great people to argue with there.

Underwear- keeping my boys snug and warm-Im thinking about trying this kind

Vasectomy- Nuttin' Like shooting Blanks! (even though a reverse would be nice.)

Wax- What I need to have done to my body hair. Shaving takes forever.

Xray Vision- I use this on T all the time. And only on her.

You- For coming everyday and being trapped into my mind for just a little while.

ZOO- This is what my house is when I get home at 9pm.

Hope you enjoyed my list and it let you into my life and some of the everyday things that I am thankful for.

Kiss the Baby



Anonymous,  November 22, 2011 at 1:16 PM   Reply to

You have issues...major issues!!
You seem to have left me off that list.

Scott S. November 22, 2011 at 1:41 PM   Reply to

I have NO issues. I am thankful for this list and you are on the list. You didnt read well enough.

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