Monday, November 14, 2011

The fun weekends always go by the fastest.

Isn't it just so awesome how the weekend flies by. I mean I get off work Friday and get home and next thing you know it is back up at 5am and off to the gym and ready for the work week. Nothing better than a fast flying weekend. (sarcasm voice)

Friday night, I rented Horrible Bosses and let me tell you this, that movie is so funny. Now I love comedy movies and I have a open sense of humor....meaning I usually laugh at anything, but I am honestly telling you that this movie is one that is in my Top 5.  I think partly because the movie in a way is my real life. I work for Kevin Spacey and some of the other characters that are in the movie are here at my place of business also.  I will fill you in on that later this week.

Before watching the movie, I caught some of the UNC vs. MSU basketball game that was played on the USS Carl Vinson Carrier. It was awesome to see two storied schools play a game for the troops on Veterans Day. It was a great gesture by the NCAA and by all involved.

Saturday was party and travel day.  Party day meaning we had two parties. C2's soccer party where he got his trophy and then it was the drive down to our cousins house for a birthday party. A Princess Party.  But something funny happened on the way to the party... T had to stop and use the bathroom and while walking back out to the van (with 3 kids in tow) a dude looked at her and said "Hey Baby" as he looked her up and down. See, some guys would want to take that the wrong way and start some shit. Me, I laugh and look at her and tell her, "Damn Babe, You got it like that!!!" She thought it was funny too.

C3 got to her Princess Party and dressed up in some Princess clothes and she loved it.

She love it so much that on Sunday she found some of her own
 Princess clothes and got dressed up. 

Even wanted to prove that Princess' can ride bikes and play
outside in the dress.
And even take the dog in the baby carrier on the back of the bike. 

Sunday was also fun for the reasons that I took my old lawnmower and started mowing through the woods.  The kids love to run around the property line around our house, so I thought I would at least make them a trail that they could stay on.  We all walked down to the waterless creek. C2 heard termites chewing on the trees in the woods, C3 found a ball? That was fun though. I will do some more work on the trail this next weekend, going to try and add some stuff along the trail to make it more fun for the kids.

T and I finally watched Thursdays episode of Greys Anatomy. And can I just say "DAMN", I mean really..can they have any more drama happen in one show. That was nuts. A great episode but man, that was nuts.

Hope you all had a good weekend as well.

Kiss The Baby



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