Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Me and My C3

Daughters,  gotta love em.

I have one daughter and she is my sunshine.  No matter how bad a day I have or even when she aggravates the living shit out of me, she always have those few key phrases that make me smile and brighten up my day or night.

1) Daddy, can you play that song on your phone for me? Doesn't matter what song, she loves to hear music I have picked out for her to listen to.

2) Daddy, can I have Daddy time with you? She loves to come hang out in the bed and snuggle and get her some Daddy Time. I have to give her a rain check some nights just so I can get some T and Me time.

It is going to be hard having a daughter as she gets older and I have a hard enough time dealing with her now. She is so cute and gets that sassy bossy tone (like her mother has) and she cant be stopped.

I try to find fun song on my phone for her to listen to.  Sometimes I will find a cute, sweet song that makes her smile.  Here is the song and video that I am currently playing on my phone for her.

She smiles, and ask me to play it again...

...And again

...And again

Me and My C3

Kiss the Baby



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