Monday, November 7, 2011

Wee-Kend Fun.........Daddy got Back...and a bad one at that.

What a nice weekend.

Started out by talking T into watching a movie (THOR) with me and having her say after 10 minutes, "I don't know how you watch this shit, I'm going to bed." Laughing at me all the way to the bedroom.  That's ok, I watched the rest of my movie all by myself and that was ok.

Saturday, we had woke up with a plan of going to Home Depot and doing the project...That didn't work. So instead we fed the C's, got them dressed and hurried out the door to make it down to Carrollton for the Farmers Market. We got a few things and then T took pic's of the kids in the downtown area. She got some really good shot of the kids near some older buildings and they looked really good.

Now this is where the fun begins.
So Thursday, me and my workout stud self was hitting the weights and decided to do some dead lifts.  Didn't even go heavy. Well I must of done the exercise wrong or something cause my back was hurting. BAD.  Fast forward to Saturday when I am raking up the pine straw in the yard and I am just about finished and then..

My back popped, pinched, snapped, jammed, whatever you want to call it. All of a sudden I dropped to my knees faster than...well never mind.  I couldn't move. I honestly couldn't move.  C4 went into the house screaming "MaMa" and C3 sat there and looked at me and said "Well, looks like I get no Daddy time tonight." and walked off.  After T (who didn't come help me) finished taking pictures of me laying on the ground, I made it into the house.  Struggled and moved around all weekend and it got a little better but still sucks.

We got an extra hour Sunday and that was awesome. Its good to get an extra hour.

Yesterday was better. Played a little with the kids and did some cleaning and laundry. Didn't get done what I wanted to but, finished what I need to by the time the Falcons came on and watched my boys get it done against a Colts team that hasn't been that sorry since, well lets just say in football terms...forever.

T did some kitchen makeover work yesterday and it look damn great. I will show you some pics when it is all finished. Looks so much better than before.

And last night I got T to hook me up and make me look like this

No this is not a Carroll County mug shot.

Just a pic of me from my best side. The front side.
I am now rocking the
FU Man Chu.

Kiss the Baby



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