Friday, December 30, 2011

This Daddys Two Most Influential Blog Post of 2011.

I don't, won't and can't claim to be some big well known blogger that reaches across America and touches the lives of millions like some out there.  I don't have hundreds and hundreds of followers that leave millions of comments telling me they are inspired by what I do or write.

That's not even why I got into blogging. I got into blogging to blog about Me, T, and the C's. What its like to be a father that works way too many hours. My love for my wife and kids and all things that benefit my family. Sports and just crazy things that happen to us during our long road in life.

Since I started this blog a couple years ago, I went from blogging everyday about useless material to try and make my kids understand who I am to blogging about the kids and stuff we do to blogging about important issues and causes that affect my family and things that we believe in.

I touched on issues that some people agree with and some that people don't agree with.  I did a lot of judging and a lot of accepting.  I have grown as a father and a husband. I still have more growing to do and that is what this next year of 2012 is going to be about. Personal Growth.  I feel like people respect my wife for her knowledge of parenting issues and the time and effort she puts into learning about things.  I piggyback her knowledge and I am going to make it a goal of mine to actually do some of the learning myself.  I owe that to her, the kids and myself.  I also owe it to you all. The ones that come by daily, weekly or every now and then.  I want to be knowledgeable about the issues that I believe in and help make provide you with more information.  Understand that I will still have my days when I blog about something that means nothing. Something that makes you laugh. Something that makes you think "Who is this guy again?".  That's just me and the way I do things.

Lets take a minute and reflect on what I think may have been two of my biggest blogging moments from the year of 2011. This is my personal opinion and you may have liked others better, but I am taking these two and giving you the chance to relive the magic.

In May the City of Forest Park, Ga. passed a City Ordinance (Law) to make women unable to breastfeed children over the age of two in public. They considered it nudity. Well after a Nurse In at the City Hall that was covered by all the local media and media from other parts John Parker (City Manager) caved under pressure and changed that law. T and the C's went to that Nurse In and met some really great people and were part of making a change and a difference.  You can read the post and find other links here------> Public Breastfeeding in Forest Park.  That was one of my prouder moments as a father and husband, I feel like I helped make a difference and I am going to do more of the same in 2012.

My other one was a blog post I did about a radio and tv personality on ESPN Dari Nowkhah. He and his wife Jenn had a baby boy Hayden who became sick after being born and had to battle for his life. It didn't turn out the way that anyone wanted. You can read a little abut Hayden here --->Little Hayden Nowkhah.  I know babies are born and babies are lost all the time but this was different for me. Dari and Jenn welcomed me personally into their lives and didn't even know me. Dari made me feel like I was his brother or something. I can let it slide that he is a Sooner and I love the Longhorns. He is a Ok. City Thunder guy and I am a Laker fan. I wont let that ruin what I think about Dari.  Since the loss of Hayden, Dari and Jenn started a Haydens Hope Foundation.  Its about Organ Transplants and has all kinds of information on Hayden and his awesome 39 days of life.  It also tells you how you can help.

So there ya have it. My two posts I feel are most influential of 2011. I hope you take a minute to go back and check them out.

Thank all of you that have continued to follow me and you that have started to follow me. I appreciate you coming by and sharing and enjoying my stories and drama.

ME, T and the 4 C's are going to have a great 2012 and I believe big things are going to happen for us. Some good, some bad, most of all crazy. But you wont know about it unless you keep coming back.

Kiss the baby



Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top 10 Things I Do That Aggravate My Wife

We all have things that we do that get on our spouses nerves.  I know there are all kinds of things that I do that bug and get on T's nerves.  Some I just know by the looks she gives me and others I know because she will sit there and say "You are aggravating me".  But me being the young immature 39 year old that I am, I continue to do them.

Wonder if I can list some of them and see if she agrees and has more to add or if I'm wrong about some of them.  So here is my List of 10.

1. Mess with her in the morning.  She is not a morning person and does not like for me to mess with her before noon.

2. Grab at, touch that, smack dat or mess with in anyway shape or form her ass.  Ohhh boy she cant stand that but man I love that ass.

3. Carve up the butter.  Beats the shit outta me too, but she is not a fan of me slicing and dicing the butter. Keep it smooth or keep out.

4. Bed sheets and comforter have to be perfect. I am so bad about needing to have the bed settings even and perfect and she just doesn't get that.

5. Sing and stare at her while she is driving. She really wants to pull over and kick me out of the van when this is going on.

6. Bug her for sex. Every day and night.  What husband doesn't? But I guess I will never learn that she has four kids up her ass all day and doesn't want me there. Wait.....

7. Changing the channel and leaving the room and the remote is far away.  This is a great one, only because I do it all the time. I thought she loved sports?

8. Picking holes in my beard. Ahhh Yes, this might be her favorite. I have two spots that become the nervous pick spots and i remove hair thus leaving two giant holes in a beautifully grown beard.

9. Leaving my wedding ring at home.  Not a huge one, sometimes my fingers feel chubby. And the classic line that follows the next morning "Didn't feel like being married to me today"

10. Packing my gym bag, not waking up, not going to the gym and then crying about being fat.  She puts ear plugs in for this and i just wait for her to take them out so I can bitch and moan again.

I'm sure there are more. I would love for her to read this and tell me the others or tell me that some of these can be taken off.  Wonder what she will say?  What about you and your spouse?

Kiss The Baby



Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Time for Changes.

As we get closer to the New Year of 2012 people all across the World will be putting out their resolutions and things they hope to accomplish for the upcoming year. Everyone will have the same goals and same wants and needs that they have every year. And nothing is wrong with that. If people feel good about saying they are going to do things differently in 2012, them I say let them. I hope they have a good list and I hope people follow through with it.

Thing that I will put on a list will be things that are new for me. I am not going to call them Resolutions but simply Life Changes.  Changes are different than Resolutions. Look it up.

See normally I would jot down things like, eat better, go to the gym, be a better father and husband, get stuff done around the house....etc..

So there are some changes I am going to make this year. I hope to stay with them and keep them up and become a better person because of them. Maybe even a more successful person because of them. I'm sure I will find or come up with more than this but check this out.

*Be more respectful to T. I know I am a good husband, but I don't always respect her. I will work on that.

*Be more involved in the kids schooling.

*Be creative on this blog. Write more about things that make a difference to my family. Breastfeeding, Organic and Healthy Eating, Green Living, Natural Parenting. Things like that. I want to be more of a positive influence in not just my own kids lives but I would love for people to tell me that I helped make a difference in how they parent or how they live their life.

*Stop being a quitter. I give up too easy. I have been wanting to do something for a long time now and I start and never follow through.

*Be a better friend.  I want to be a better friend no matter how people are to me.

That's all I got for now. Like I said I'm sure that more will pop up. Always does. What I do with it is a different story.

Kiss the Baby



Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to C3...Forever My Princess

Two days after Christmas in 2006 our first daughter C3 was born. My sweet beautiful little blue eyed baby girl was born and all of a sudden the only song that played over and over in my head was
Tim McGraw's "My Little Girl"

After having two boy, she came along and changed the way we did things in our little world.  Hair bows and dresses and different colors. Even the way you have to wipe a baby girl when changing a diaper. 

She has also made the definition of being tough to keep up with her brothers to rest. They now have to be tough to keep up with her.

She loves life. Everything in it and having to do with life. She is a lover of animals and all things stuffed. She plays with Legos and goes faster down the driveway on her bike than the boys do. 

She has more energy than all of us put together. She stays up later than the rest of us. She loves Bruno Mars and even loves my singing.

She loves her Mommy Time and her Daddy Time. She loves it when Mommy paints her nails and when Daddy fixes her things.

But most of all the love that fills the air is the love that Mommy and Daddy feel for C3. Our only daughter and will forever be our baby girl.

Happy 5th Birthday

3 weeks old

4 months old

7 months old and looking good

She loves her crafts

Always has a stuffed animal

C3 and her Mommy

I love my baby girl

C3 loves to be outdoors

She does have the attitude

And she will always be my Princess.






Friday, December 23, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 12-23-11......Merry Christmas Art

This Daddy's Blog


Tis The Season

The 4 C's love Christmas.

They love making crafts.

Merry Christmas from This Daddy, T and the 4 C's

Kiss the baby



Thursday, December 22, 2011

Its better to be Imperfect this Christmas

I saw the best email yesterday that is going to change the way I look at Christmas FOREVER.  Yes, FOREVER.

Got my usual email from Love and Logic yesterday and it talked about how the best Christmas is the one that is not perfect. Not perfect in anyway.

Usually I get up and I have to make sure the kids wait and everyone is calm and opens gifts in an orderly fashion.....Did I do that as a kid, god I hope not. I hope that I didn't have to go gift by gift and wait in line and take turns. That would have taken forever. Well then again I am an only child so I wouldn't have had to wait that long until my turn was up again.

This Christmas, this Sunday...I am going to do something different. I am going to sit and watch and let the kids destroy the house and play and open and play some more with it all.

And I'm not even going to freak out about it. I'm going to take pictures and video and enjoy it all. It wont last much longer. They are growing up too fast, so I am going to let them do what they do best.

HAVE FUN and be Imperfect.

Why stress about trash and boxes and toys all over and yelling and screaming. Why? Perfect?  Who wants a perfect Christmas? Not me, so thought out and planned and charted out. If you spend any amount of time on the perfect I know T is probably reading this and shaking her head and saying "Yeah Right" but just wait and see.

This is going to be the best Christmas because I am going to absorb it all.

Kiss The Baby



Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Joys of Christmas

Everyone has Joys of Christmas and it is different for each and every person.  For some kids it is opening gifts and emptying stockings and trying to catch a peek of Santa Clause.  For others it is going to church and spreading the word of what Christmas is all about.  Some find joy in being on the go all day and trekking from relatives house to relatives house.  Some find it in eating all day and then passing out on the couch.  There are millions of people that celebrate Christmas and that means there are millions of ways that people feel the Joy of Christmas.

For me, that Joy of Christmas comes as I try and duct tape the kids in bed for the night of Christmas Eve and see if they will stay there until at least 6am this year instead of the 3am or 4am or even 5am that is was last year.  The Joy comes from the kids waking and springing out of their own beds to run through the walls to the tree.  The Joy comes when the kids are screaming and dancing around and freaking out not knowing what to open first or what to play with first. The Joy comes from the kids showing each other what they got.  The Joy comes from the kids thanking Santa, Mommy and Daddy and everyone else that got them gifts.

The Joy comes from talking to family across the country and sharing moments of happiness and well wishes. The Joy comes from that big ass dish of MeMe's breakfast casserole that T is going to make, that cup of coffee (or five) that I am going to drink. The Joy comes from knowing that since I am not buying T anything nothing will have to be returned.

The biggest Joy of Christmas is going to be the memories that will be made. I cant wait to sit on the couch with T and watch as the kids go nuts and T and I look at each other and give that little wink.  Or even that little look of "Why did we buy that again?".  I love my wife and kids and I love making awesome memories with them and I cant wait to make some more this Christmas.

What is your reason for feeling the Joy of Christmas?

Kiss the baby



Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Do You Remember Those Gifts

I am a 39 year old dad, but I can still remember things from my childhood.  Like gifts I got fro Christmas when I was little and how much I loved them.  I wonder if my kids will sit there later in life even if its five or six years down the road and think about the presents they got when they were little.  Like legos sets or Wii games, Nintendo Ds games, wait, no one like clothes.  Toys are where its at. Even as a adult, I still like getting things to play with. Guess some things never change.

I was in the bathroom the other day, I will spare you the details of my adventures but I was in there and I started thinking about some of the gifts I got as a kid.  I can remember one year getting down to the last presents and then it happened, I opened up a Atari and it even had a Pac-Man game. The square controller and the little joystick. That was so awesome.  Then a skateboard. That rocked. I loved my skateboard.  I even got Legos and Star Wars figures and GI Joes...I was the coolest.  I'm sure I got socks and underwear too, that got thrown into a corner for most of the day.  I can recall in later years getting a stereo for my room. That was the shit man. It had the big speakers and the dual cassette with record player. (Before cd's)  I used to make my own mix tapes.  I was such a cool dork.

I would love to be a fly on the wall later Christmas Day just to hear my kids and what they say about gifts they get.  I know they get hooked up pretty good and I know they are very appreciative of what they get but kids are kids and they will still go into their room later and talk and talk shit about that one gift they got.  But I know that there will be more gifts that they will see and open that will make my ears hurt from the screams of joy.  Especially from C3 and C4 who scream extra loud most of the time.

I know one person that WONT be complaining about gifts this year and that is T. And the reason for that is that I don't buy her shit anymore.  I learned the hard way. Feeling bad after seeing a face of dislike, and hearing words of "I will be returning that" just finally made me realize that she doesn't want anything, doesn't need anything, so I am not buying her anything except the 4 little gifts that are from the kids and THAT IS IT!!!!!

Now me on the other hand, the kids and T always get me good shit. I like the stuff they get me. And I know for sure that this year I will.  T and I talk about the things that the kids are getting us so there are no issues and the kids are also excited about what T and I get from them. 

Not to sound so corny but I know the best gift of all is going to be waking up in the morning and watching the kids go nuts over Santa's visit and what he left for them and all the other gifts they get. They also get so much joy from the other kids opening what they got each other.

So my fellow adults, do you remember any special presents that you had under your tree when you were little?

Kiss the Baby



Monday, December 19, 2011

Do You See What I See

With Christmas Day getting closer and closer by the day, we are reminded that this is a joyful time of giving. We try to bring the joy of Christmas to other through song, gifts and special things we do for one another. This is that time of year you can look anywhere and see things that lift you up and make you feel good.

For instance this weekend we set out and about and did some things that were very fun and interesting.  Saturday we made our trip out to Lowes for the last part of the train in the build a project set.  The kids loved the train set of three.

After that, we did something very dangerous. We went to the mall. The mall on the last weekend before Christmas..Need I say more.

I'm giving to these....

Look at this man. Walking through the mall with red antlers on his head.
This man could be considered armed and dangerous. Antlers on a humans
head. And red at that. Watch out people.

My gift to this guy...A wife that wont let you wear that shit. Love her.

Yes, I do know that we live in Georgia.  I do know that we cant take the cold like
some people can. But for the love of Redbox. I get to the Redbox machine to
rent a movie Saturday night and this is in front of me.  Its not that cold out.

My gift to this girl...A mirror. Look in it. Look outside, its not snowing.

Then yesterday on our way to Stone Mountain, we drove through the
place where you can see it all. The good, the bad, the ugly.
The rich, the poor, the middle class.
LITTLE FIVE POINTS. Classic Atlanta's Best.

My gift to Little 5 Points...Time, keep doing what you do...forever.

See this white Volvo. We pulled up next to this car and it looked like
a millions birds ass' had been used like a paintball gun on this car.
It was covered and I mean covered in bird doo. Bird shit made love
to this car. 

My gift to this car...A trip to a place where no birds live. And a pressure wash

This guy here. Classic Little 5 Points guy. Looking crazy, headphones in
smoking on his cig. and drinking something. Sporting the hat and I'm sure
he was jammin to some tunes.

My gift to this guy...Nothing. He has 99 Problems but his bitch ain't one.

So remember to take all the scenes in. Take time to stop and smell the roses or funky shoes or bad odors that others may give off. 

Kiss the Baby



Friday, December 16, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 12-16-11........Getting Stitched Up

This Daddy's Blog


Well here we are once again, I'm so glad to have you back on this Friday, you know we only have a this and next Friday and then its Christmas. But with that, it means this is the last weekend to do whatever you need to do before it all goes down.

Yesterday, oh boy yesterday was a day. Lets see.

I get a text from T at 9:40am and it says "I feel dizzy this morning and sick" OK. She says I don't need to come home so I continue on with my work day.

Moments after that, I get a phone call from T saying I need to meet her at the ER and i hear crying and screaming and sounds like all hell is opening up in the background.  Not sure of what the deal is, I get up and tell the job I'm leaving.

At 10:16 I get a picture mail of my sweet little C3's face and head with a little hole in it. I'm heading to the ER and I get the call from T explaining to me that C4 hit C3 in the head with a train.

Now we are not the parents that run off to the doc or ER every time something happens. But T knew and had that mothering instinct that the little hole in C3's head was deep and it needed stitches.  The corner of the train hit her above the eye.

Now, me I wasn't sure, but T knew it needed stitches.  Looks little but it was a deep hole and it wouldn't stop bleeding. So we took her to the pediatrician and they did point out that T was right and that she needed to go get stitches.  We took her to the ER and T went in with her, while I took the boys to eat and have some daddy time. Few hours and a few stitches later my little princess looked like this

Got her lollipop and her kick ass band aid and a sticker for her little brother that hit her and she was good to go. T said she did so awesome and never moved during the whole thing. They got to watch Finding Nemo and I was so happy to see her when the boys and I picked up our girls. 

My sweetheart C3 has such a good heart, she cant stay mad at her little brother and it didn't take long for her to forgive him

And that was it. A day that had her in stitches.  It didn't stop her from coming home and playing outside, flying down the driveway on her bike, climbing trees and doing something else that T didn't want to tell me about that she said would scare me.  T and I did have to laugh about it because we have both said for years that C3 was going to be the first one that was going to be needing stitches or a cast or something along those lines.  Our little daredevil just happens to be our only daughter.

Kiss The Baby




Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas is no Vacation


Well even though its PG and a little bit on the rough side during certain parts T and I sat with the kids and watched some of the classic Christmas movie Chevy Chases Christmas Vacation. It was on tv, so some of the naughty words were cut out, some were not but we dvr'd it, so we were able to fast forward it at parts we didn't want them seeing or hearing. T loves that movie and I do as well and we can tell from the bits and pieces they saw, the C's are going to love it as well.

So here are some examples on why we all have a little Christmas Vacation in us...

It all starts with the fun family Christmas card.
Trying to get the kids to get in there and then have it
taken. Ahhh, the madness begins.

Then your off.
What better time is there than going to pick out your tree
and have so much fun / trouble while doing it.

Don't we all bust our ass to make our house look great
for Christmas and make the kids happy with all the lights.

And all you have to do is hope it all works

I think it would be fair to say that every family has
a cousin Eddie. You know the foul, nasty one you
actually don't want there

The crazy relative that you have no idea what in the
hell they smoked or drank and you laugh at them.
And keep the kids away from them.

Haven't we all wondered if the food we are about to eat
has to be blessed for more than one reason.
(This was C1's favorite part in the movie) 

Don't we all have moments during the holidays when
we want to light up or have a drink..something'
to take the edge off, or make sure we don't harm someone.

Ahhh, the look of joy as everyone leaves after a long day
and you know all that's left between you and bed is
all the cardboard, paper and plastic ties that
lay all around. 

 Enjoy your Christmas season.

Kiss the baby.



Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Know What I love? I love me some Dove

I am a man. One thing that I cant stand is dry skin.  With it being the winter time and cold we tend to get dry skin.  Well now I am taking the time to give you all a little idea for Christmas and introduce you to a new line of products from Dove.  And this isn't going to be your run of the mill Kirk Herbstreit in his short and polo shirt commercial. This is a look into the Dove Men + Care line from a Dad's eyes.

Dove Men + Care and myself are working together to make you feel more comfortable in your own skin. Now that's not something I came up with but that's what they think you will be telling yourself if you use this NEW product from them.  The Dove Men's line sent me some products to try out.  

Now I first gave these products a try at home. See that is the perfect place to try them. I can sit in my big tub and lather up with some  Sensitive Clean Body and Face wash that is unscented and dye free.  It comes in an easy to hold bottle. Flip open lid can be done with the flick of a finger. I make sure that I never take a bath or a shower without this product.

They sent me a handy Active Clean Dual Sided Shower Tool. Now this may not be the kind of tool you are thinking about when you talk about having fun in the shower but this tool combined with any of the Dove Men + Care products. I also love using the Extra Fresh Body and Face Bar. Now from the moment I opened the box I could smell the explosion of scent and I loved it. This bar of foams up faster than a dog in heat looking out of the window at a little female dog chillin' in the front yard.  I have to tell you that I am not big on deodorants. For some reason I just don't like to use them that much anymore. That doesn't mean I smell people. I just don't like the way they chalk up on my white shirts and if I wear a beater then they leave a mess on my other shirts, but I gave their deodorant a try and I was surprised. The Clean Comfort Deodorant worked very well. A nice compliment to the other products. Have only used it a few times and I have liked it for the most part.

So I have to say that my favorite product was the body wash that came easy to hold and open bottle. Nothing makes you feel more like a man than having a nice big bottle of body wash. Trust me.

Now you can go to the Dove Men + Care website to find out about all of the NEW products they have out.  They were also kind enough to send me out a awesome case to carry my stuff in and that makes it easy for me to keep all of my man care products separate in my gym bag, since that is where I do most of my showering these days, trying to keep my body fit and a fit body have to stay moisturized and keep healthy looking skin.

So for all of you that are still looking to get that man in your life something for Christmas, make sure you check out the NEW products from Dove Men + Care.  Your father, brother, older children, and ladies maybe your husband works hard and smells and isn't comfortable in his own skin....Well now is the time that he can. Give him that boost of confidence. Give him some Dove Men + Care.

Kiss the Baby


**I was sent these products by Dove for personal use and not paid for this review of the products**


Monday, December 12, 2011

Excuse me, Can you please show me your Panties?

Department. The Panties Department, not what you have on......
So we took a ever fun trip to the mall on Saturday. Yeah, the best time of the year to go to the mall is the weeks right before Christmas. Nothing but assholes (including me) walking around bumping into you and standing in the way...but whatever.

Saturday it occurred to me that I actually am embarrassed about something. ME, yes!  The person that never gets embarrassed.  I can buy pads and softcups, rubbers and whatever else T wants me to pick up.  I can walk around with wood in public and no problem...but as we stood and waited in a certain area of a store I realized as I looked at this stuff, I could never buy this for my wife. Buying it FOR HER is not the problem...Its sifting, sorting, looking, sniffing, feeling, trying them on...never mind that one.

PANTIES.  Now purchasing them is not the problem.  But I was standing there and noticed that there are so many and some of them were HOT.  T came out of the bathroom and I was like "Damn, some of these look nice".  In order for me to buy her panties, I would have to look at them, thumb through them, hold them up, feel them for softness.  Now if I wasn't already dirty enough this would make me look like a pervert in the department store. What am I going to do, walk up to some sales lady that probably looks like my grandmother and say "Hey, what do you think of these?" or "Excuse me, are these comfortable?"

Now, I dont do the Victorias Secret (Kicked out a women for Breastfeeding) but I swear the section of the store where the women's panties were was like a candy store for kids. I felt like I had a bobble head. Looking all around from afar.

Now I wouldn't have gone this far...

I don't think I would actually sniff any panties. Like I said I am dirty, but not that dirty.  I looked at T and actually said to her "I couldn't buy you any panties, there are so many and I like a lot of them."

Being that I don't like to shop and when I actually do I am very indecisive, I would probably end up leaving the mall looking like this

So I will just leave the panty shopping to T.  I have never complained about the panties she has bought before so I don't think I will anytime soon. And if you happen to be at a mall and see some guy walking about the panty section for hours with this crazed look on his face, don't rush to judgement and call security, remember he may be like me and just in shock and or embarrassed.

Kiss The Baby



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