Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas is no Vacation


Well even though its PG and a little bit on the rough side during certain parts T and I sat with the kids and watched some of the classic Christmas movie Chevy Chases Christmas Vacation. It was on tv, so some of the naughty words were cut out, some were not but we dvr'd it, so we were able to fast forward it at parts we didn't want them seeing or hearing. T loves that movie and I do as well and we can tell from the bits and pieces they saw, the C's are going to love it as well.

So here are some examples on why we all have a little Christmas Vacation in us...

It all starts with the fun family Christmas card.
Trying to get the kids to get in there and then have it
taken. Ahhh, the madness begins.

Then your off.
What better time is there than going to pick out your tree
and have so much fun / trouble while doing it.

Don't we all bust our ass to make our house look great
for Christmas and make the kids happy with all the lights.

And all you have to do is hope it all works

I think it would be fair to say that every family has
a cousin Eddie. You know the foul, nasty one you
actually don't want there

The crazy relative that you have no idea what in the
hell they smoked or drank and you laugh at them.
And keep the kids away from them.

Haven't we all wondered if the food we are about to eat
has to be blessed for more than one reason.
(This was C1's favorite part in the movie) 

Don't we all have moments during the holidays when
we want to light up or have a drink..something'
to take the edge off, or make sure we don't harm someone.

Ahhh, the look of joy as everyone leaves after a long day
and you know all that's left between you and bed is
all the cardboard, paper and plastic ties that
lay all around. 

 Enjoy your Christmas season.

Kiss the baby.



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