Monday, December 19, 2011

Do You See What I See

With Christmas Day getting closer and closer by the day, we are reminded that this is a joyful time of giving. We try to bring the joy of Christmas to other through song, gifts and special things we do for one another. This is that time of year you can look anywhere and see things that lift you up and make you feel good.

For instance this weekend we set out and about and did some things that were very fun and interesting.  Saturday we made our trip out to Lowes for the last part of the train in the build a project set.  The kids loved the train set of three.

After that, we did something very dangerous. We went to the mall. The mall on the last weekend before Christmas..Need I say more.

I'm giving to these....

Look at this man. Walking through the mall with red antlers on his head.
This man could be considered armed and dangerous. Antlers on a humans
head. And red at that. Watch out people.

My gift to this guy...A wife that wont let you wear that shit. Love her.

Yes, I do know that we live in Georgia.  I do know that we cant take the cold like
some people can. But for the love of Redbox. I get to the Redbox machine to
rent a movie Saturday night and this is in front of me.  Its not that cold out.

My gift to this girl...A mirror. Look in it. Look outside, its not snowing.

Then yesterday on our way to Stone Mountain, we drove through the
place where you can see it all. The good, the bad, the ugly.
The rich, the poor, the middle class.
LITTLE FIVE POINTS. Classic Atlanta's Best.

My gift to Little 5 Points...Time, keep doing what you do...forever.

See this white Volvo. We pulled up next to this car and it looked like
a millions birds ass' had been used like a paintball gun on this car.
It was covered and I mean covered in bird doo. Bird shit made love
to this car. 

My gift to this car...A trip to a place where no birds live. And a pressure wash

This guy here. Classic Little 5 Points guy. Looking crazy, headphones in
smoking on his cig. and drinking something. Sporting the hat and I'm sure
he was jammin to some tunes.

My gift to this guy...Nothing. He has 99 Problems but his bitch ain't one.

So remember to take all the scenes in. Take time to stop and smell the roses or funky shoes or bad odors that others may give off. 

Kiss the Baby



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