Friday, December 16, 2011

Fridays Final Thoughts 12-16-11........Getting Stitched Up

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Well here we are once again, I'm so glad to have you back on this Friday, you know we only have a this and next Friday and then its Christmas. But with that, it means this is the last weekend to do whatever you need to do before it all goes down.

Yesterday, oh boy yesterday was a day. Lets see.

I get a text from T at 9:40am and it says "I feel dizzy this morning and sick" OK. She says I don't need to come home so I continue on with my work day.

Moments after that, I get a phone call from T saying I need to meet her at the ER and i hear crying and screaming and sounds like all hell is opening up in the background.  Not sure of what the deal is, I get up and tell the job I'm leaving.

At 10:16 I get a picture mail of my sweet little C3's face and head with a little hole in it. I'm heading to the ER and I get the call from T explaining to me that C4 hit C3 in the head with a train.

Now we are not the parents that run off to the doc or ER every time something happens. But T knew and had that mothering instinct that the little hole in C3's head was deep and it needed stitches.  The corner of the train hit her above the eye.

Now, me I wasn't sure, but T knew it needed stitches.  Looks little but it was a deep hole and it wouldn't stop bleeding. So we took her to the pediatrician and they did point out that T was right and that she needed to go get stitches.  We took her to the ER and T went in with her, while I took the boys to eat and have some daddy time. Few hours and a few stitches later my little princess looked like this

Got her lollipop and her kick ass band aid and a sticker for her little brother that hit her and she was good to go. T said she did so awesome and never moved during the whole thing. They got to watch Finding Nemo and I was so happy to see her when the boys and I picked up our girls. 

My sweetheart C3 has such a good heart, she cant stay mad at her little brother and it didn't take long for her to forgive him

And that was it. A day that had her in stitches.  It didn't stop her from coming home and playing outside, flying down the driveway on her bike, climbing trees and doing something else that T didn't want to tell me about that she said would scare me.  T and I did have to laugh about it because we have both said for years that C3 was going to be the first one that was going to be needing stitches or a cast or something along those lines.  Our little daredevil just happens to be our only daughter.

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James @SaskaDad December 16, 2011 at 2:59 PM   Reply to

Just because you have a girl doesn't mean she's going to act like one. That's a lesson I've learned many times with my daughter.

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