Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to C3...Forever My Princess

Two days after Christmas in 2006 our first daughter C3 was born. My sweet beautiful little blue eyed baby girl was born and all of a sudden the only song that played over and over in my head was
Tim McGraw's "My Little Girl"

After having two boy, she came along and changed the way we did things in our little world.  Hair bows and dresses and different colors. Even the way you have to wipe a baby girl when changing a diaper. 

She has also made the definition of being tough to keep up with her brothers to rest. They now have to be tough to keep up with her.

She loves life. Everything in it and having to do with life. She is a lover of animals and all things stuffed. She plays with Legos and goes faster down the driveway on her bike than the boys do. 

She has more energy than all of us put together. She stays up later than the rest of us. She loves Bruno Mars and even loves my singing.

She loves her Mommy Time and her Daddy Time. She loves it when Mommy paints her nails and when Daddy fixes her things.

But most of all the love that fills the air is the love that Mommy and Daddy feel for C3. Our only daughter and will forever be our baby girl.

Happy 5th Birthday

3 weeks old

4 months old

7 months old and looking good

She loves her crafts

Always has a stuffed animal

C3 and her Mommy

I love my baby girl

C3 loves to be outdoors

She does have the attitude

And she will always be my Princess.






Gretta December 27, 2011 at 12:10 PM   Reply to

Happy Birthday to "Daddy's Little Girl". Hope she has a sparkly, fun-filled day with lots of surprises!

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