Thursday, December 1, 2011

Im Not on Steroids but........

You might have thought so by my actions this morning.

I'm always learning lessons in life about growing up, even at the age of 39. 

So this morning at the gym was a very interesting morning to say the least.  I have missed the past few days with a sore pec area or chest or whatever and I finally felt good enough to go and lift some weights.  Guess all the testosterone was flowing in me today.

So I have blogged before about this guy at the gym who helps train these high school kids and how I didn't like the way he talked down to them. He isn't a coach, and I am not even sure if any of the kids are even his or not, but anyways....the guy is just what I would describe as a jerk. A loud, mouthy jerk. Now I'm a jerk too, but only after you get to know me. People love me at first. Then they dislike me.  This guy happens to be a Georgia Bulldog fan as well. I cant stand the Dawgs, never have, never will, just not my team of choice.

The history.  I have been going to this gym for almost a year.  This guy who I have never said anything to except in the conversation of sport in a passing manner.  I hate talking at the gym. I'm there to work out for my hour and a half, no time to talk. He knows I love the Texas Longhorns and I know he love the Dawgs.  I have never even given this guy the impression that I don't like him or how he talks to those kids, simply because I don't talk to anyone at the gym, except for the two guys that train me.

This morning I walk into the gym and I don't even have my gloves on yet and I start hearing about the Dawgs and the LSU game and how the Dawgs are better than Texas and the SEC is this and that and I am thinking to myself...THIS IS WHY I HATE MOST BULLDOG FANS.  I am working out and all I keep hearing is the Texas sucks and Dawgs are this and that and check the records and all of it. The shit talking is going back and forth and that I don't mind. I can handle the trash, I talk it, I love it. Texas has had two bad years and Georgia is finally back up there and the SEC is always good and has strong teams. I love sports, so I am not idiot when it comes to the actual facts of sports.

Again, I love to talk shit and can handle the trash talking.

My problem is when this guy, keeps following me around the gym and then at the point when I am laying down on the bench decides to lean over in my face and make it personal to me (in MY opinion) that is where I have the issue.

"Your bitch ass queer Texas school" I'm still OK with that. Just not in my face.

"You gonna let your kids go to that bitch ass queer school?"  At that point right there is where I dropped the dumbbells and bounced up off the bench and got up close and personal, face to face and more words and that is when one of the guys that trains me Scott, broke it up and eased the tension.

Bottom line, I am not a personal confrontational person. I will not get into it with you unless you mess with my wife and kids.  But when you f eel the need to follow me and then get in my face, I will waste no time in doing what I need to do to either diffuse the situation or I'm gonna go ahead and beat your face in. Thank You and have a nice day.

With that being said, I know I still have growing up to do and I will learn from this mornings actions at the gym.. Still not becoming a Bulldogs fan.

Kiss the Baby



Dana K December 1, 2011 at 1:04 PM   Reply to

He was beyond out of line in many ways. I would've smacked him...or at least threatened to. I think you don't need to be quite so hard on yourself. This time.

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