Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Joys of Christmas

Everyone has Joys of Christmas and it is different for each and every person.  For some kids it is opening gifts and emptying stockings and trying to catch a peek of Santa Clause.  For others it is going to church and spreading the word of what Christmas is all about.  Some find joy in being on the go all day and trekking from relatives house to relatives house.  Some find it in eating all day and then passing out on the couch.  There are millions of people that celebrate Christmas and that means there are millions of ways that people feel the Joy of Christmas.

For me, that Joy of Christmas comes as I try and duct tape the kids in bed for the night of Christmas Eve and see if they will stay there until at least 6am this year instead of the 3am or 4am or even 5am that is was last year.  The Joy comes from the kids waking and springing out of their own beds to run through the walls to the tree.  The Joy comes when the kids are screaming and dancing around and freaking out not knowing what to open first or what to play with first. The Joy comes from the kids showing each other what they got.  The Joy comes from the kids thanking Santa, Mommy and Daddy and everyone else that got them gifts.

The Joy comes from talking to family across the country and sharing moments of happiness and well wishes. The Joy comes from that big ass dish of MeMe's breakfast casserole that T is going to make, that cup of coffee (or five) that I am going to drink. The Joy comes from knowing that since I am not buying T anything nothing will have to be returned.

The biggest Joy of Christmas is going to be the memories that will be made. I cant wait to sit on the couch with T and watch as the kids go nuts and T and I look at each other and give that little wink.  Or even that little look of "Why did we buy that again?".  I love my wife and kids and I love making awesome memories with them and I cant wait to make some more this Christmas.

What is your reason for feeling the Joy of Christmas?

Kiss the baby



Brad Jenkins December 21, 2011 at 2:26 PM   Reply to

Try installing a door knob with a lock on it on their door. Just put it on backwards so the lock itself is on the outside.

That should keep them in their room until you are ready to get up.

Gretta December 22, 2011 at 7:08 AM   Reply to

Last year, we gift wrapped the doorway into the living room so the kids couldn't even see inside to what Santa brought them. It was hilarious!! They instantly ran in our room and woke us up of course and that way we got to see their little faces the first time they saw the tree & gifts as they busted down the gift wrap to reveal their Santa gifts.

Hope you, T & the C4's have a very merry & blessed Christmas!

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