Friday, December 30, 2011

This Daddys Two Most Influential Blog Post of 2011.

I don't, won't and can't claim to be some big well known blogger that reaches across America and touches the lives of millions like some out there.  I don't have hundreds and hundreds of followers that leave millions of comments telling me they are inspired by what I do or write.

That's not even why I got into blogging. I got into blogging to blog about Me, T, and the C's. What its like to be a father that works way too many hours. My love for my wife and kids and all things that benefit my family. Sports and just crazy things that happen to us during our long road in life.

Since I started this blog a couple years ago, I went from blogging everyday about useless material to try and make my kids understand who I am to blogging about the kids and stuff we do to blogging about important issues and causes that affect my family and things that we believe in.

I touched on issues that some people agree with and some that people don't agree with.  I did a lot of judging and a lot of accepting.  I have grown as a father and a husband. I still have more growing to do and that is what this next year of 2012 is going to be about. Personal Growth.  I feel like people respect my wife for her knowledge of parenting issues and the time and effort she puts into learning about things.  I piggyback her knowledge and I am going to make it a goal of mine to actually do some of the learning myself.  I owe that to her, the kids and myself.  I also owe it to you all. The ones that come by daily, weekly or every now and then.  I want to be knowledgeable about the issues that I believe in and help make provide you with more information.  Understand that I will still have my days when I blog about something that means nothing. Something that makes you laugh. Something that makes you think "Who is this guy again?".  That's just me and the way I do things.

Lets take a minute and reflect on what I think may have been two of my biggest blogging moments from the year of 2011. This is my personal opinion and you may have liked others better, but I am taking these two and giving you the chance to relive the magic.

In May the City of Forest Park, Ga. passed a City Ordinance (Law) to make women unable to breastfeed children over the age of two in public. They considered it nudity. Well after a Nurse In at the City Hall that was covered by all the local media and media from other parts John Parker (City Manager) caved under pressure and changed that law. T and the C's went to that Nurse In and met some really great people and were part of making a change and a difference.  You can read the post and find other links here------> Public Breastfeeding in Forest Park.  That was one of my prouder moments as a father and husband, I feel like I helped make a difference and I am going to do more of the same in 2012.

My other one was a blog post I did about a radio and tv personality on ESPN Dari Nowkhah. He and his wife Jenn had a baby boy Hayden who became sick after being born and had to battle for his life. It didn't turn out the way that anyone wanted. You can read a little abut Hayden here --->Little Hayden Nowkhah.  I know babies are born and babies are lost all the time but this was different for me. Dari and Jenn welcomed me personally into their lives and didn't even know me. Dari made me feel like I was his brother or something. I can let it slide that he is a Sooner and I love the Longhorns. He is a Ok. City Thunder guy and I am a Laker fan. I wont let that ruin what I think about Dari.  Since the loss of Hayden, Dari and Jenn started a Haydens Hope Foundation.  Its about Organ Transplants and has all kinds of information on Hayden and his awesome 39 days of life.  It also tells you how you can help.

So there ya have it. My two posts I feel are most influential of 2011. I hope you take a minute to go back and check them out.

Thank all of you that have continued to follow me and you that have started to follow me. I appreciate you coming by and sharing and enjoying my stories and drama.

ME, T and the 4 C's are going to have a great 2012 and I believe big things are going to happen for us. Some good, some bad, most of all crazy. But you wont know about it unless you keep coming back.

Kiss the baby



Lori January 2, 2012 at 3:18 PM   Reply to

I'm going to check those 2 posts out now. Happy New Year to you and Tracy and the 4 C's!

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