Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Your Children...Do you know where they are and what they are doing?

This post is not 100% accurate. Some of the exact information may be a bit off. (Sorry for that)

So here in our local area, another young child (7 year old girl) went missing from a playground close to an apartment building that she lived in. This girl went missing and a few days had passed and by then the local police had been involved and then I believe by Sunday the GBI (Ga. Bureau of Investigations) and the FBI had gotten involved.  Late yesterday afternoon after searching several trash dump facilities and dump areas, her body was found. Reports say her body was beaten, sexually abused and she was murdered.

This may come as a surprise to you but it is almost 2012.  The state of our Universe, World, Country, States, Cities and even our neighborhoods are not the same. Gone is the day where you could ride your bike to the store, walk to school, play up the street, at a park by yourself with no parents around. It was safe. It may have been a thought but it wasn't what SOME parents worried about most.

I used to walk to school. I used to fly by myself to visit my grandparents and ride a bike to the store. I used to play up the street. I used to roam all the streets.  NOW, there is NO WAY IN HELL that I would let my kids do any of that. NONE OF IT.  My kids cant even play in the front yard without me or T being out there. Its not safe out here anymore. No matter where you and your kids are it is just not safe.

You don't know who to trust anymore. So that brings me to this question.....or rather a statement.

There is a difference between being a Helicopter Parent and hovering over your kids and being a parent and parenting your kids.  You can be a good parent and take your kids places and watch them without having to be up their ass to be safe.  Go to a playground with them, watch them...You don't have to slide down the slide with them.  So many parents today let their kids do whatever. Go anywhere. Those parents are going to say "We are giving our child the freedom to grow" OK, and when they are stolen away from you? And don't say it wont happen to you..because the fact of the matter is IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU....IT CAN HAPPEN TO THOSE OF US THAT WATCH OUR KIDS TOO. 

It may take you months, years to get pregnant. Takes you all those months to give birth. Takes you years to teach your child to be safe, right from wrong, reading, writing, good, bad....

....It takes SECONDS for your child to get missing.

I'm not trying to sound like an asshole to the parents that let their kids do whatever, but I am just trying to remind you, you and you, and even YOU, all of you and even T and me...That our kids, your kids, those peoples kids are the MOST IMPORTANT kids in the world.  Be a parent and parent your kids.

Really, does letting them play up and down the street teach them that much about the world that they cant learn without you sitting outside and watching them too.

There is never going to be a good time to say to those parents who have lost kids "What could you have done differently?"  But I would bet money that the thought of those parents who have lost children is exactly that. "What could I have done differently?"

I'm not perfect, I am no where near perfect. Not close. But damn, I don't see how it is that hard to be protective over your kids and let them grow at the same time.  Being protective over your kids is a good thing to do. Keeping them safe. 

I don't know, guess that is why people laugh at T and I and wonder why we don't let our kids do more...But you know what, that shit doesn't bother us,  we PARENT and we watch over our kids. We don't hover or helicopter but we do watch.

My heart goes out to those parents who have lost children. Please think about it and do whatever you can to make sure your kids are always safe.

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Unknown December 6, 2011 at 11:54 AM   Reply to

That story of the little girl is really sad, but also really rare. Only 150ish children go missing a year at the hand of strangers. Unfortunately, most children are killed and abused and kidnapped by close family member. Also, crime has been going down steadily each year since the 70s, so in fact, it was more dangerous when we were all younger. We just didn't have instant access to all th stories of bad things and missing children didn't end up on the front page of magazines and newspapers. I think a healthy balance of supervision and training our children to know how to respond to strangers and how to be safe is a win win. Maybe walking down your street one day and meeting all your neighbors so when the children are riding their bike on the sidewalk they are in a safe zone and know that they can run to any of those neighbors for help. I think that is responsible parenting, but the helicopter parenting comes when you follow your children up and down the road while they ride their bike. I think some parents don't teach life and safety skills to children in exchange for hovering. My husband and I strive for a healthy balance, and try not to see danger at every corner.

Justin Brown,  December 8, 2011 at 10:48 PM   Reply to

Good writeup here. The world is ever changing. I believe, contrary to others, mostly for the better. However, as far as what you described here, much for the worse. Kids and their safety from others will continue to be a greater and greater concern. Public disembowelment = My Solution. (Justin Newdaddygifts)

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