Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Time for Changes.

As we get closer to the New Year of 2012 people all across the World will be putting out their resolutions and things they hope to accomplish for the upcoming year. Everyone will have the same goals and same wants and needs that they have every year. And nothing is wrong with that. If people feel good about saying they are going to do things differently in 2012, them I say let them. I hope they have a good list and I hope people follow through with it.

Thing that I will put on a list will be things that are new for me. I am not going to call them Resolutions but simply Life Changes.  Changes are different than Resolutions. Look it up.

See normally I would jot down things like, eat better, go to the gym, be a better father and husband, get stuff done around the house....etc..

So there are some changes I am going to make this year. I hope to stay with them and keep them up and become a better person because of them. Maybe even a more successful person because of them. I'm sure I will find or come up with more than this but check this out.

*Be more respectful to T. I know I am a good husband, but I don't always respect her. I will work on that.

*Be more involved in the kids schooling.

*Be creative on this blog. Write more about things that make a difference to my family. Breastfeeding, Organic and Healthy Eating, Green Living, Natural Parenting. Things like that. I want to be more of a positive influence in not just my own kids lives but I would love for people to tell me that I helped make a difference in how they parent or how they live their life.

*Stop being a quitter. I give up too easy. I have been wanting to do something for a long time now and I start and never follow through.

*Be a better friend.  I want to be a better friend no matter how people are to me.

That's all I got for now. Like I said I'm sure that more will pop up. Always does. What I do with it is a different story.

Kiss the Baby



Erin December 29, 2011 at 8:15 AM   Reply to

Sometimes being a quitter is a good thing. Like quitting booze, or quitting cigs, or quitting...Okay those are the only 2 that I could think of, but you know what I mean!

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