Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top 10 Things I Do That Aggravate My Wife

We all have things that we do that get on our spouses nerves.  I know there are all kinds of things that I do that bug and get on T's nerves.  Some I just know by the looks she gives me and others I know because she will sit there and say "You are aggravating me".  But me being the young immature 39 year old that I am, I continue to do them.

Wonder if I can list some of them and see if she agrees and has more to add or if I'm wrong about some of them.  So here is my List of 10.

1. Mess with her in the morning.  She is not a morning person and does not like for me to mess with her before noon.

2. Grab at, touch that, smack dat or mess with in anyway shape or form her ass.  Ohhh boy she cant stand that but man I love that ass.

3. Carve up the butter.  Beats the shit outta me too, but she is not a fan of me slicing and dicing the butter. Keep it smooth or keep out.

4. Bed sheets and comforter have to be perfect. I am so bad about needing to have the bed settings even and perfect and she just doesn't get that.

5. Sing and stare at her while she is driving. She really wants to pull over and kick me out of the van when this is going on.

6. Bug her for sex. Every day and night.  What husband doesn't? But I guess I will never learn that she has four kids up her ass all day and doesn't want me there. Wait.....

7. Changing the channel and leaving the room and the remote is far away.  This is a great one, only because I do it all the time. I thought she loved sports?

8. Picking holes in my beard. Ahhh Yes, this might be her favorite. I have two spots that become the nervous pick spots and i remove hair thus leaving two giant holes in a beautifully grown beard.

9. Leaving my wedding ring at home.  Not a huge one, sometimes my fingers feel chubby. And the classic line that follows the next morning "Didn't feel like being married to me today"

10. Packing my gym bag, not waking up, not going to the gym and then crying about being fat.  She puts ear plugs in for this and i just wait for her to take them out so I can bitch and moan again.

I'm sure there are more. I would love for her to read this and tell me the others or tell me that some of these can be taken off.  Wonder what she will say?  What about you and your spouse?

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amoryg December 30, 2011 at 9:58 PM   Reply to

Hahahaha!!! Just found you from Helene's blog. Maybe my husband needs to read this?!

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