Thursday, December 8, 2011

You may not drink out of this cup. Period. End of Tampon Story

OK, so T did a wonderful post today about women and periods and bleeding and being crabby and then using Softcups instead of tampons and so much more.  If you want to read that blog post you can just by going on over to T's Blog  MyCrazy4.

Me, I'm going to blog about my side of all of this.  Now I have been with T for 12 years and we have been married for over 11 and she in no way shape or form can embarrass me. Nothing she can do can make me gag or feel sick or grossed out. 

Too often I have walked into our bathroom and have stood over my sink and I have looked down and seen a pair of panties (ummm yeah) and then I notice wrappers around from pads and tampons and all kinds of shit laying around. Looks like a damn war zone in there. I have no problem with monthly time undergarments laying in my side of the sink. I go on about my business.

I also know that when that special time of the month comes it is time to NOT MESS WITH T!!  No games, no jokes, no trying for PO-DO every night. Well OK, I always try for the PO-DO...Just like most women on their periods she can be the biggest bitch. (I said it, and may need a place to stay) She is ill, and crampy and back hurts and I have to put in more rub time. That all sucked ass.

Then one day it all happened. I can remember exactly how or when but the winds blew from a different direction and the clouds parted and the sun came out and it was all different.

Her----> "I'm going to try out these SOFTCUPS" 
Me----> "Yeah, OK that is so great" "What the hell is a Softcup?"

That is when I get the education and she and I begin talking about it on twitter and I am hearing about all of it and ohhhh and ahhhhh.  These are so great. Well whatever.

So one day I get a phone call and she tells me she had a coupon (go figure) and she got some. I then get home and she is having a hard time the first day. Asking me if I want to watch and shit. OK, now I am beginning to be grossed out.  Threw her for a loop though when I said YES.  She shut the door and all I can hear through the door are sounds like she is fighting in there with someone. I hear shit falling and the walls are shaking. She couldn't even find the directions. Directions?  Yeah.

She comes out and all is better. Her----> "I had to dump the cup"   Me----> "Excuse Me?"  She explained to me what she had to do and how she had to do it and showing me the finger pinching motions and stuff. 

The best part of all of this...the second day she is telling me how she is having NO cramps and she isn't hurting and its better for the body and all that kind of stuff. The Softcups have made her such a joy to be around during the womanly time of the month and it makes it that much more fun to rub her back. Now when that special time comes, I don't see red eyes and fangs, I only see angel wings and hear songs of joy.

I do have to admit, that since I am normally the dirty one in the family, it does make me laugh when I hear the words "I have to dump the cup"

Now, no more panties in my sink.  No more little boys running around with tampons trying to get the cat to play with the string. 

If I could only get her to stop leaving the cup in the shower.

P.S. I do think that there has been a huge difference in T since the switch and it also gave me the chance to learn more about TSS.  With a wife and a daughter, I do feel it is important to at least know about these things.



Kristin December 8, 2011 at 12:28 PM   Reply to

A.) Tracy is going to kill you.

B.) I laughed.

C.) softcups are so much better. There is a learning curve but the benefits are worth it.

Scott S. December 8, 2011 at 12:37 PM   Reply to


A) Tracy will only hurt me.

B) Im glad you laughed

C) Honestly the benefits are great for her.

The Zany Housewife December 8, 2011 at 8:32 PM   Reply to

Hilarious! It makes me think of when I bought them. It, well, yeaaah. Definitely a learning curve.

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