Monday, December 31, 2012

Ringing in the New Year...2013

Twenty Twelve is ending.  Some parts of it forgotten, some will live on.

I guess as the last day of 2012 rolls on I really cant complain that much.  I am in such a better place now.  T and I are happy, we have great kids and we grow and learn more together as a family every day. 

I can remember so many years ago, New Years Eve was all about the party.  Had to be at one.  Had to be at more than one.  People that know me know I am a clown and I always had to be the life of the party.  Had to be the clown then.  I was always safe, just goofy and silly and a lot of the times partied too too hard.

Now...The party is all about the kids.  The kids are who I party with.  The C's are who I act goofy for and they love me being a clown.  T, well she is kind of over the goofy silliness but she loves me so she will put up with it.

Instead of finding a baby sitter and T and I going out, which we have never done on New Years Eve anyways...As the kids get a little older and like to stay up and have fun, we are going to party at our house tonight.

We are going to play games, play wii, play ipad, have sparkling apple juice and snacks.  We are going to get down on it.  I will play C4's favorite Maroon 5 song and sing with him.  I will play a little Justin Bieber for C3 and dance with her.  As I sing and dance C1 and C2 will try to beat me and move me away since they are not fans of my artistic style.  They have no idea what they are missing.

Maybe a movie, maybe some of the live music and shows that are on tv. But all I know is that we will ring in the New Year 2013 with the kids and have fun while we do it.

I am looking forward to finding out more about the kids and learning more about being a better father.  I am a good husband so I don't need to learn more in that dept.  I mean, T has it all in me.  I'm awesome.  I'm a fit, fine forty year old balding mean lean loving machine....

This will be a great year coming up. 


Kiss The Baby



Friday, December 28, 2012

Year in Review....Part I

This is the last Friday of 2012 and what a year it has been.

There has been ups and downs and a lot in the middle.

The C's have all grown and celebrated birthdays.  C1 and C2 continued on in the awesome homeschooling experience and C3 joined them this year and T has gone above and beyond in working with them and being the best learning coach / teacher for them.

C4 who turned three in June is still breastfeeding and that is a great milestone for T and him.

We as a family have had some great times this year as well. We took the kids to White Water Water park and they loved that.  The kids took a trip to the beach with T and her sister, cousins and their mom. They had such a blast.  And even though I missed them, I am so glad they had a great time.

We took two trips to San Antonio to visit my parent the kids Nanny and Paw Paw this year.  For three of the four C's it was the first time on a plane.  And really C1's very first time was when he was just a month old and that really doesn't  We had fun at Nanny and Paw Paws house.  Moving everything in sight and playing with bears galore.  Swimming, going to the RiverWalk and my families Ranch was fun too.  Those trips were great.

We have had so much fun this year as a family and we have done so much.  I have learned more this year as far as being a better father and I know that I will grow every year in that area.  I also believe I have become a better husband as well. T knows I love her and would do anything for her. Except change diapers.  Thank god we don't have anymore of those.

Its been a year that has had lows too.  Some of the lows have been worse than others.  My job sucks. It has sucked for a long time and then to get hit with a pay cut over personal reasons made me realize who you and trust and who you cant.  Loyalty means nothing. Not even with family.

I had kidney stone surgery.  Damn that sucked.  Really no need to go on.

I have been looking for jobs and haven't had any luck yet.

The neighborhood we live in has gone to shit.  That sucks and I hate that we live in a subdivision where we are not even comfortable with letting our kids play outside for so many reasons.

There have been so many more great things than bad things.  Next post I will list more awesome things that have happened to me and us as a family so make sure you come back.

Kiss The Baby



Thursday, December 27, 2012

C3 Turns Six.

Something about having a daughter that makes the world seem ok.

Daughters are so special.

I didn't realize that until my sweet C3 was born six years ago today.

I never knew that it would all be so different. 

From my favorite song with C3 in mind being Tim McGraws "My Little Girl"  to her singing Justin Bieber and Maroon 5 with me in the car.  Or even when she listens to my phone and sings Bruno Mars, she is my special little sing-a-long girl.

It is so awesome that she is the fastest thing on two feet.  She is crazy, wreckless and adventurous.  She has no fear factor and she will take on any challenge you give her.  She climbed 8 feet up the rope at the CrossFit box and she was on that rower for countless minutes.  She is always asking me to do the pull up bar.  She loves her box that I built her for jumps.

We laugh when we brush teeth, we giggle when we say goodnight.  We smile when I kiss her on her cheek.

She is everything a dad could want in a daughter.

C3 is also so much like her Mommy.  More than anyone including myself can still to this day believe.  The smallest thing like the looks she will give you to the attitude she will throw back at you.  She has that fight in her that her mother has.  No putting up with anything from her brothers and at the same time making sure she is by their side.

Being that sweet little girl that sits there and gets her little curly hair fixed and then having a hair bow added for that extra special look.  And now its her straight hair, still with a bow but now T is adding color chalk to it to make her look cool.  She loves it, me...ummmm. It makes me scared.. lol

Now that she is six, she is eager to help her Mommy do everything.  Clean and cook and take care of what she like to call "her boys" (brothers)

She is the proud owner of a cat named Lily, who sleeps with her and watches over her while she does her schoolwork.

From that moment when I almost missed her being born cause I wanted to get something to eat to the exact moment when I got to hold her this morning and wish her happy birthday, I will always be a proud and happy father of a wild, crazy, smart, beautiful, fun and loving daughter.

I couldn't be happier.  I love you C3.  You are my rock star with crazy 80's rock band hair. lol.

Kiss The Baby



Monday, December 24, 2012

Twas The Night Before Christmas and Im Not Getting

Its Christmas Eve.  Are you ready?

Now that doesn't really matter does it?!  You better be ready and you will be ready by the time the kids fall asleep in their beds.

When does all the magic happen?  Well tonight.

Twas the Night Before Christmas and all through the house
T was walking around in nothing but her blouse. (Does she even own a blouse?)
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care
Damn that ass of hers looks good and oh my its bare.

The 4 C's were nestled all snug in their beds
At this point I was hoping for some......Nah..too
And mama in her kerchief and I in my cap...(We don't wear that shit to bed)
What do I have to do to get this wife of mine on my lap?

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter
My pants were growing now and T said "Whats the matter?"
Away to the window I flew like a flash
Think I might get me some if I offered her cash (nope, not her style)

The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow
Damn honey I love you so much don't you know!
When what to my wondering eyes should appear
T said "Talking that shit still wont get you any...DEAR!"

With a little old driver so lively and quick
I was not thinking with my brain and instead with my ....(you know)
More rapid than eagles his coursers they came
T said "You will sleep on the floor you keep calling my name"

Now Dasher! Now Dancer! Now Prancer and Vixen
On Comet! On Cupid! On Donner and Blitzen
To the top of the porch, to the top of the wall
Honey look at this, look at what I just saw

As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
If I don't get some loving tonight I may just die
So up to the house-top the coursers they flew,
T announces "I have had just about enough of you"

And then, in a twinkling, I heard on the roof
T tells me Im acting like a goof
As I drew in my head, and was turning around,
Im thinking Im about to get my Magic Mike on and get down
He was dressed all in fur, from his head to his foot,
I have no idea of any good words to rhyme with
A bundle of Toys he had flung on his back,
I know that if I nag her too much T will kick me in my sac...
His eyes-how they twinkled! his dimples how merry!
I wanted to smack her on her ass and make it red like a cherry
His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow,
T tells me "You are getting on my last nerve ya know"

The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth,
I think she might try to choke me with the wreath
He had a broad face and a little round belly,
Better get your ass to the gym and workout she tells me
He was chubby and plump, a right jolly old elf,
You have as much chance of getting any as the Elf on the Shelf
A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,
Again she tells me that I am not getting any .......(shhh, too dirty)
He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
I may be going in the bathroom to give myself ...(oh boy)
And laying his finger aside of his nose,
Why yes dear between my legs is some Mistletoe
He sprang to his sleigh, to his team gave a whistle,
This thing in my shorts can be considered a missile
But I heard him exclaim, ‘ere he drove out of sight,
"Happy Christmas to all, and Scott you didn't get any tonight"


Hope you all enjoyed my little crazy mind.

Kiss The Baby



Thursday, December 20, 2012

Don't Stop Believing

Our kids are getting older. That sucks in so many ways. If you have kids you know what I'm talking about.  Around this time of year, the growth of our children seems to be amplified even more.  Its Christmas time.  When you have kids, what usually happens around now....

Questions get asked.  Lots and lots of questions.  Letters are written and responses are expected back in return.

C1 is 9, C2 is 7, C3 will be six two days after Christmas and C4 is 3.

T and I have talked about how much it is going to suck when one or more of the kids find out some news about the big ol jolly fellow.  Not going to be good.  I know it happens, but I don't want it to happen.  I love that our kids still have that innocence.  Whats wrong with believing?  I don't think anything.  The waiting and hoping that they are on the NICE list.  It makes it fun.  Elfie our Elf on the Shelf, that too makes it a fun time.

I have gotten letters from the kids that they have written to Santa and Elfie and I love reading them. The question they are asking not only makes me smile as being their parent but makes me feel young again and have that feeling of wanting a big surprise. 

Keeping that sense of belief is one of the reasons I love the move "The Polar Express".  Other may not believe and may get you to think something isn't real, but as long as you have that belief in your own heart it can be real to you.

So many people and different things of our society will try and rob our kids of that last little bit of innocence they have left...Do we really want our kids growing up faster than they have to?  I don't.

I want my kids being young at heart and having fun for as long as they can. 

Kiss The baby



Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My Thoughts

T and I are parents that homeschool.  As of last week and the tragic horrible events of Sandy Hook Elementary School, it really doesn't matter where and how you educate your children anymore for certain reasons.  Parents send kids to school thinking they are going to get and education and that the worst possible thing that might happen is that they learn something bad or eat a bad school lunch.  I used to feel safe that my kids were at home all day learning.  All of that has changed.  It has changed for all of us.  Everyone I talk to and know and converse with on social media have the one main thing in common......We all love our children and want them to be safe.  We even share concern for others kids and families. 

We are one giant big family.

This post I am writing isn't about facts, it is my opinion.

We as parents, grandparents, family and friends need to do more to make the society we live in safer for our children.  It starts at home.  Everything starts at home.

I am an advocate for Gun Control. All you gun lovers and 2nd Amendment lovers can talk all you want about your right to bear arms.  I have no issue with people having guns.  I have a gun IN A LOCKED SAFE in my home where only T and I know that it is.  Bear your arms.  But for the love of god why do you need to bear a semi or fully automatic gun? Oh yeah your arguments will be....Hunting, Collecting, and that Red Dawn Attack that may come to your door, and how can we leave our that it's your right.  You still didn't tell me WHY you NEED to own anything other than a handgun or maybe a shotgun or regular rifle.  What are you hunting with a semi or full automatic rifle?  A tank.  If you suck that damn bad at hunting as to where you need a high powered semi or fully automatic rifle...Then start fishing.  Collecting guns?  Don't people collect things that are antiques?  Go buy your ass a cannon while you are at it.  Get you a warship and plant it in your driveway.

We as a nation need stricter gun laws.  It is way too easy for anyone to go get a gun.  Yes they can also get them on the black market but if you are a legit, honest gun owner and want a gun, then you should have no problem going through a harder more detailed process to get a gun.  And make it so NO high powered guns can be sold.  You want a high powered gun to play with, join the Military.

Video games and movies and television.  I used to play these game and I watch shows and movies that are violent.  I am an adult. I am of sound mind.  But kids play these games and watch shows and movies that are way out of their league.  Someone told me yesterday that a 7 year old girl wanted Call of Duty the video game. Why in the hell would a 7 year old girl want to play a live action game where it has so much detail that it looks like you are watching a high def Rambo Movie on a big screen?  Whether people want to believe it or not violence is violence and you have to keep kids away from that.  Why do kids need to see that anyways. Cause you as a parent want to see it.  Why does a young child need to see and hear things that are negative in the first place.  Along with shooting and killing and raping being in video games, what about negative language like idiot, stupid, shut up, moron, dumb and etc..Do kids really need to know that. And if they hear it from somewhere else, cant they be taught that those are not nice words to hear or use?

Another thing I am sick and tired of hearing about it the mental health issue.  Stop blaming mental health or some sort of disorder for each and every bad thing that happens in America.  If a black person commits such acts, they are thugs.  If a foreign person does it, they are terrorists.  If a white person does it they have Mental Illness.  If you think someone has a problem, get them help.  If you think a person is being bullied, get them friends.  Not every person that has a mental problem is a killer. A lot of them are sweet people that need to be loved and talked to.

This is such a major problem and it involves so much more than what I have written.  I don't have the answers and I don't know where to start.  But we all have to start.  You and me.  US. Everyone is passionate about this.  It involved children, parents and loved ones and we all care.  No matter what side of the road you are on, we all care.  Lets discuss it.  Lets argue about it.  Its a start.

You may or may not agree with what I wrote, but this is my opinion and I'm sure I have left something out.

Here is a link to a write up that someone who I really enjoy reading and I value her opinion and she is a great mom and person.  Go check out Dagmar Bleasdales...Dagmar*s Momsense.  I loved it and you just might too.

Never Forget Newtown.

Blow kisses toward the sky for those kids.



Monday, December 17, 2012

A Wishful Thinking Christmas List

With Christmas a week away there are plenty of people that will be doing last minute shopping.  Mostly men, a good number of women and then kids who have to be taken out by parents to finish off some shopping for a spouse or brothers and sisters.  Needless to say, a lot of shopping will be going on this week and weekend.

A great dad and good friend John at Daddys In Charge just wrote a post about things NOT to buy him for Christmas and I loved it.  I'm going to give you some ideas of what you can get some of us regular guys that we wont open the gifts and be like..."Damn! Really?"  These may be good ideas for some, but not all.

For those of you that like to hit the gym and workout and maybe even some of you that are awesome enough to do CrossFit like myself.  Just needing something to read to know all you can know about CrossFit subscribe your man or woman to Fit Soldier Time formally CrossFit Times. Editor Diego Centeno does a great job with this along with all his contributors. I read this everyday and love it.

Want to get some of the best gear for your Wods whether you are in a gym doing Crossfit like me or you belong to a Box check out Reebok or Rogue Fitness for the best of the best CrossFit gear. Anything from clothing to equipment.  I love all of my Reebok gear and I would love something...anything from Rogue Fitness.

A lot of us men, like to listen to some music when we are either doing yard work, working out and sometimes when we are traveling.  How about getting that person you love a Ipod Touch.  Some of us don't have ways to put music on our phone and like me I am just not smart enough to get music on my droid phone.  Get that Ipod Touch and maybe some iTunes credits and let the downloading begin.

Cooking. A lot of us guys love to cook.  A lot of us guys have hot wives that are good cooks too.  How about you wives get yourselves a sexy apron to cook our meals in.  Looking sweet and sexy while cooking would be an awesome gift.

Want to look for some different and unique kinds of gifts?  Go to Novica.  This helpful gift finder will help you find exactly what you are looking for. It has so many different things that a guy could want or need. I think what each of you should do is go look on that gift finder and come back and tell me what your wishlist item would be from their site.  If you chose the most unique gift that you want or would give someone else, you could be the big winner of a New Years Gift....A $40 gift code from Novica. Email me at your perfect gift choice. Winner will be chosen on the 1st.

I'm not a drinker.  Have not had a drink in five plus years.  But I know that some of you do and if you are needing a gift for someone that drinks then I only know of one person that can give you the best advice and info on what kind of beers to buy. Pat who lives in Kansas City has KC Beer Blog and it is full of great information.

Game systems and Electronics.  Guys love this shit. Plain and Simple.

Clothes.  I don't recommend buying clothes.  Let the man buy his own clothes. Unless you are a clothing idiot like myself and need a wife to pick everything out.

Reading.  Sure buy us shit to read.  Gives us more time to spend in the bathroom reading, while the kids are going crazy around the rest of the house.

PO-DO.  Give us as much as we can handle.

So that is just a basic list.  Just a few items and ideas of what you can do for us guys that will make us happy and at the end of a long Christmas day.

Merry Christmas

Kiss The Baby



Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Trip to San Antonio

After two trips I think the kids might have become airport professionals.  They have it down.  Pull your own suitcase, stay behind Mommy and in front of Daddy, get through security, get on the plane and then go pee all the time.  They have been awesome.  I couldn't be more proud of the way the kids have handled themselves at the airports and on the planes.

We just recently got back from another trip to San Antonio visiting my parents and the kids Nanny and Paw Paw.  The trip there didn't start off that great after boarding and sitting on the plane for an extra 45 minutes due to overbooking.  Why overbook a damn flight?  Really!

Once in San Antonio, we had lots of fun. We saw the local Christmas parade and that was nice. They even had an animal parade.  We went down to the Childrens Museum again and the RiverWalk.  I love the RiverWalk.  Ate some really great Mexican food down there.  T did a little shopping in the local town and picked up some nice things. 

The kids had a blast playing on my parents property which spans 13 acres.  Just about most of it is still rough area so the kids love to go exploring.  They call themselves Indiana Jones.  Climbing trees, hiding in the bushes.  We built a rope swing for them, used a wood plank for the seat.  Only C4 fell off and that was better odds than T gave  Maybe when we go back we will have a used tire by then for a tire swing.  They also got a kick out of building houses and towns out of the scrap wood my dad has left over.

It was nice to see my Aunt Toni and Uncle Buzz again too. The kids also like seeing them.  We all went and ate with my Grandma Barbara for her birthday, that was nice and I think she enjoyed it.  Shes not doing great...Not too too bad, but not great.  I think that dinner made her day.

My parents had the house all decked out for Christmas.  Everything was out and the kids loved looking around and finding stuff to play with.  My mom used to collect beanie bears and the kids love to go around and find new ones and play with them the entire time.  Antique trains and cars get played with and the moved around..We laugh cause its like my mom and dad get to decorate all over again after we leave.  My dad had an extra tree that went outside by the pool and the kids decorated that one.  They loved doing that.

My parents are getting Peacocks so I helped my dad finish the Peacock Cage that they will stay in for a bit.  We also fed the deer daily and waited to see them and the huge jack rabbits.  That is always cool to see.

I think one of the cutest things was the whole time we were there, C4 made it a point to follow my mom and dad around (mostly my dad) and ask him a million and one questions. It was so funny.  Question after question.

We did so much more from building a Gingerbread House and Train to playing Uno and just relaxing and watching some shows with my parents.  It was a good time and it was nice to see them before Christmas this year.  I know the kids had a blast and T and I had fun too.

Thanks for a great trip Mom and Dad and Nanny and Paw Paw.

Kiss The Baby



Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I dont know what I am saying.

Is it a sign of getting older that when you are asked "What do you want for Christmas" you have no idea of what the hell to say?

That is where I'm at now.  I have no clue what to say.  I have everything I need..Except the winning lotto numbers and that isn't a gift. That is luck. Anyways.  I have a great wife, 4 healthy happy wonderful kids, parents that love us, a mother in law that I get along with, I mean what else is there?

All the other stuff is materialistic.  Sure I have wants. I have lots of wants.  I have needs too.  But no gift is a need.

I love that T can bust my balls for things and she can say whats on her mind and she puts me right back in my place.  I love that I respect my wife so much that I don't dare test her and I know how to make her happy.  I think.  Honey do I make you

My kids are all so awesome.  I love that they are all so different.  They are smart, creative, sociable and funny.  They are there for me and they all come to me when they need something.

I have a job I hate.  And when I say hate. I mean hate.  But this will just make the next place I land that much better and I will appreciate good people when I get there.  And I will look back on this place and wish them sanity and luck.

I think about life a lot.  Im am such a sensitive asshole.  I let things get to me and I think and over think things way too too much.  I have been thinking about life a lot lately.  Finding a job, maybe leaving our house, moving, starting over, struggling to get back on top.  I know Im not the only one.  It could be worse.  I mean at least Im not in the food line or holding a sandwich board in the cold on the corner. 

So what do I want for Christmas?  Shit, I guess some peace of mind.  Some stressless days.  Some time when I am not worried about my wife and kids.  Not worrying about living check to check.  I also know that I am the only one that can give myself this gift.

I have to make it happen.

Kiss the baby



Friday, November 23, 2012

Thankful for C4

When I got my balls clipped, I knew that having this last baby would make me see things differently.

I was so Thankful for having three wonderful healthy children and couldn't wait to be a new father again.

C4. What a boy he is.  Im Thankful for him for so many reasons.  One of them is no more diapers. I mean I didn't change any, but Im still Thankful that he is the last one in diapers.

Im Thankful that C4 screams across the house "MAW-MEE" when he wants Mommy.

Im Thankful that he is co-sleeping.  I would not have missed for the world being kicked in the balls by our last child.

He has great hair and looks like his mom.  Im Thankful for him not looking like me.

I never knew a child could eat so much...Im Thankful he loves to clean everyone's plate.

"That's my favorite song" He says when Maroon 5's "One More Night"..Im Thankful he loves music too.

Kiss The Baby



Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thankful for C3

Boy oh boy daughters are so different than sons.  I found that out when C3 came along.

Im Thankful for my only daughter for so many reasons.

Her sweet eyes, those curls that are now straight, that love of music that I have.  Speaking of that, Im Thankful that she thinks I can sing good.

Im Thankful that she is a lot like her mother in the way that you better not mess with her or she will kick your ass. And then she will make sure you don't want more.

Im Thankful she is a little sports star.  She loves playing soccer and keeping up with the boys.

Im Thankful she loves to do Crossfit with her daddy.  That girl is faster and stronger and better each time we get outside and do some kind of workout.

When its time to brush teeth, Im Thankful for the crazy looks she gives me when Im flossing her teeth.  We laugh.

There are those times that I can be a jerk and she is a soft sensitive girl and very emotional and she always keeps me in check when she gets THOSE faces.

Im Thankful those days that I cry when she reaches each milestone and Im Thankful for the moments I see in the future that will come.

And I better not be catching her sneak out that damn window...

Kiss the baby



Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thankful for C2

Having a boy first was awesome.  I'm Thankful that my second was also a boy. C2.  Man is this kid a tough one.  I am already so Thankful for him that I know by the time I'm like 80 he may be the one changing my old man diapers.  Well I take that back, he may be the one yelling at me to get up and get my ass to the toilet.

So many things come to mind when I think of reasons why I am Thankful for C2.  Most of all I think I am Thankful that he is just like his mother.  I'm Thankful for his strong will never give up attitude.

I'm Thankful that he is a solid thick child, because when he falls asleep and I have to move him its like a Crossfit workout carrying him all over the place.  I'm Thankful that he has his two blankets that he has had ever since he was a baby.  I'm Thankful he knows the words butt, fart and poop cause if he didn't lord only knows what else he would have to say or call his brothers and sister.

I'm Thankful that C2 is the only one out of all the kids that actually builds his lego sets and then keeps them together.  I'm Thankful that he is our child that makes me work everyday to be a better parent.  I'm thankful that C2 is my son that walks across the house almost every night to climb into our bed.

I'm Thankful that he is the one that is like me in the way he will talk so much shit and then come right back and be that sweet sensitive boy.

Most of all I'm Thankful that C2 is his own person.  And I am Thankful that he is our son.

Kiss The Baby



Monday, November 19, 2012

Thankful for C1

This is Thanksgiving Week so I am going to write some things that I am Thankful for each day this week. Not the typical things but maybe some off the wall things to try and lighten the mood a little.

Oh my. Lets start with C1. What a 9 year old we have on our hands.  I'm Thankful for his humor, his goofy sense of humor that he gets from me.  The one that loves to come in our bedroom a million times each night for water, hugs and kisses and more water.  The one that you think is in bed sleeping but he is really in there reading and drawing.  The one that loves to sit in the bath till the water is cold and then says "Oh you wanted me to use soap?"  I'm thankful for his stories that he loves to tell while he is eating at the table and how he has to get up from the table to finish telling me the story. 

I'm thankful that C1 loves legos.  I'm thankful that he is probably the worlds slowest eater.  We can all be finished, cleaned up and ready for bed and he will still be eating. And I'm cool with that. lol.  I'm thankful he loves green grapes.  I'm thankful he loves to read.  I'm thankful he uses his sleeves as a napkin, saves us money on paper towels.

Being thankful for C1 is easy. My first born is a great kid.  He is a soft sensitive sweet hearted boy that is always thinking of others. He makes me, his mommy and his brothers and sister proud.

Love you C1.

Kiss The Baby



Friday, November 16, 2012

Being Thankful for Whatever

With Thanksgiving coming up next week it is pretty much a given that we as parents will ask our kids "What are you thankful for?"

Now some parents have the kids that go above and beyond and say they are thankful for so many deep things that really make you think is my kids that smart or older and more sincere than they really are?  Nah, kids are just smarter and more aware of whats going on around them.

My oldest C1 is nine years old. Now while he could really go deep and tell us he is thankful for being homeschooled, or having great parents and having clothes on his back and that kind of stuff...I think having him stay young and innocent and telling us he is thankful for silly things can be just as awesome.

I think I would enjoy it more if the kids would just say what comes to them..

like.....legos, tv shows, milk, and so on.

I would sit and cry and feel so good if my kids got all deep and emotional and had some world changing things that they were thankful for....

..But for now..I just want to laugh and smile and have a good time with them.

We can be deep and emotional later.

Kiss the baby



Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Ok.  So I have become that sorry excuse for a man that is letting all of the struggles that are hitting me right now be reasons to become something that I cant stand.


Well today is the last day for that shit.

So what.  I work for people that don't care about anything but themselves.  So what if I put 10 years into a place and get the raw end of the deal....Happens everyday to hundreds and thousands and millions of people.  I'm not alone.  Just means I need to change my mind and environment and make it better.

So what if I didn't pass my Crossfit test.  Doesn't mean I don't love the gym and Crossfit.  Just means that I need to get off my ass, stop feeling sorry for myself and get back in the gym and get back to doing what I love to do..working out.  Crossfit Level One will come.  I'm that close and I will get it.

I had to laugh at myself this morning.  Now I have lost a ton of weight.  Dropped from a size 38 to a size 36 in pants, and from a XL to L in shirts but since my sorry ass wanted to be a little wuss and feel sorry for myself and not go to the gym, I have lost some size.  I noticed this morning when I put a shit that USED to show my arms off when they were bigger and now they looked like little twigs. That was enough for me.  I WILL be back in the gym first thing in the morning.  C3 even told me to stop being lazy and get in there.

I have sent out a ton of resumes.  I know something will hit.  I just need to remember that it may not happen overnight.

My biggest thing is that I need to stay positive. POSITIVE.

In other news....staying positive, C2's fall soccer season came to an end on Saturday with back to back defeats in tournament matches.  But it ended on a good note as the team played really well in the second game.  I was actually glad to see them finish well and C2 didn't let anyone score on him in the first quarter.  That was a victory for him in itself.  The kids gave the coach a Ga. Bulldog cooler and the hardest part of that is that a Bulldog cooler sat in my garage for a week. And the coach did a nice gesture and gave the kids a soccer ball.  But sports are over now and time to get back on schedule and get some rest.

So...I am going to kick this current job in its ass and to the curb and find a new one and then I am going to Crossfit my way to a Level One PASS on that test and start teaching others how to become better, faster and stronger and more healthy.

I will no longer be a walking excuse. NO MORE

Kiss The Baby



Friday, November 9, 2012

Time for a little explanation

Recently I have had a hard time blogging.  The main reason is that I have had mostly negative feeling inside me and not a whole lot of positive going on and while I could write daily about all the bs that is happening to me right now, I'm not!  I was not going to blog everyday about the dysfunction in my life.  No one wants to read that shit.  I am know for being an asshole, but a funny one.  One that brightens a room with my stupid jokes and dirty old man persona.  That is why I have been absent from blogging.

Besides T and the kids, nothing has been right.  My parents and T's mom seem to be all I feel like we have.  I don't feel like I have any close friends that I can trust with anything.  I haven't had a phone call or text from so called friends in I don't know how long. But I'm at the point that I don't give a shit anymore.  I have T, the kids and family and that is good enough.  Well SOME FAMILY...The ones that don't screw you over after you have given them blood, sweat, time and years of hard work. Anyways.

I wrote a semi detailed post the other day about something that happened and for personal and maybe legal reasons, I took it down..but only for the time being.  Trust me, that is all going to come out.

I have been stressing over finding out over a much too prolonged time about my Crossfit Level One Course Test.  It is driving me nuts.  I keep waiting for this email.  I think that may be some of the reason why I have been lacking motivation to get to the gym.  I should be using my hate and anger and disappointment and nervousness to fuel my drive for my fitness but something in me is just out of wack.  Out of balance.  Been like that for a few weeks.  I'm going to use all that I learned and start fresh.

I have put myself and my family in a position that we have never been in before.  We are about to hit a wall of epic struggle for us and I have myself to blame.  I should have seen what was coming and made better choices earlier.  For the first time in my life I am not actually sobbing, quitting and sulking about what I have done to us.  I am actually going to fight and make it work out better for us.  I know that T and I have support from my parents and her mom and that is all the family we need.  Everyone else IN MY OWN OPINION can kiss my ass.

Things are going to change.  Places may change.  Just never know what is going to happen.

No matter what, I made a promise to T that when we got married I would take care of her and now that means the kids too.  I have 5 people to take care of and I will do whatever I have to do make that happen...Whether that's here in Ga. or anywhere else.

Maybe I have some good news coming my way. 

Kiss The Baby



Friday, October 19, 2012

The Time Has Come

So much I have worked for over this past year and a half or maybe even longer is hitting me head on this weekend.

If you ask most people they would probably tell you that I am an asshole.  I'm OK with that. 

My priority is to be a loving, devoted, strong husband and a caring, gentle, understanding father.

In order to do that I have done a number of things in my life.  Become more patient, stopped drinking and started listening more.

Helping me overcome those obstacles was a place called the gym.  At the gym, I left the stress on the handles of the barbells, the dumbbells and when I walked out the door I had that refreshed, refined and confident body, mind and spirit.

At some point I came across CROSSFIT.  Finding Crossfit was just like finding T in Florida.  It was like love at first sight.  It was like the drugs and alcohol that I had been addicted to for so long. I couldn't get away from Crossfit.  I was wanting to learn more about fitness but I kept being sucked into this Crossfit stuff.  I couldn't stop reading about it, studying it, learning about it online, watching videos and listening to others talk and write about it.  Then it became clear.

Crossfit was for me.  I was for Crossfit. 

Over time I met people online that have helped me grow, understand and learn more about Crossfit than I could have ever imagined.  Some of them don't even know who they are, but they are out there helping others just like me.  Teaching others.

That's what I want to do!

So this weekend I am attending the Crossfit Level 1 Course in Atlanta.  A two day training course that will let me know if I am ready to do for others what they have done for me.

Am I ready? 

Kiss The Baby



Friday, October 12, 2012

Coaching and Parenting is the same

I know I do it all the time but here is another post in which I use sports and life to make a point and teach you all something.

Remember when Oklahoma State Football Coach went on his rant and screamed "I'm A Man I'm 40!" ?  Well I'm a man and I'm also 40.  I have been around the block a time or two or twelve.  From what I remember pretty much being born and raised by a single mom along with my Grandparents until I was 10.  Becoming a Military child I have been around and seen so much. The good, the bad and the ugly.  I have also done the good, the bad and the ugly.  Stolen things, drugs, alcohol, steroids, I have pretty much done most out there that can be done.  None of that stuff worked for me. If you are smart and things are not working for you, what do you do?  YOU CHANGE!

That is my point today.  I am making this point because this is a rule that I have learned to live by.  In life, in marriage and in parenting.  If you do something over and over and over and you are not getting the results you are looking for, then why keep doing the same thing?  Changes have to be made.  If you don't make those changes then you are going to do a number of things that will bring down you, those close to you, those around you and that village of people that are depending on you.

True Story.  When I was a heavy drinker I was killing my marriage and mentally hurting my children by not being the best dad I could be.  I changed what I was doing.  I stopped drinking completely.  When I was being a jerk to my wife and kids and not having patience with them, I changed.  I educated myself on how to handle things differently.  Those things were not working, I changed them and things are better.

Some people want to cloud their thoughts and think I don't know much about sports but growing up and all my life I have played sports.  I have played a lot of sports.  Multiple sports in fact.  Football, basketball, tennis, tried track, soccer and during these time and living in some of the places we lived and going to schools I went to I had the chance, well really the privilege to meet and play against and with some great players.  I have also met over the years some really great coaches.  I can remember playing basketball in Va. with Ralph Sampson.  An Army officer named Mike that worked for my dad took me to play with him and some other big names hoops stars.  That was when I was young.  What I remember most about those people I met when I was young was how they taught the game.  Its all about how the game is taught and how your life can be reflected by that.

Fast forward to college years.  While living in Kansas, I had the pleasure to meet two coaches that made great impressions on me.  Marty Schottenheimer (whose daughter was married to a military man that lived above my parents on base) and he was so mild mannered. And perhaps my favorite of all time Roy Williams the now UNC Coach who was then at University of Kansas.  Great teacher.

Now as an adult living in Houston is where i really came across so many athletes and coaches and this is when I really became a student of sports, not just basketball, but all sports.  I started to learn what it was like to teach people and now I can see how that has helped me with my own wife and kids.  I played a pick up game one time with Robert Horry and I was a baller, but not that good.  At first he would talk shit to me, yell at me and almost talk down to me while playing.  Then after a game, he pulled me aside and asked me how all of that felt?  I told him it sucked.  Being verbally beaten down while playing took my mind off task and shook me up.  I didn't respond to that well.  He then told me he saw me earlier yelling at a different teammate and that might have been why he didn't play well.  Robert Horry a big time Champ with the Rockets then sat me there and talked to me and told me that when speaking softly your teammates and players have to listen.  He told me that Rockets Coach Rudy T. never ever yelled at them in practice or games.   That is the same advice that I offer to you when dealing with your kids. 

When yelling at kids, they often shut down or other emotions take over those listening skills.  Raising your kids is like coaching.  When it isn't working for you one way, change it up and try something new.  Tony Dungy never yelled at his NFL players and they were winners.  A team I cant stand and love to hate UGA's Mark Richt doesn't yell at his players and they are winners.  Its all about teaching.  It is easier to learn when you are talked to, not yelled at.

Most all successful coaches are not screamers.  I could list you a million of em.  And they are probably good parents as well.

That is why in my personal life I make an effort daily to not yell at the kids and if something isn't working I change it up. 

Just some food for thought.

Sports Picks for you sports fans

Texas will cover the +3 and actually beat Oklahoma
South Carolina will cover the +2.5 and beat LSU

Green Bay will cover the +3.5 and knock off Houston
Atlanta going into the bye week will destroy Oakland and cover the 9

Kiss The Baby



Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fight For Your RIght....Ga. Amendment One

I have written several times about how we are a homeschooling family.  K12 / GCA (GA. Cyber Academy) is the forum that we use for our kids to receive an education.  We have done this for years now.  We are not strangers to the walls that are needed to be climbed or the paths that are needed to be  created to keep the charter schools going strong for families like us that choose this route. 

I used to knock "Traditional Schools" but I learned over the years that not every one is in the same place in their lives where they have the options to make a choice like we did. And if you read back over that last sentence you will notice a key word that pretty much sums up what this is all about....


Why would or hell, why should we as parents and (our) kids not have options as to how an education is achieved.  Some kids need that option.  Some parents what to have a choice.  Some kids don't fit into the "Traditional School" setting and some parents can't afford Private Schools.  Some local schools are not up to the standards in which some of us want our kids to be educated.  Again it is all about being able to have a choice.  We are given choices in almost everything we do, so why take that away from families in this area?

Personally, in our area the school that our kids would be going to is not a great school.  Based on scores and activities going on at the school we felt like we would be able to provide a better education for our kids by homeschooling them in an online charter school environment.  Personally I know teachers in the local schools and they are great people, very nice people, our friends and family members in fact but that does not mean I want them teaching our kids.  I also personally know some people that are involved in the local schools and there is no way in hell I would want them educating my kids based on behavior outside of that learning environment. 

Homeschooling is so different than it was before.  That perception of how it was in the past is gone.  My kids don't stay at home locked up in a house without interaction with other kids and adults.  Our kids don't miss the chance to go visit and take trips that will help them learn new things.  I think our kids have more of a chance to learn and educate themselves in the everyday life that we provide for them.  The three kids that are involved in the online academy right now are advanced in all areas of learning.  Two of the kids are so far ahead in some areas that I have to remind myself that they are still kids and still learning little kids things.  I am truly amazed at how well the kids have done and how well my wife T has helped them along that path.

Before you vote please make sure you read and get both sides of the story.  You may be making a positive and or negative difference in a child's life.  Come to find out you may even know that child.

(This information was provided by  GA Public Charter School Families for Amendment One) Save Our Public Charter Schools - Facebook Page  If you facebook please go LIKE this page.

Find out more about Amendment One here Georgia Charter Schools Amendment One
There are approximately 50,000 Georgia students attending public charter schools.
Georgia ranks 12th in the nation on the Parent Power Index©. But despite its favorable rank, a score of 72% out of 100% is hardly a ringing endorsement of our current education system. Only 62% of our children graduate from high school and only 28% of our 8th graders can read at grade level and sadly the numbers are worse in urban centers.

7 Things That WILL HAPPEN if Amendment One LOSES:

1. Choice will be limited; parents will lose their ability to select the education that fits best for their child. If parents can choose a doctor, a realtor, a grocer, a banker, and a dentist, why can’t they choose a school? 2. More kids will be shoe-horned into a school that doesn’t fit their unique needs. 3. Kids who have fallen behind won’t get the attention they need. 4. Classrooms will become more crowded. 5. Some kids will be put back into an unsafe environment – exposing them to unruly bullies. 6. Students who excel tackling advanced challenges will waste away the hours twiddling their thumbs and hoping their classmates can catch up. 7. Sick children will lose a lifeline to continue their education – causing them to fall farther behind while they wait for their health to improve.     Thank You for your time.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Attachment Parenting - Part 2....Time for the Men to Step Up

Attachment Parenting...So many people do this, some label it and some do not.  Just like in my previous post that I wrote with the influence from Jamie, Attachment Parenting starts between a husband and a wife but the most impact you can have is when you show your child / children that special kind of love.  Most of the times I read about Attachment Parenting it is based around the relationship of the mother and the child. 

I want to be that dad that helps other dads learn how to have that bond with their baby.  I want to be that dad that has other dads saying "I learned a lot from that guy!"  Now, I will never admit to knowing all there is to being a dad.  Sometimes I even question if I am a good dad or not, but I will say that I am always at the head of the line when it comes to learning. 

Dads here are some ways you can make that bond better between you and your child or children,

BabyWear..Man, I loved when the kids wanted me to wear them, I even had my own sling.  I felt like the biggest and baddest dad when I would walk around wearing my kids.  Think of that bonding time you get when you can carry your young child, that safe feeling they have.

Help your wife while she breastfeeds..I am a huge breastfeeding advocate.  A lactation consultant will tell any husband that he an important part of the feeding process.  In the beginning write down the feeding times and the poop and wet diapers.  Help relax your wife, get her a drink, if she wants a cover get that for her. Be supportive of her if she chooses to do so in public.  Act normal since what your wife is doing is normal.  You have no idea how much you will help if you just do the little simple things.

Change diapers..This is the hardest one for me.  Ohh how I hate diapers.  But if you are better than me and man enough to change a dirty diaper then I applaud you. 

Bath time with your babies..Make it fun. Your babies will smile so much more if you make bath time a fun time.

Co-Sleep..I love the fact that each of our children have and still sleep with us.  They will move and did move on their own.  C1 and C2 have cool bunk beds.  C3 and C4 have bunk beds and when C3 is ready to go to his own bed he can and he will.  I am not one that will shut our door in order to keep the kids out.

Love and Logic..I am a huge Love and Logic fan.  I am so hardcore against spanking and hitting your child the negative style of discipline.  There are so many better ways to teach your child and educate them on behavior and how to act and learn from mistakes and bad choices.  Would you have learned more in school while getting yelled at by your teachers?  No, so why yell at your kids, they wont learn from that.  Be sweet and gentle. 

I think we as men feel that sometimes we need to be this hard ass, tough, mean figure and stand over our kids in order for them to listen and learn from us.  That is so wrong. There is nothing wrong with being that soft, gentle parent that can deliver that strong message. 

Attachment Parenting is something that comes under fire STILL, but to be honest there are so many parenting practices that do.  It just so happens that I am on the positive side of the Attachment Parenting conversation and I support this and will continue to write about it and show my support.  I think more men need to do the same and stop leaving this in the hands of our wives.  Our wives are big girls and can handle themselves but when our children are involved and how we care for them, sometimes our wives need that teammate.

Kiss The Baby



Monday, October 8, 2012

Winning While Losing

Hard to figure out if the games that I picked wrong make up for the games that I picked right.

So lets be completely honest.....I could care less about the Braves.  I love sports, I know sports.  Baseball isn't up on top of my list.  I picked the Braves to win and just like they do every year.......THEY CHOKE....They damn choke.  And then to make it worse, those fans that threw all that stuff on the field...LOSERS!!!!  It was a horrible call.  A wrong call, but guess what people...IT DIDN'T LOSE THE GAME.  The BRAVES lost the game.  The players lost the game.  Bad calls happen in games....But that call wasn't the reason they lost.  Way to make Atlanta fans look good people by trashing the field...Classy.

Well Ga. Tech was trying to prove me wrong Saturday and not only keep it close but they actually wanted to win that game.  I knew the good ol Tech team would show up and blow it.  Clemson was too strong and too good.

I picked South Carolina to win and cover the points against the UGA Bulldogs but DAMN...Boy they didn't just cover the points they straight up whooped the shit out of the Pound Puppies and I loved every second of it.  Kept checking the score of that game and every time I did my smile got bigger.  UGA always blows it you just never know when. 

But then all hell broke loose and someone dumped a big bowl of slop on my Bulldogs Suck Ass Cake.  That someone happened to be the West Virginia football team.  Man, I knew that game was going to be a hard one and I knew it was going to be close but Texas couldn't hang on to the lead and WVA went into Austin and took that win and marched down 6th Street with it.

Then Sunday came.  This was not a game that had me smiling the whole time.  I love my Dirty Birds and I'm not a flip flopper but hell, I wasn't a fan of the game plan and the defense couldn't tackle for shit yesterday as that rookie running back left cleat marks all over my Falcons.  Ryan had a nice screen pass go for a touchdown...TO THE WRONG TEAM.  RGIII and the Skins were looking to upset the Birds until he got knocked out of the game.

So MOM....I know you had your moments yesterday when you were talking trash about my Falcons and you were THIS close to being on the winning side yesterday but when it came down to it, Matty Ice led them down the field and the defense finally showed up and sealed the deal.  I wont be too hard on you Mom, I mean I can't fault you for loving your team...But that 5-0 feels so good.

Other than sports, it was a great weekend.  Something About Mary!

Kiss The Baby



Friday, October 5, 2012

I have a question for you.....

Are you ready for some SPORTS ????

The City of Atlanta is.  Its Game Time!

Whats better than a beautiful Friday evening around 5pm and you hear the awesome sound of drums and the TomaHawk Chop Chant going off at Turner Field.  With a One and Done Playoff Game for two Wild Card teams you have the St. Louis Cardinals (defending World Series Champs) coming into town.  And everyone hopes that this will NOT be Chipper Jones last home game. Braves will win.

Then Saturday arrives and you know what that means.  College Football.  So many great games this weekend with teams in the Top 25.  Two teams in the Top 10 battle it out in South Carolina as the team I love to hate the UGA Bulldogs (Why people call them DAWGS is beyond me) travels to take on the GameCocks.  USC is a narrow 1.5 point favorite and I am pulling for them in the biggest way.  I am hoping that with UGA's starting WR out for the year that MAYBE just MAYBE it will slow down that powerful offense and Lattimore (USC RB) will run all over the BullPuppies.  I'm picking S. Carolina to beat UGA and cover that 1.5

Then you have the Ga. Tech Yellow Jackets who have no stinger left at all hitting the road and taking a trip to Death Valley to LOSE to Clemson.  The Jackets have no shot.  As much as I love Tech, they have no defense and that awesome option attack they have........yeah, not so awesome.  It pains me but Tech will lose and Clemson will cover the 10 points.

Then my boys from the Great State of Texas, The University of Texas Longhorns have a true test as West Virginia and the Super Hero Geno Smith invade Austin on Saturday Night.  The Horns are a 7 point favorite and even down by 6th Street that is just too many points.  W. Va has not played a defense that is as fast as Texas yet.  The Horns will not be able to shut down Geno Smith but they will slow him down just enough to win the game and pull out another close victory.  Hook Em' Horns will win but will not cover the 7 points against W. Va. 

Now we have come to the moment that will give me great joy.  I am going to talk some shit to my Mother.  My Mother happens to be a lifelong Washington Redskins fan.  That is great.  I'm happy for her.  But what will happen Sunday when the Atlanta Falcons head North to take over DC is going to have her watching her massive 900 inch tv and calling me asking if she can catch a ride on the Falcons bandwagon.  Sure Mom, you can join the Falcon Fan Club.  RGIII is awesome.  The Skins are good this year.  I'm glad that they are winning again.  But, with the Falcons defense and an offense that is loaded with more weapons than our Nations military I just don't see the Skins being able to keep up.  That's right Mom, I'm going to be blowing up your phone with text messages and pictures of Falcons gear.  Atlanta is favored by 3 points and will move to 5-0 by beating the Skins and covering the 3.

Other than that, looks like I will be having some home fix it projects to do.  T has been putting in some overtime finding some projects and C1 just walks around the house looking for stuff for me to fix. I have a neighbor that will hopefully be fixing my mower today so I can cut my 3 week long grass.  I'm sure I will be busy with plenty to do and mixing in some Crossfit wods at the house and some trips to the gym....Going to be a fun fast paced weekend.

Keep up.

Kiss The Baby



Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I too have feelings

Working 12 hours days doesn't have too many advantages for me personally.

Most mornings I am up a little after 4am heading to the gym to get my Crossfit in.  Other mornings that I don't go, I am still up early and heading into the office. 

Getting home late sucks for many reasons.  I miss weekday soccer practice, soccer matches, dinner, bath time and I usually only get an hour or so with the kids before they are off to bed.  Guess its a good thing we homeschool or I would never see them.

So it pissed me off last night when I started feeling sick on the drive home.  I could hardly make it home without having to pull over and let all of the bad toxins out of my body. 

Getting home and giving C3 a fast congrats on her goal in her match and telling C2 to just keep playing hard and it will come, was about all I could muster up.  C1 gave me a hug, C4 yelled "HEY DADDY" to me as I bury my face in my pillow.

T. Well she didn't even want me getting near her.

So there went a night.  Crashed early.  Maybe tonight I will feel better and I can hang with T and the C's for a while before bed.

Kiss The Baby



Monday, October 1, 2012

Attachment Parenting....It All Starts With Pee On A Stick

That's right I said it.....It Starts with Pee On A Stick.

So if you read my post last week about my online encounter with Jamie She Had Me At......... then you knew what was coming. I am going to take some time and write about my own personal experiences and stuff that I did during T's pregnancy, birth and the short time after that in hopes that new fathers and just men / dads in general can feel better about this thing that has recently blown up in the media called Attachment Parenting (AP - for short).

Attachment Parenting as defined by Wikipedia was a term laid out there by Dr. William Sears. Fact of the matter is that I believe moms have been doing this since the beginning of time. Look back in history and you will see examples of this, it was just never given a label. Read that link above from Wiki and you will see that everything it mentions can be done by both parents but when discussed by the general public it usually only includes the moms. And just so you know all of this begins that minute you find out you are having a baby.

 Guys, do you remember when that love of your life came to you and told you she was pregnant? I do. I can remember everything about it. It was awesome. And from that very minute I had the mindset that I had to step up my game and be a better husband because I was going to be a father. At this point some guys think that there isn't a whole lot they can do except absorb the endless hours of shopping, eating, cravings, and bitching and moaning that will come with the wife being pregnant. I'm here to tell you that if a guy is thinking like that and tries to just coast through those months then he is in for a long long road ahead.

In my opinion Attachment Parenting starts with Attachment Husbanding. Is this really a word? It is now. Being a husband is hard work, but its work that is worth it. When you take this journey with your wife you are in for some tough decisions, but you have to remember that your wife comes first. She has her friends and support but what she really wants is you, her man. Attachment Husbanding in my opinion means you are going to show and express a different kind of love to her than you have in the past. You are going to talk to her differently, hold her differently and act towards her differently. Endless hours of rubbing her feet, her back. Oh my god, I have logged so many hours of foot rubbing that I should be a professional massage therapist. Its going to be hard. Trust me, I have done this four times. People, friends, and family will talk about how you have changed and how you are different now, but all you have to remember is that you are showing that one special person a true, soft, special kind of love. When you think of caring about a child and how delicate that is, the same is true for a woman. T is a strong willed, hard core woman. She is out spoken, tough, and has that "I'm a winner attitude" but I also know that she has soft, gentle, kind emotions too and during pregnancy I had to make sure I paid attention to those as well. So guys, its going to be a long road, don't make it any harder for either of you than it has to be. It may sound silly but you can be a strong, tough, kick ass man and still be an Attachment Husband. Its all about the love you give and how you treat your woman.

Now that you have made it through all of those crazy months and moments where you hid in the garage or bathroom and wished it was all over, you are in a labor and delivery room. I hate hospitals. They smell, people are nasty..etc.. But you are there and your wife is probably not feeling too good YET. I say yet because until she either gets or does not get that epidural she is going to be, well lets just say uncomfortable. Yeah, lets use that word. I would say Bitchy but I know too many women and love having my manhood connected to me. Something that I told my friend Michael who just became a father was "Stay in Control." I mean don't get nervous. So much will be going on and you have to be calm so your wife will stay calm. This is another area in which being an gentle husband will pay off. Let your wife be moody, let her vent, she is about to have a baby.

As your wife lays in that stiff bed you are going to be saying to yourself "What in the hell can I do?" Here is my advice...DO WHATEVER THE HELL SHE WANTS YOU TO DO! Like I said, T and I have been through this four times and each was different. With C1, we had a novel for a birth plan. Packed up like 5 bags. Didn't do half of what we talked about. Each time we took less and the birth plan was not as thick. Its kind of funny looking back on it all. But guys, you need to remember that YOU are the only one that knows what your wife wants. Rub her hands, her legs, get that cool wash cloth for her head. Just be there for her. Friends and family are all fine and well but what your wife really wants is the man that did this to, to be next to her.

Remember you are about to be a parent. If you are choosing to raise your child in an "AP" lifestyle then you need to make sure you also treat your wife with gentle love and care also. Being a Attachment Husband doesn't mean you are a "Helicopter Husband", it just means you are showing a deeper, special kind of love.

Guys you have the rest of your life to be a jerk to your wife, don't do it during pregnancy and birth.

Go check out Jamie Lynne Grumet over at I Am Not The BabySitter. This series of posts were inspired through my talks with her.

Come back......there will be more.

 Kiss The Baby



Wednesday, September 26, 2012

She Had Me At........

As you can tell by my header I'm judgemental. And?  If you don't like it, don't read.  Everyone judges others and that is my opinion. 

Over the years I have changed my ways of judging others.  I try to judge others not by the person they are but by their actions.  You can judge my actions too, It won't bother me.  Question my parenting choices and I'm fine with that, question how much I love my kids and then we have a problem.  Question what kind of husband I am, fine...Question my love for my wife and I will laugh at you.  I'm fine with what people say about me.  For instance I don't care if you call me an "assclown". 

As you will find out from reading on, that by not judging someone I earned a chance to learn a lot about a person that others may have made judgements on based on one moment.

Some of you may remember a very interesting Time Magazine cover photo of Jamie Lynne Grumet.

I say interesting because so many people had so many different opinions. Some people judged her on the photo and not her parenting skills or how much she loved her children and how she cared for them.  Me personally since I agree with her choices and how she chooses to raise her children, I didn't care about the cover.  I was more interested in the article.

A TON of people couldn't even make the commitment to read it.  Just pass judgement on the cover.  A right everyone has.

Wonder what those people would say about this?

Well I'm going to assume that the same people would still be negative. Oh well.

You see the covers and think so many different things.  Guess what?  Let me blow your mind here for a minute.  Last week I had the chance to have a nice conversation with Jamie.  Damn. Guess I should have asked her if I could call her that.  I'm going for it. She knows where to find me.  It all started when she wrote a blog post about Sex.  I Am Not The Baby Sitter is her blog so go check it out and all of the other posts as well.  I couldn't believe the comments that people were leaving.  So I took it upon myself to find her on twitter and stalk her strike up some conversation about "Attachment Parenting" as well as how a man and a woman can love and have sex with each other while having children.

I have to admit and I even mention to T that I was so shocked and surprised by how kind and sweet she was.  My preconceived notion is that I was talking to a celebrity.  But I was talking to a woman, wife and mom who shared some of the same ideas that T and I do.  It was during this time that I shed some thoughts on how a man should also be there during those times of bonding and how a man can actually bond with a child when the mom / wife is breastfeeding and babywearing.  Those times are huge for moms and dads can be left out.  Fact is that some dads don't know how to include themselves during those times.

So with these two great minds, well her great mind and my great.....ummm...... yeah......charm we came up with the idea that I should write a post about how I bonded with our kids and how other dads can do the same during those precious mommy / baby moments.  Come back tomorrow to find out some of my ideas and suggestions. 

After all was said and done,  I had a different opinion of Jamie.  Not only was I proud of her for her magazine covers and her time that she puts toward making more people see parenting in a different light, I was so honored that I got a chance to see that there was more to her than just those covers.  So by not judging her as a person, I learned a lot about her in just a brief amount of time.

 If more people took the time to discover a little about each other, then just imagine how great our children's lives would be.  Not us as adults but our children.

See ya tomorrow.  Comments are always welcome and debates and conversations are great.

Kiss The Baby



Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Guess I do have some luck. Bad Luck or Good Luck?  Depends on how you look at it.

Guess what they say is true.  It could always be worse.

That small leak?  That fluid that was dripping all over my garage?

That 2000 Chevrolet Impala of mine that has 277,000+ miles and gets me to and from work.

You know the one that broke down on me last night on the way home!

Yeah, that's my car.  That's my luck.  Just when we are at the point of having NO car payments, the vehicle that gets me to and from breaks down on me as I was driving home last night.  I was able to pull into a gas station and I see the fluid leaking all over the place.  Filled it with fluid and it was just pouring out like a fountain.

I am standing there like the non mechanic idiot that I am and I call T to let her know whats up and my next call is to a guy I know that drives a tow truck.  He comes and gets me and my car.  We go and drop it off and then he takes me home. 

So I got to stress about my car all night. Will it be fixed, can it be fixed, how much to fix it, am I going to have to shop for a car...I'm a stressing person by nature.  Just the way I am.

So without a ride all the way to work, T was sweet enough to get her and all the kids up early to get me over to our cousins house.  A lot closer than taking me to work.  We get to Steph's and I kiss the wife and kids goodbye.

Well as it stands now, my car can be fixed.  Some issues with hoses and the radiator and other parts and shit like that.  I have no clue.

 But I do know it will cost a lot less than buying a new car. 

So that's my luck. Good Luck. 

Kiss The Baby



Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend full of fun

What a good weekend it was.

Soccer Saturday.

This wasn't a match from hell.  No nose bleeds this time. I didn't upset my kid.

It was nice that C2's soccer game was at 11, gave us time to get up and not have to rush off to the field.  His game, well didn't go as good as the last game but that's going to happen.  C2 has some things that I need to work with him on, like not just standing there in the goal but to keep his head up and have his feet moving all the time. He had cement feet a few times as the goals went by, stopped a few but I need to get him to where he is always moving.  And when he is on offense, well he needs to step up aggression and push that ball and kick the S*#T out of it.  The one thing I love about his team is that all the kids play hard and try and never quit.  But I did what C2 wanted and didn't say anything during the game. Watched with my mouth closed. And trust me, that was hard. I cant wait to go watch C3 play soon, her team is doing very well and I LOVE the HER COACH handles and actually COACHES the kids. If I had the time and could do it, I would love to coach and I would coach just like he does.

Saturday Fair.

Well what can you say about the local Ga. State Fair?  Just like that old rap song says "The Freaks Come Out At Night" and some of them came out early on Saturday.  The kids had a blast, C3 rode the bull again and did good. They all rode rides and got to see some of the family we hadn't seen in a while.  T's cousin Mckenzie is pregnant with their 3rd and its their first boy and she looks great.  Its always good to see Gary looking healthy.  So the fair was fun.  Got home late, tired kids, nasty feet.

Football Saturday.

My picks were not great this weekend.  Got home in time to watch the rest and the nice come back of FSU beating Clemson.  Was not happy to see that damn Ga. Tech lost to Miami in OT.  And what would a Saturday be without those sorry ass damn Ga. Bulldogs.  I can't stand that team and I was sure hoping a miracle (like every weekend) that they would lose. But oh well maybe next time.

Football Sunday.

After working on my car and the riding mower it was time for some of the....listen shhhhh hear that, the undefeated Atlanta Falcons. Beating the Charger in San Diego on a short week is awesome. I know they wont run the table but damn its nice to be 3-0.

Extra Issues......

When I write this blog, I understand not everyone will agree with what I say.  I'm ok with that.  I love a good debate / argument / whatever you want to call it. 

Kiss The Baby



Thursday, September 20, 2012

Didn't Work Out Well

Bad Habits.

I bet most of us have them.  I know I do.

You should see the way I eat popcorn.  I bet you all eat it with your hands..NOT ME.  I have to bury my face in the bowl or bag of popcorn and use my tongue to get the pieces and then eat them.  I'm weird I know.  Chips, I'm sure I am the only one that has to put chips in a cup and then acts as if I am drinking out of that cup to get the chips into my mouth.  I just don't want to touch the stuff. I don't know why.

Well this weekend, C4 saw me eating some hot and spicy pretzel bites out of a cup.  I guess he decided I was cool and he wanted to be like daddy.

I got home last night and was talking to T.  She was telling me that C4 had some of those hot and spicy pretzel bites and he had them in a cup.  While tipping his cup up to get some, I was told that they all came crashing out onto his eyes.  What do 3 year olds do when stuff gets on their eyes?

RUB THEM....Not good.  I'm guessing that hurt and burned.

Sorry buddy. 



Monday, September 17, 2012

Soccer Match From Hell.

A cool sunny Saturday morning and all was right in the world....

until..............The soccer match from hell happened.

I was warming up with C2 and then all of a sudden his nose started blasting blood from it like it was a volcanic eruption.  It wouldn't stop. I took off my t-shirt and he and T went up to the concessions to see if he could get a new jersey since his had blood all over it. 

Mission Complete.  New jersey and ready to play. 

Never mind his coach is CLUELESS and has NO IDEA of what he is doing.  I mean from start to finish.  Hold your damn clipboard, assclown.

C2 played awesome.  I mean he really did.  Hustled after the ball, getting some shots at goal.  He was playing well.  Then he played goalie and he got better.  For a kid that doesn't like getting dirty, he was falling on the ball, diving for it, moving all over the place.  He even got back and dove for a ball that hit off the post saving a score.

This is when it got bad and ugly.  C2 came over to me, shoe untied and I thought no big deal, tie it up real fast and rush him back out.  When he came over, he was crying and telling me his stomach hurt.  I walked over to his coach and said you might want to sub C2 out, not feeling good.  His game was over for the day. Crying and stomach hurting he sat the rest of the game on the bench. No problem. I will never want the kids playing if they don't feel good or are hurt.

I may be a dumb ass, but I'm not stupid.  I do know a little something about my kids and how they are.  C2 will usually come to me if not feeling good and want me to hang or cuddle with him when sick.  He didn't want any of that Saturday.  He wanted nothing to do with me.  I left him alone.

I then told T to go ask him if he was mad at me.  I knew something was up.  She did and he was mad at me.  He didn't like me yelling at him during the game.  I felt sad.  I knew for the longest time he didn't like me yelling at him during the games but I cant help it.  Its hard.  I'm loud and a cheering parent.  I wasn't even yelling negative things,  just game type stuff.

So, this weekend I will once again make the best effort to keep my F-ing mouth shut and just let him play.  If he plays good I will high five him, if he plays bad, I will high five him.

I just love that he plays and enjoys it.

Me, I think if I yell again, T might try to score some goals kicking my soccer balls around.

Kiss the Baby



Thursday, September 13, 2012

Time To Make The Potty His Throne

As parents we celebrate and share the joy of the little and big things that happen in our kids lives.  First steps, first words, how long they breastfeed and how fast they grow and so on.  While these events are so awesome, they also are a sign of our babies growing up right before us.

Well our last little baby boy C4 (below) has started hard core potty training.

While this is a great thing for so many reasons, it also means that our last baby is getting older.  Potty training is a big deal.  It can be trying at times, but its a give a take type of thing.

Asking every few minutes if he has to go potty, or taking him in there every few minutes till he gets the routine down is the hardest thing.  Have underwear on hand and more added to the laundry is just the same as having cloth diapers.  More laundry...who cares.

So this little boy is now wearing underwear........

No, not like this. Well sometimes he wears them like this, but he gets that from me.  He has Angry Birds and lots more where that pair came from.

But have to be careful.  See while he does get some of his craziness from me, I am not one to be embarrassed when caught in my new underwear, but this little one....

He will get kind of shy.

Keep up the awesome work C4 on the potty training.

Love ya.

Kiss The baby


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