Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Bachelor...A guys take on Ben and a few of the Women

Monday was a great day.

I felt good.

Got to go home and have some good snuggle time with T as we watched The Bachelor with Ben. T and I were not going to watch this season after boycotting last seasons The Bachelorette with Ashley H, since she was hideous and annoying. But we decided to get back into it and Ben actually isn't that bad. Not the best looking dude, but he's mature, got a great business going, seems down to Earth and that makes him more appealing. He seems like he would be easy to get along with for the ladies.  T and I are also liking the same people this season which usually doesn't happen. But we both like a couple of the girls and there is one that we cant stand and I don't think anyone except this girls mother likes her.

First lets start off with our main man

Sac up brother and grow a pair. Stop worrying about the girls being mad at each other. You should have kept Shawntel but you were scared the girls wouldn't want to date you. Get real man. And oh, please get some longer swim shorts, below your knees.

Now above we have Monica. She was sent home last night. She cried. They all do. But I am going to miss her because she was the only one that would have stood up the Bitch of the Season.

Speaking of Bitch of the Season, here she is Courtney. Does anyone like her?  She isn't even pretty, and how is she a model? Rude attitude and runs her mouth. I hate to sound like a woman but she doesn't love Ben, she is just wanting her time to shine.

Poor Emily. I kinda like her. She seems to be OK. Her problem is that she rattles to easily.  She is trying to throw Courtney under the bus and then when she does and Courtney finds out and calls Emily out on it, she cracks under pressure. Don't let that girl get the best of you. And she does this weird thing with her nose and mouth. Bugs me a little.

 One of my favorites is Kacie B. The sweet soft spoken darling with the Charlies Angels wavy hair. I really would love fore her to be in the Final Two. She is really falling for Ben. But my problem with Kacie is that she is starting to get way too emotional. Kind of like Ashley H. was before. The crying and moaning about Ben on other dates and stuff. She is a sweet southern belle and I think her and Ben make a great couple.

Now, here is my NEW favorite. Jennifer became my favorite last night. I think out of all the girls she is the most mature and she is good looking too. Ben calls her the best kisser. I like how she is open and talks to him with ease.  I was telling T last night that its hard to find a redhead that is very attractive, but she is one. I don't see her being he emotional wreck that some of the others are being already.  I am pulling for her to be the chosen one. 

I'm not going to bother listing the other women.  He still have a few girls on there who are what I call the "Who are You Again Girls" ... This is a three girl race as far as I'm concerned. Cut bait, get down to it and pick your girl Ben, as long as it isn't Courtney.

Kiss the baby



Helene January 24, 2012 at 12:13 PM   Reply to

I cannot stand Courtney, esp at the end when Ben announces they're going to Puerto Rico and she says, "I was just there 2 months ago". What a freakin' snot she is.

Merrie January 24, 2012 at 5:44 PM   Reply to

I'm with you and Helene -- ungreatfulness is not a character trait you're looking for in your wife to be! Sheesh.
I'm with you on Kacie and Jennifer, but I confess I have them the other way around, with Kacie being my fave. I think it's the little bit of southern girl in me that wants her to win. But either way I'd be happy.
Love your feedback! I laugh my way through that show every week, usually alone, but often with The Mom Jen who laughs with me. :)

amoryg January 27, 2012 at 2:14 AM   Reply to

I can't stand the C girl either. She thinks she's funny and quick, but is soo annoying with her attitude and how she thinks she is the cats meow.

I dont have a fave yet. But happy he's a local guy to me!

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