Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My letter to the Captain of the Costa Concordia - Francesco Scheltino

Dear Captain Francesco Scheltino,

     Due to the recent events in which you decided to let your ship the Costa Concordia hit a rock which tore a 160 ft. hole in the side of the ship you have pretty much ruined any chance for me to take a cruise on the Disney Dream.

You being the Captain made a poor choice that has made it pretty clear that neither my wife or myself feel safe at all going on a cruise ship with our children.  I don't know what in the hell you were thinking as you let that massive ship hit that rock but you have got to be the biggest dumb ass in the history of the cruises.  I'm sure you had to have taken some kind of class to drive that big ass ship and navigate it through the sea's, I only wish that the school you went to wasn't taught by SpongeBob SquarePants.  In recent weeks I have come to find out that the Octonauts could have done a better job with that large boat. 

So with YOUR ship looking like this now

I can pretty much guarantee you that I wont be stepping on board a cruise liner in the near future.  I heard reports and statistics that the percentages are very low of these things happening but you and your awesome nautical skills that you learned from watching Gilligan's Island have made it more public the dangers of being on a cruise ship.

I also want to thank you for being the courageous man and staying with YOUR ship. You did exactly what a Great Captain should do in a time of distress and danger. Oh shit, wait. Wrong Captain. You are the one that says you accidentally tripped in a lifeboat and made it to shore and since it was dark you couldn't return to help the others that you left behind.  So while you may be rotting in a jail cell for a short period of time, the time it will take for me and my wife to feel comfortable enough to take our kids on the Disney Dream will be much longer. So to end this all I have to say is Great Job, Jagoff and thanks a lot for screwing up the one chance I had to take a cruise.

I will feel much safer being on this boat as a result of your error.

Sincerely and forever not your fan,

Scott aka This Daddy.

Kiss the Baby



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