Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Need to Feed....Breastfeed that is.

With the start of a New Year, so many things will happen this year that will affect us as parents of young children. One of them will be breastfeeding in public.  This is a problem and it seems to be a problem for everyone. Its a problem for mothers that have the right to breastfeed their child in public and its a problem for those who seem to think that those mothers should go do it in private.

Many years ago before I was married, I'm sure women breastfed and I'm sure they did it in public. I never noticed and I doubt I would have cared. I had plenty of friends that had babies and I cant remember if they breastfed or not but to think I might have made a crazy comment or to think I may have been grossed out by it, just doesn't seem like me.

Earlier in 2011 here in Georgia, we had the whole Forest Park Breastfeeding ordeal. Mothers won that day and gained back the right to breastfeed in public in that city.  Then a Dancing With the Stars dancer Lacey Schwimmer made comments about how a mother should go elsewhere to breastfeed her child other than in public.  Target made the news by asking a woman to go somewhere else in the store to feed her baby.  Then most recent Nascar driver Kasey Kahne made news by his rude comments on twitter and then firing back at a breastfeeding woman by calling her names. 

Now of course all these public places and people apologize and send out letters of being sorry and have mass PR moves that try to win fans and customers back. But is it enough? I don't think so. And I don't even know what can be done to correct the problem.

Me being on the side of Pro Breastfeeding in Public, thinks that more women and men need to support moms that do this. Its not a crime. Its not nasty, women who breastfeed show less cleavage than the average woman does on any given day. Normally sitting and trying to be in a calm area so the baby can eat without being distracted or interrupted.

Women will get looks. AND?  Young boys look at boobs. They will learn later in life its not about that. Girls look. They will also learn that what they are looking at is a great thing. People that say they are grossed out need to do some research and learn a little bit. Do I want to see a fat mans plumber crack? NO. I don't make a big deal about it. Do I want to see nasty looking women wearing Dora the Explorer shirts? NO. But I say nothing.  How about the most common said thing to a breastfeeding woman. "Cant you go in the bathroom?"....I wouldn't even eat in my own bathroom let alone a public restroom.

Dads and Husbands, show support to your wife and other women that breastfeed in public. Show more support to your wife of course. Women make sure you are there for your co breastfeeding moms. You never know if they are having a hard time or getting backlash.

Maybe something will change. Maybe this is the year people use their complaints for something that actually needs to be complained about.

Kiss The Baby



amoryg January 3, 2012 at 10:45 AM   Reply to

Yay!! What a great post!! Thank you for this.... For posting from a man's point of view and a father's.

amoryg January 3, 2012 at 10:46 AM   Reply to

Also, I'm going to link to you today. It's way too important not to.

Lara English January 3, 2012 at 1:33 PM   Reply to

I totally agree with everything you said! It's refreshing to hear a man who doesn't act like an uneducated fool about breastfeeding in public. It's crazy what bfing moms have to deal with sometimes and I too hope that things will change soon! Women should be able to feed their baby wherever they want to.

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