Thursday, January 5, 2012

R-E-S-P-E-C-T....Your kids and Your Spouse

Have you ever given a thought as to how you treat others compared to how you treat your own kids or spouse? You will probably say you do all the time and you are probably saying that you would never treat a stranger nicer than your own kids or spouse, but it you think about it or pay attention to detail, you might realize that you are actually being nicer to complete strangers than you are your own children and spouse.

Say you are at the store, mall, amusement park..etc. A place where there are lots of people around. What are some common words you may use when in the company of strangers?  Excuse Me, Pardon Me, Thank You, Sorry, and there are many more.  For this I am going to use the example of Excuse Me.

You are at the grocery store and you are looking for an item on the shelf and a person is standing in the line of sight for what you are looking for. Most people say Excuse Me. If you are that person in the way of sight another person might say to you Excuse Me.  It happens all the time. A polite thing to do.  Well now throw your kids in the mix. You are looking for that item at Publix and your son is in the way of sight and instead of saying Excuse Me, you say Move, Watch Out, Get over here so I can see.  Who were you nicer to?  The stranger.

Now I'm not telling you to be rude to the stranger and tell them to move it and get out of the way or anything like that.  All I'm saying is use the same key words you use with strangers, with your kids. I am guilty of this myself. I try to catch myself but sometimes it just doesn't happen.  What about you?  Do you do this?  Do you care?  Your kids might care, they might notice how you talk to nicely to others but don't to them.  Just something to think about.

This next example is something that I do way way to often. Its hard for me not to. But that is just an excuse.  You and your spouse (wife in my case) are anywhere. Car, store.. and you cant keep your hands off her.  Smack her ass when no one is looking, cop a feel of a boob, bump up behind her...Trust me there is a lot.  I may think its cute and funny, but I'm sure my wife doesn't.  Does your spouse think its cute and funny?  How do you know no one saw you?  You don't.  Now, would  you do that to a stranger?  Aside from it being a form of sexual harassment or assault, I mean would do that to another man or woman?  Would you walk up to a complete stranger and tell them you want to "DO THEM?"  I don't think so.

I'm not asking you to make it a assignment or project to go out and try this. Please don't.  What I am saying is that (myself included) give your spouse the same respect that you are going to give that stranger. Don't be all grab ass with your wife in public. Ladies even though we would love it if you grabbed our tree trunk junk in the store, it would be embarrassing for both of us.  Also at home, do you want your kids seeing you two dry hump each other? There is a difference between affection and dry humping each other.

I am going to make an attempt to make sure I treat my kids with the same respect ALL THE TIME that I treat strangers with. Not just here and there. My kids know I can be nice, they need to know that I am nice to them too.  I am also going to try and be more respectful to my wife. I think she deserves to be treated better. She knows I love her. She knows I think she is hot and sexy and that I love her ass, but that doesn't mean i have to grab and rub up on her all the time and say nasty things to her.

All I am asking you is to pay attention and see if you notice that you do this.

Kiss the baby



christopher (@twistedxtian) January 5, 2012 at 11:58 AM   Reply to

I've noticed this with my son. Being a toddler, he is often in the way and it is so much easier to just pick him up and move him or tell him to move, than to say "excuse me."

So I've been making a conscious effort to be more polite to him (in the same way I would be with a stranger). I was thinking about this just before Christmas, so I like the timeliness of your post. :)

Happy #CommentDay!

Gretta January 5, 2012 at 1:17 PM   Reply to

Ouch my toes hurt!! You are so right...we are often kinder to strangers than our own kids (and sometimes our spouses). I'm so guilty of the whole grocery store scenario too. Thanks for such a beautiful reminder that they deserve just as much if not more respect from us.

Helene January 5, 2012 at 3:20 PM   Reply to

You make a valid point and I think I'm guilty of this, as well.

I was just recently talking to a friend of mine who has a teenage daughter who is a very good kid and I asked her what her secret was to raising such an independent, polite, down to earth kid and she said, "It's easy. Treat them with the same respect you expect them to treat you with."

Simple enough. I just gotta remember to do it.

Anonymous,  January 31, 2012 at 10:25 PM   Reply to

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