Thursday, January 26, 2012

Would You Call The Police On Your Own Child?

Has there ever been a time when your child did something that you wanted to cover up and maybe even did cover up?  Have you ever protected your child from the punishment that he or she would receive for doing some kind of act that was unlawful?  Is there an age limit?  Does it depend on the act?

If you want to go to the radio shows page I listen to to read about what this dad did here is the link The Bert Show

A 30-year police veteran made a decision that anyone would make. He turned a kid into the police for beating another boy along with seven other teens in an alley and then posting the video to YouTube. What made the decision hard for this police veteran is that the boy that was seen on the video and then turned in was his own son.  That's right. His own son.

Friends and relatives saw the video and knew who the boy was. The only boy in the video without any kind of mask on. The father then was called and he watched the video for himself and as soon as he saw what had happened he called the police. He later said that if he had waited...he might not have.

His son was charged as an adult, was officially charged with felony aggravated battery and robbery charges, and his bail is set at $100,000.

WOW. Now I hope that T and I are doing a good enough job raising the C's that we will not ever have to even worry about this.  But what a hard decision that would be. Turn your kid in?  Shelter your child and protect him or her from the trouble?  Where do you draw the line. I know beating someone is different from stealing a piece of candy or a toy when the kids are young. It is a matter of just taking your child back into the store and letting the embarrassment factor be enough?  What about when they get older?  Does it come down to how a child was raised?  Maybe. Maybe not.

You would think that a child of a police officer might know better.  Was it the influence of other kids? Hanging with the wrong group?  So many factors could be involved. 

What would you do as a parent if your child was the one in that video?  Right now as of this moment, I am going to say that I would turn my child in as well. I will protect my children from things in this life probably for as long as I can. I am their father and that is what I do.  They learn. But they don't learn anything valuable from committing any kind of crime and then getting away with it. Lessons are hard and sometimes the best and most valuable lessons are the hardest ones.  Just like the police officer father, if given the extra time, I too may back out of calling the police.

What would you do?

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Anonymous,  January 26, 2012 at 6:13 PM   Reply to

Hey Bro, I saw another clip in which a Mom was watching the news about some kids stealing from a store--and saw her son! She called it in.

I would call it in too, however I will be teaching my son over the years that he is responsible for his actions. If I have to call the police on him, he won't be surprised.

Tough love, Bro.

Mark L.

GypsyFox January 26, 2012 at 6:39 PM   Reply to

It is a tough decision but the right decision & we must teach our kids to make the right decisions after all.

Dari January 26, 2012 at 7:15 PM   Reply to

I struggle with this even on little stuff. I KNOW my kids, so know their shortcomings as well as their strengths. So when a teacher or coach points is negative about their weaknesses am I supposed to go all Mama Bear on them? Or say, yea I know my daughter can be a drama queen. We'll talk to her. ?

I keep thinking that mom's are supposed to give unconditional love and support. Does that mean championing them through their weaknesses too?

Helene January 26, 2012 at 8:28 PM   Reply to

I heard about this on the news! I think I'd do the same thing, honestly. Maybe it wasn't this kid's first time acting as a bully...who knows. Maybe he'd been warned by his dad too many times and this was the last straw..we'll never know.

But there comes a time where our kids have to realize that their actions affect others and there are laws for a reason.

The Awesome One January 31, 2012 at 10:37 AM   Reply to

This is the first time I've heard of this and the first time seeing the video. Holy shit. I don't know if I would turn my kid in, I would be so disappointed I wouldn't know how to deal with it properly without getting so angry I'd beat their ass... so I would call the police and turn them in. Absolutely.

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