Friday, January 27, 2012

The X Games. Just for the FUN of it.

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If you are a sports fan, then there is no doubt that you notice things like I notice things. You may have your favorite sport and watch other sports or you may just be a general sports fan and kind of catch it all.  Me, I love football and basketball. Those have been my favorites for many years. But since having kids that do crazy things and being a lover of doing crazy things myself a new sport has stolen my heart within recent years.  It is actually more than a sport, it is a series of sports.....

The X Games. The Winter and The Summer X Games.

I noticed something last night as I was watching the games in bed with T.  In the heart of battle and fierce competition these guys all get along. They may not be friends (which most of them are friends), they may not be from the same country (they come from everywhere) but they all get along. They all cheer for each other.

Last night in the freestyle ski event, there was one guy who was smashing a record for points and I think the other competitors were just as excited for him as he was for himself.  They were all celebrating with him.

You never see any of these guys and girls hanging there heads. Throwing a snowboard or a skateboard across the way and getting mad. No, what you see are kids, guys and girls doing the stunts that they love to do, whether it be in their backyard or in the local streets.  They do it and they all have fun trying to outdo one another.

In a world where athletes are pushed to be the best they can be these athletes push themselves to be better than they were the previous stunt. They don't have the mega million dollar contracts that other sports stars do. They do get paid from endorsements and other signing deals from companies but nothing compared to the major sports.

If you are a sports fan, do me a favor. Check out ESPN this weekend and just watch a little bit of the Winter X Games and see if you can notice what I notice. See if you can see what I see.

The fun.

Have a great weekend

Kiss the Baby



Anonymous,  January 30, 2012 at 8:55 AM   Reply to

Love the X games and I never really thought about it before but you're's all about FRIENDLy competition!

James @SaskaDad January 30, 2012 at 9:24 AM   Reply to

I totally agree. Even the athletes with lucrative sponsorships seem to be competing for love rather than money.

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