Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Change Is Hard!

Some people say change can be hard.  Well change IS hard!

I have some personal problems. I'm sure most of you know this by now.  I actually have too many to really get into right at this moment, so I'm going to just talk about my lack of patience and my need for instant gratification.  Remember this is all on a personal level, doesn't have anything to do with the kids.

I am trying to make some changes in my life right now and it hasn't been that long but I am already feeling a wide ranges of emotions. And none of them are good right now.

Frustrated....I am frustrated by my lack of patience and my need for the instant return of success of the changes I am trying to make.  Again, I haven't been this hard and steady at trying to make these changes for that long but damn, I am ready for the product of my work to be seen and noticed and recognized. I am trying to stay positive but its hard. The only reason my frustration has not spilled over and affected me at home is because T will not let my personal problems of this sort be an issue around her or the kids. 

Lack of Patience....This is my hardest thing to overcome.  I have never had any patience and now that I am trying to make a life change that is for the better, I would think that I would try and be more patient with it but that is not working for me.  I want it now.  I want it all right now.  I'm ready to see the end result of all of my hard work RIGHT NOW!  I have examples all around me that patience is key and it will work out in the end for me but that still does me no good.  Patience is going to be what brings me to my knees and that then leads into the frustration.  No a good combo to have.

Lack of Self Confidence....T tells me all the time "You didn't marry a cheerleader", which is funny because sometimes that is what I feel like I need in order to start or finish something.  She does tell me that if I want something bad enough that I will get it on my own, no matter what it is.  She is great in that way. A motivator more than a cheerleader.  She doesn't think so, but when she gives me shit, it pumps me up.  But the problem with that is, I ask for it too much.  I may come off all cocky and crazy and seem like I have confidence, but I really don't. Not in this area and not when trying new things.  I don't know if having confidence in myself regarding these attempted life changes will make a difference but I guess I need to find out.

Fear....My last emotion in this battle for a better life.  I have the fear of failure.  I am scared. So scared.  I tried this same life change last year and thought I was over the battle and just when I thought I had it beat, I failed.  I don't know how or why I failed but I did.  I was shocked, I cried. I did.  I have the fear of losing this battle and being caught in the cycle of "same routine" that I went through before.  Maybe the fear of failure comes from lack of confidence, hell I don't know.  I'm fearful that I wont be able to finish the quest this time either.  I think if I knew what stopped me the last time maybe I would know how to get over the fear but it still a hurts and its still in the back of my brain.  I have even tried to revisit the past and I cant get any further than last time.  I also fear that I am going to let down T and the C's again.  I really do.  More than myself, for all the shit they have endured they deserve this life change.  They are the reason I am going to fight and fight until I win this time.  But that fear lives on in me.

Frustration, Patience, Confidence and Fear.  These are the four emotions I battle with right now as I try and make a life change.  The only person that can overcome these negatives and turn them into positives are me.  I do know that, now its just time to show it. 

Kiss the baby



Monday, February 27, 2012

How do you choose your childrens bedtime?

Not every household is the same. Not all parents are the same. Not every child is the same.

For instance, I work long hours.  I have an hour drive each way. 
Since we homeschool, it allows our kids to stay up later so I can get some time with them.  We usually have the kids in bed before 11pm but C1 and C3 are night owls. C2 no matter what will be out by 10:30pm even if he had a late nap, he will be out at that time for sure.  C4, well he changes his sleep pattern sometimes. But it's nice to have the kids up late. If they went to bed earlier times like a lot of the standing school kids did, then I would hardly ever see them.

I know some parents work crazy hours like me and still don't get to see their kids.  Some parents who work weird job schedules and have the kids going to sleep early amaze me.  I know work those schedules because they have to, but I couldn't do it. Work those hours and not see the kids when I got home.  Yeah its crazy, loud, and the kids wear me out in just a few hours but that is my kids time and I have no other time with them during the week.

One local radio personality last week tweeting about her two year old being ready for bed at 7pm and that is when I had to ask her if it was from her crazy early radio station schedule or her babies age, and for her it was the babies age.  Time staggered from parents I talk to on twitter.  Some from having to be ready for a daycare or a bus stop.  Some who just wake up early like 6am so they go to bed early.  I did talk to one parent in twitter who said even though her husband works full time and has a music career too, he works some long hours and the kids still go to bed early. I couldn't do that, it would drive me to tears. I couldn't imagine working that long and hard and even loving what I do, yet be away from the kids that much.

I already miss breakfast and dinner with the family and I am really jealous of those that get to eat with their kids. I know that the breakfast-dinner table can be crazy at times, but I love those times.  I sit here and think about the funny conversations and looks and just miss it.

It makes me think if parents missing out on certain children's activities and time with the kids is a reason that some of them homeschool.  Giving those parents and kids more time together when one of the parents might work extended hours.

What is the reason behind your child's bedtime?

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Are You Eating Kentucky Fried Chicken....KFC Fresh?

This Daddy's Blog


Fridays Final Thoughts is where I post my thoughts about stuff that has happened over the course of the week or things that I have planned for the weekend.  Well this week I saw some tweets and they made me laugh.  No, not because they were funny, but because of how gross and disgusting the product the people were tweeting about.
I saw people tweeting and using the hashtag #KFCFresh.  They were talking about how great Kentucky Fried Chicken is and how they were making it fresh and they actual tweeter's were making the chicken and then eating it.  One example actually talked about how they were eating a KFC Chicken Pot Pie. OK that is when I got sick. KFC's Chicken Pot Pie has got to be one of the most disgusting things throw together.  Does anyone even realize that Colonel Sander may have actually died from eating his own chicken?  Do you not ever wonder why it's called a SECRET recipe?  They don't want you to know what's actually in the food you are buying. Kentucky Fired Crap = KFC.
In the book "Eat This Not That" it lays out what is in the KFC Chicken Pot Pie. Whats in that KFC Chicken Pot Pie? Check this out and then say you still want to go eat one.  82 ingredients in a chicken pot pie. 80 friggen 2.  WOW.

Lets get back to the whole big picture of Kentucky Fried Chicken and why they are a nasty place to eat.  I don't eat there to begin with but this morning on Good Morning America I saw a commercial for them. Talking about how fresh their food is. Yeah right.  Then I see boxes of chicken coming off the delivery truck and the boxes are labeled with

Now this is disturbing for a reason.  Last year T and I watched the life changing documentary Food Inc. and we saw some nasty things. One of the biggest things we took away from Food Inc. was how bad certain companies treat their animals and one of them was Tyson.  The way that Tyson and the people that run the chicken houses for Tyson treat the chickens is just so wrong. They are not the only one, but when I saw the Tyson logo on that box in the KFC commercial this morning I looked at T and we just laughed since all those #KFCFresh tweets talked about how fresh and great the KFC product was.

I hope that if you have not seen the Food Inc. documentary you will. Take the time. Even if you don't change how you eat, at least know what you are eating.  The Eat This Not That books are great too for just telling you what you are eating and what is better.  Have fast food chicken but if you are going to eat KFC the book will tell you to go the extra five minutes and go to (insert place) for better quality chicken. 

So I guess after blasting the #KFCFresh with facts on twitter, one of the ladies that was doing the #KFCFresh cooking thing decided to unfollow me. I think that is pretty funny. I don't mind. I actually love that. I think it is so amazing what people - bloggers will do for a free product. A free lunch or dinner.  I am not going to do a review on a product that I wont use or cant endorse. No way. And if you ask me to do some review on Kentucky Fired Chicken and the freshness of the product and how its made, sorry. Just cant do it. I'm calling bulls**t on you. Sell yourself out for some bad product and bogus a$$ stuff.

So after this little post, do you feel even a little more informed?  Did you already know how bad KFC and the food was?  Did you know HOW bad the food was?  We all know fast food isn't good for us, but did you ever even think about what you are eating or what you are letting your kids eat?

#KFCFresh (hashtag on twitter) isn't so fresh. But they must have a hell of a sales team to get people to buy into that.

Think about what you eat before you eat this weekend. That is all I am saying and asking!

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pill for Obesity...Are we giving up that easy.

So here we are near Atlanta and its late February and the weather is great. Highs in the 60's and some days even in the 70's.  I was already thinking about how its great to have nice weather this time of year when it is still usually cooler outside.  Give the kids and even some adults the chance to get outside more and run and play and exercise.  Isn't that what having nice weather does to people, makes them want to go outside and do something?

Brings me to the article I was just browsing. US Advisers back experimental obesity pill ? Really, is this what we need?  More pills?  I can go off in so many different directions regarding this.  The government is going to make more money off an obesity pill.  I know there might be some people that may need a pill for obesity, but seriously are we not just giving people the easy way out.  Will some obese people not even try to get healthy on their own. Eating better and exercise. What if they are obese from another medical condition and this pill has a bad side effect that harms them?

We have pills for everything. Some people take pill,  just because they are told to take them and they never do any research on them. Why do we let doctors and government officials take control of our bodies and what we put into them. I still cant get over it, an obesity pill. I am by no means near being obese so I cant speak from first hand experience but I have seen obese people at my gym work hard and lose weight.  I have seen obese people eat better and lose weight.  I have also seen non obese people take pills and weight loss supplements and get sick and sometimes die from them.  Do you think the trainers on the show The Biggest Loser are in favor of a obesity pill?  They work hard to get those people in better shape and live a healthier lifestyle. In a natural way.

I think the biggest point I want to try and make is about children and how this may affect them in the future.  Who is this drug available for?  Kid and adults?  Just adults?  Is this going to make it OK for kids to just sit back and become obese or stay obese and then just pop a pill for it.  Will parents of obese children just let them take a pill and not even see if there are any other problems the child has that is causing them to be obese.

We are already living in a society that has the biggest obesity problem ever.

In my opinion this pill is making it easier and giving people the easy way out.

Lets not fall back on drugs. Lets not let pills take over the role of hard work and effort.

Kiss The baby



Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Breastfeeding in Public....Perfect Time for a Nurse In

So being that today is Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras I thought that today would be a great day to do another blog post about breastfeeding in public, since the two seem to go hand in hand right?  Women showing boobs for beads from drunken men and others and moms breastfeeding babies and young ones in public for.....wait, they actually don't have anything in common.  The first is considered to be a sexual activity and the second is an act of feeding a child.  But yet there are still people out there, here and everywhere that see breastfeeding in public as a "gross", "dirty", "obscene" act, and there are many many more words that some people use to describe the act of breastfeeding in public.  Some people would put breastfeeding in public in the same category as showing your boobs during Mardi Gras.  Me, the father of four and husband to a woman that breastfed all three and is still breastfeeding our youngest as he nears the age of three, I can refer to breastfeeding in public as "eating", "needed", "necessity" and most of all to the mother and the baby "beautiful". 

Jacky from Mummies Nummies sent me an email a few weeks ago. She remembered that T and I were very active in the Forest Park Breastfeeding in Public battle that took place and I wrote about it a lot and T and the kids along with so many other parents and kids went and held a "Nurse In" in Forest Park and got a potential ruling changed that would have stopped the rights of moms to breastfeed children in public.  It worked. The Nurse In worked and I felt like my blog was a huge part of that and T going with the kids was part of a huge showing of support to all the moms and kids.

Well Jacky must of thought that I was a big influence too, because she asked me in the email if I would be willing to help spread the word about the upcoming Georgia Statewide Nurse In.  I didn't have to even think twice about it. The Nurse In which is being held March 5, 2012 from 10am -12pm, is designed to help educate others as to why there are certain laws in place allowing moms to be able to feed their children in public from a breast and not be asked to go elsewhere.

People have said "Go breastfeed your child in the bathroom" ? Really, would that same person eat their food in a restroom?  "Can you go to a changing room in the store?" Would that person like to have a snack in a changing room at a mall or shopping store?  And this one too, "Cant she just cover up?"  Well, I'm sure she would if she wanted to, but a mom doesn't have too.  These are just a few examples of what moms hear and see other moms go through and to me, that is where your crime is. I believe the crime is not in others having an opinion on matters, but when other try to tell you how, where, and when you can and should feed your baby is wrong.

I'm not a mom, never will be.  I don't know how hard it is for women to handle this.  I do know from first hand experience that when a wife calls up her husband from the local Atlanta Zoo and says "A security officer told me I couldn't breastfeed here and I had to move" it pissed me off and from that point on I made it my goal to be a husband and dad that not only supports his wife and her choices and stands beside her too. I made it my personal goal to try and be a dad that educate everyone on the importance of a woman's right to breastfeed in public, even if a person finds it to be obscene or whatever, its still the woman's right to feed her baby in whatever way she chooses.

I am going to be pushing this until the very minute it starts.  I am going to continue to be that dad that fights for that right for moms to breastfeed in public and not get stares, glares, hear nasty rude comments from others.  I am going to ask my friends (OK, they are not really my friends, but lets pretend) Bert, Carl, Tracey and the other members of the The Bert Show to help me spread the word about this upcoming event in March. Bert has said that "If people have an idea for the show they need to come in and be brave enough to be shot down or accepted", well I would even do that if given the chance. I know The Bert Shows - Berts Big Adventure is just one way they show they care about kids. I want to see if I can get them to help with this too. Just to help get the word and promote education about this subject and passion that so many moms and even dads have.

I am going to tweet and link so many people on this post. I want the Atlanta location down at the Capital Building on Washington Street to be filled with moms and kids and I want some public breastfeeding going on and I want people that don't like it to learn to accept it and at least understand that it is the woman right to feed her child and it is the babies right to eat off of the breast in public.

Thank you Jacky for the email and I am glad to help promote this in any way.

Kiss The Baby




Monday, February 20, 2012

She Thinks My Tractor Is Sexy

I'm an idiot. Most of the time. And when it comes to fixing things there are somethings that I can fix with no issues and then there are somethings that I just cant figure out.  Sometimes it takes me a while to learn and I get frustrated and irritated and mad. Throw stuff, break things, hit things, kick too.  But this weekend much to my surprise, things went a little bit different.

Being that the weather is going through the warming and cooling trends, I decided to get the riding mower out and service it.  This is the first time I have ever done this. I have had the riding mower for years and have never changed anything but the blades.  I know, way too over do, but it ran great last summer, but it was time for an experience.

So I did something that I don't normally do. I actually went down to the garage, looked at the model number and got the info off of the mower and then went upstairs, got on the computer and found out exactly what I needed. Better to be smart than sorry. I got my list of things I needed to service the mover and then I was off to.......the store I dislike almost as much as WalMart.  Home Depot.  Side story for another day, but Home Depot has the worst customer service. Just see for yourself. As I was standing there trying to find something right near these two ass clowns

But anyways.  I got the parts I needed on my own and then went home to begin my first ever riding mower service experience. Besides the fact that it took me and a super huge pair of pliers to get the oil filter off, I did. I replaced the air filter (easy), I drained the old oil (easy), drained the old gas (easy) and then I changed the fuel filter (easy).  I put the new oil filter back on and thought to myself that this was way too easy.  Yep it was.  I took the oil filter back off, because I forgot to put oil inside of the actual filter. Color me a dummy. So I filled the new oil filter up, let it soak the oil up, added a little bit more and then reapplied the new filter. I then put some oil in the whatever its called, you know where the dipstick goes.  Thought I was all done. Nope.  Forgot about the.....

Flat tubeless tire on the front of the mower.  No problem, I have a jump box.  I hooked it up and started blowing the tire up and let it go for a nice bit. Problem. The tire is not holding air. Its a tubeless tire when means all that has to be done is fit tire around rim and blow up. Wasn't working.  Guess I will have to get a new tire this week and try that before I can test out the handy work of my newly serviced riding lawn mower.

After I get my mower tire fixed and its ready to go, I will be blasting Kenny Chesney's "She Thinks My Tractors Sexy" as T watches out the window and I mow the grass looking like the super fine stud that I am.

Kiss The Baby




Friday, February 17, 2012

Fridays Final Thoughts 2-17-12.....

This Daddy's Blog


Another Friday is here and that is always a great thing.  I'm ready for a Friday.  I look forward to the weekends. Being around the kids is always fun. Sometimes, well most of the times crazy, but always fun. I love being with T too. We don't get to talk or love on each other too much during the week. After her long days of taking care of four kids, she really doesn't like for me to attack her during the week with hugs and kisses.  So I just annoy the shit out of her on the weekends.

I think its about that time

I have been thinking about making my blog private.  I made my twitter private due to some sneaky nosey people and then some people wanting to steal and reuse avatars.  I have some things that are going on in my personal life that I would love to blog about but cant at this point.  So if and when I decide to make it private, it may only be for a while, but I will ask that you send me your email address so I can send the invite to you. I think that is how its done. Oh well, we will see, but I will let you know. That way if your a close follower and been following for years, you can follow the journey.

I am a person that needs that constant motivation in life no matter what it is. I don't know why.  I always need that "In Your Face" to get shit done. But I am learning that having that doesn't get "It" done. No one can make me do what I want "Done" unless "I DO IT".  I have to "Want It" and trust me, I want it and I am going to get it this time.

Whether it be in the gym, at home or anywhere else there are times when a "In Your Face" person will do the trick and then sometimes you just need to handle it on your own. And when I say "YOU" in this post, I am really talking about "ME".

Its just all about time and change. And I am going to take the time to make the change. 

Have a great weekend and love and enjoy your kids.

Kiss The Baby




Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Toddlers and Tiaras. Sick, Disgusting and Harmful

I want to start this post off by admitting that I watch some pretty messed up shows on TV. This is not a post to make fun of people for watching certain shows.  Everyone has different taste.  I watch shows like the Bachelor (often degrades women and shows men to be pigs), Amazing Race (sometimes shows how we Americans can be rude to others in their Countries) and those are just a couple of many that I watch.  So trust me I cant knock you people for watching certain shows, but I can knock the shows.

That brings me to a post I read the other day by Amy at Mom Spark about this subject and I wanted to blog about it too. So if you have a moment or twelve (I'm long winded) read hers and mine and lets discuss it.

What I do want to do is talk about how disgusted and sickened and saddened I am by a certain show on TV. TLC's Toddlers and Tiaras this show makes me so sick to my stomach. I have never and I will never watch a minute of this show.  You, TLC, nobody could physically force me to view that show. There are plenty of reality shows with children on them and there have been before and there will be more in the future.  But have you looked at those KIDS?  Looks at those KIDS and then look at YOUR KIDS.

I want to try and break this into some different parts here. I know I'm going to get hammered by some readers for this and that's OK. Everyone is different. 

These LITTLE girls on Toddlers and Tiaras are not looking like little girls. They are looking like plastic made up dolls and to me (in my opinion) that just isn't right. Look at some of the pictures (if you can stomach it) on the link above or on the Facebook page Facebook-Toddlers and Tiaras. First I wouldn't want my daughter to look like that. That isn't natural. I mean all that makeup isn't natural on an adult why would it be OK on a kid. And yeah, maybe the kids enjoy all of that dressing up and being in pageants but to that extreme? (I know, its the same as kids in sports too). Cant those little girls enjoy being little girls without the pressure of having to win and act grown up and walk a certain way, talk a certain way, perform to standards that are set by who?

Brings me to my next point.  The Moms and Dads.  Pageant Moms and Dads.  Is it more moms or are there dads that are pushing this too?  All you really see in the media are the moms that push the girls to be great and look great.  Why are they doing this. Was the mom a failure as a pageant child in the past?  Was the mom ugly as a child?  I often think (even in sports) that parents are trying to live and recreate their lives through their kids lives. Is that what these crazy moms are doing? Have you seen cut throat way some of these moms act?  (Reminds me of the mom that killed the cheerleader so her daughter could have a spot on the squad) 

Next point. We all know this is a tough topic to handle. We all know that with the media, twitter, Facebook, TV shows and even yes..public open events that there is going to be a lot of attention to these kid pageant events.  Everyone knows that child predators are out and about.  We also know that there are some sick people in the world that use the media to view children in ugly manners.  Doesn't anyone other than myself think that the false beautification of these little girls may be helping and leading these sick perverts into other areas of seeing these children and maybe even possibly doing worse?

Do young children, boys or girls need to be dressed up in such a manner that it makes them look so much older than they really are. Does anyone remember the photo of the little girl in the Julia Roberts Pretty Woman costume? Seriously, a little girl in a hooker costume?  What about a little boy in a tux that has to go fake bake and has so much gel in his hair that it doesn't move.  Why do the kids have to go get their teeth whitened and fake lashes and all that crazy stuff?

Cant a little child just dress up and play at home and sit in the make believe kitchen and sip tea and pretend to hide from the pirates and get saved by the fireman or policeman? Cant we keep the whole dressing up the kids for playtime an innocent thing?

I cant really call for a boycott of a show that I think is sick and disgusting when I watch shows that are sick and disgusting in other way.  I may be no better in the way that I push my kids to be smarter, better learners and thinkers.  Maybe I push my kids to be the absolute best Lego builders in the country.  Maybe if I push them into the elite class of Lego builders they can get into Ga. Tech and become Master Engineers?

But I think this show in particular is such a bad. I think its a bad idea. I think its bad for the kids, I think the parents (moms and dads) are doing it for the wrong reasons and I think more harm than good will come from this show.

Now I know I may have some supporters and I'm sure I will get beat down by some of you, so put the gloves on get to your corner and come out swinging.

Kiss the Baby



Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On This Valentines Day, To You T...I Give the Gift of Song (and Video)


T and I don't buy anything for each other for Valentines Day. She knows I love her and I love her with all my heart.  I know she loves me too.

I wanted to do something sweet for T so I decided to sing a few songs for her and video them. I do have to say that the songs I sang, I did not write them or perform the music,  I simply covered them. And also note that the women singing with me were not in the car with me at any point.

So this is the first one.

Jason Mraz Me and Colbie Caillat

Hope you enjoyed that.
Now for my next dedication to T, I wanted
to go to a classic from a Disney Movie.

Beauty and The Beast
Peabo Bryson Me and Celine Dion

So Happy Valentines to T.
You are my life and you are
In My Heart forever.

*The car was not moving when
music videos were being made.

Kiss The Baby



Monday, February 13, 2012

This Daddys Advice on How To Treat Your "Loved One"

This is my advice post for all of you. Men, Women, Husbands, Wives, Partners of any kind.  The good thing about my advice...Sometimes I do know what I'm talking about, and this is one of those times.

We all know what tomorrow is. That's right, Valentines Day. The one day a year where we go above and beyond trying to make our loved ones feel so special. Try to make them feel like they are one in a million. But you know what, its all bullshit. I truly believe that it is all a bunch of shit. If Valentines Day is the day we dedicate to show our special ones we love them, what are the other days of the year? Just days we show them that we tolerate them?  Days to tell them we love you but not as much as the day in February.  Hey let me shower you with gifts and all kinds of material items but the rest of the year, well I'm just going to give you the basic I love you and here is a kiss to go along with that for good measure.

So what is the real meaning of Valentines Day?  In my opinion, its just another day that companies like to make a profit off of you and I and anyone else that gets suckered into spending money like it grows on trees.  I see this quote un quote holiday different than I do other ones. This day is suppose to be about love. Well if spending money and giving material items to your "loved one" is what you call love then you are on the right track. Go to the many different stores and buy your bears, candy, roses, jewelry, lingerie, and anything else you can think of.

Rows and rows of stuff to buy.  See this stuff is great for the kids. (NOT THE CANDY) Getting the little cards with Snoopy and other characters to hand out to friends and family, that is fun for kids.  Its all fine and well to get your kids some stuff and put it in cute little containers and celebrate with them. Some chocolates (plain with no dyes) like Hershey kisses or something plain like that.  The kids can have the fun days and trade Valentines Day cards and crafts and things of that nature.  That is fun for them.

The problem I have with it all is when you show up or send this entire package to your "loved one".  Maybe you send the ring, necklace or whatever.  Every kiss begins with K (Kay Jewelers) my ass.  Every kiss begins with a simple, kind and sweet gesture from one to another. 

 Valentines' Day is a multi-billion-dollar business. Find out where your money goes in today's GoFigure infographic.

In that graph above you see all kinds of numbers and money figures and dollar signs.  You see percentages of who does this and who does that.  Let me ask this...Did anyone see any mention in that graph of anything that has to do with a simple kiss or hug?  A kind offering to make the bed or let the wife sleep in.  A mention of a spouse doing something different than they normally do?  No you didn't!

Instead of making Valentines Day a bigger than life day to show your "loved one" that you love them, why don't we do that every day?  Show your spouse or significant other that you love the daily by doing things that actually make a difference.  For me personally, there is no gift in any store that can make T smile or love me more than she already does.  There is not a single thing I could buy that would put a smile on her face.  I try and notice I said try, to do things every day that can make a difference in her life and I try to do the little things that show her and remind her that I love her each and every day, not just on February 14th.  It goes back to that 15 minutes a night. I help do what I can for a bare minimum 15 minutes. Dishes, clean, laundry, brush teeth, whatever it is.  She appreciates that even more.

Put thought into what you do for the one you love. Don't just go out and buy something.  Now the kids are giving T a necklace that has the kids names on it. She knows about it, she is the one that found a deal and used some special coupon and the kids will be excited to give her that and they will see the joy in T's face from that gesture. Kids don't know better unless they are told and we will let the kids enjoy this part of it.

Me, well I will kiss her in the morning. I will text her, tweet her, call her and tell her I love her.  I will rub her head, back, feet, and sit and talk and laugh with her and then before we go to bed, I will once again tell her I love her and kiss her and tell her to sleep good like I do every night.  But the difference is, instead of just trying to treat my wife like she is the most important person on the Earth for just that one day, I'm trying to do that everyday.  I'm trying to make each and every day Valentines Day.

Try something different.

Kiss the Baby




Friday, February 10, 2012

Fridays Final Thoughts 2-10-12...Me, My Daughter, Music and A Lesson.

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Friday is here and this is where I usually post about my thoughts of the week or something that makes my small mind tick a little bit. 

Today I am just going to tell you about a little conversation that I had with a pretty special girl in my life last night at bedtime.  My 5 year old C3.  I love her so much, my only daughter. One of the things that she told me she loves about me is my music. I am a music lover and I always sing to her and play songs for her.  We sing them together and smile and laugh together.  I do this at night before bed so she can go off to sleep in a great mood knowing daddy listened to some of what I call "Our Songs"

So last night we listened to a few songs and this was one of them
Bruno Mars - Just the Way You Are

Now I know and you know the song pretty much is talking about physical appearance, but you can read more into it and I actually do read more into it.  And last night I got the chance to to talk to C3 about it and I think she may have learned a lot from our talk last night.

After the song, I asked my five year old daughter if she knew what the song meant.  Her response to me was "It means I'm beautiful and I'm your Princess".  At that point I knew I wanted to try and give her some deeper meaning to it all. She is pretty damn smart and I knew if I took a minute to explain it too her she might see the deeper meaning I wanted her to see.

I told her "Honey, you will always be my Princess and yes you are beautiful.  But I think what the song is trying to say is that you should always be yourself and never change for anyone.  You are amazing being who you are." She looked at me and smiled and I knew she was getting it. So I went a little further.  "You are a smart girl, learning fast and catching on. You are amazing in that way.  Never let someone tell you that you cant do something."  I also told her "You know how you like to do crazy things and climb walls and climb trees, I just ask you to be careful, but never stop doing the crazy stuff that makes you who you are." "Be yourself and you will be great!"  Then we listened to one more song and I told her music is better when you close your eyes and just listen and use your imagination...

I know that some many things in life are based on looks and appearance and so on, but I want to do my part to teach my daughter that no matter what, she can be strong, independent, smart, crazy, beautiful or not and as long as she is true to herself and stays just the way she is she can do anything she wants to in her life.

But C3 if you read this years down the road, understand that no matter what you do, no matter what happens, there is nothing in this life or any life that can take the fact away that you will always be my little girl and my princess. I love you baby. And thanks for being the only one in the house that appreciates my horrible singing yet still loves it when it I sing to you.

Kiss The Baby




Thursday, February 9, 2012

Im Sexy and I know it..Or I thought I was..

I think that we may have all done some things in the past the we kind of look back on and regret.  Maybe we did something and now that we are older and wiser it was not so smart of us to do.  I have one of those moments. Yeah, ready for this.

Years ago before having kids and our marriage was fresh and new, I thought I would do something crazy for T and maybe she would like it, maybe not. Only one way to find out.

I was in somewhat better shape than I am now ( a lot better) so I thought I would take some pictures of myself in our bed in my "I'm Sexy And I Know It" clothes.  My PO-DO clothes, yeah nothing. No clothes, bare, buff, naked, birthday suit.  So the pictures were done.  T wasn't impressed, probably laughed at me if I remember correctly, but at the end of the day it wasn't something she was really interested in.

So years go by. Years. We have a couple kids, the nice camera of T's is used for taking pictures of the kids, photos get put on a computer, get edited and time goes by. You know what happens as time goes by with your computer right?  It gets filled with information and pictures and it eventually needs to be cleaned out.......

Bring in this guy who I work with who more than a few people believe is gay.  I don't know if he is or not, I don't care if he is or not, I have know him for 10 years and he is a good dude.  Maybe a little clue was when he showed up to our house one day and his shirt said "Toot My Horn"?  Anyways..

This guy works on computers.  I took the hard drive to him (not that- the computer) and he said he would clean it up and fix it, make it run faster and would do it for free. (Wow, this all sounds so dirty).  He called me over the weekend he was fixing it and said he had it cleaned up but the last thing he was wondering about was all the pictures.  I told him to keep all the pictures.  Assuming that it was only pictures of the kids.

Ahhh, nice to have the computer back. Hook it up, running faster, cleaned up, he put some protection on the hard we have a better working computer.  First thing I decide to do is look at the pictures and see what shots of the kids we have.  I'm saying to myself.."These are nice", "Good Shot there" "Wow, T takes great pictures of the kids"..Then it happens.

HOLY SHIT. Now I'm yelling from downstairs to T, about these pictures that are on the computer STILL. I'm laughing and crying at the same time.  I have naked pictures on the computer that a guy just fixed, a guy that works with me, and a guy that I think is gay.  WTF man.  Oh lord. I go upstairs and I am telling T that the pics I took a long time ago are still on the computer and what if he saw them. Now she is laughing. Laughing at me. I'm an idiot. An idiot that has naked pictures on a computer that was looked at and fixed by a suspected gay guy. Not even a good looking gay guy. Teeth falling out, bad breath, not the type of gay guy that I would want looking at my naked pictures.  Does that even sound right?

Well six or so years later, I still work with the guy and he has never said anything, I sure the hell haven't, it hasn't come up and I don't plan on letting it. Lesson learned the hard (drive) way.

Kiss the Baby



Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Really? Why do we treat our women so poorly? Bitches?

I'm a man. 100% Man.  I'm a husband.  I'm a father.  I'm a son.  And I will say it again, I'm 100% all Male.  I was raised by mom and grandmother and grandfather, until I was 10 years old and then my mom got married and I had another male role model in my life.  From these four people, two males and two females that were raising me, I learned from a very early age how to treat women..


Now I have gone through my years of being an ass and talking and saying nasty things, but I can remember from the moment that I met my wife she stopped me from saying things about women that I wouldn't probably say to a woman's face, like her, my mom and or her mom.

Why is it that in society it seems that it is OK to call women "Bitch" or "Bitches" or "Whores" and I mean there is a list a mile long of terms and names that men and women both use. Skank, Hussy, Slut, and the list goes on. I think that it is rude and disrespectful for a man to talk to or about a woman like that.  Now women do it to and women talk and say things about men also, but I am talking today about what I think there is a lack of in today's society and that is a lack of RESPECT FOR WOMEN.

I was in a heated debate on twitter this morning about the whole Gisele comment that she made after the game and how she shouldn't have said it and she was wrong and all this and that. Her comments may have been wrong, ill advised and badly timed but she is the wife of the QB and she is sticking up for her man, just like all of us husbands would want our woman to do. Does that give a player of the NY Giants Brandon Jacobs the right to say for her to "Stay Pretty and Shut Up"? Never mind the harassing fans yelling at her and getting in her face, that is rude and uncalled for as well.

Is it a manly thing to do to talk shit to a woman?  Call her names?  Harass a woman in any way?  That is not cool. It doesn't make you look like a man to do that stuff. Is it cool to have it in our TV shows, movies, media, music?  I don't think so. Why do we want our women demeaned?

So back to the twitter debate, so one of the umm, lightly used term here gentlemen I was having a discussion with went from the woman being wrong to say what she said to basically her having to know her role and referring to her and other women as bitches.


Is this really what we want the men of our society doing. Talking down to and calling women names?  I don't think so. I don't agree with this at all. Its fine to disagree and talk shit, but it can be done without calling and referring to women in this manner.  Men want to talk to men like that, fine whatever handle your business.  Women want to handle their business in the same way, cool.. got for it ladies, but my stance is that a MAN a REAL MAN doesn't talk to a woman like this.  Would this guy call his mom, wife, sister, daughter a "Bitch"?
Didn't Jay-Z just come out and say that he was going to stop calling women bitches since the birth of his daughter?  Is that what it takes?
I got some news for you too, you talk to my wife or daughter in that manner and I'm around to hear it or hear of it and can get my hands on are in for a time.  I'm saying it and I'm sticking by it. I don't call your ladies any of those words so keep my special ladies out of your mouth. That is how I feel about it.
Does Man not recall that the women spent hours on an uncomfortable bed pushing and screaming to give birth to us.  Does Man not remember that woman feeding us and taking care of us while we were young.  Does Man need to be reminded that a woman loves him and works with and for him to keep a house, car, family afloat?  And does Man look at his daughter and feel that he can use those phrases and have them be meant for her?
I'm asking for the men to be REAL MEN and stick up for and stand by your women. That is what we do. That is what I do. Not because I don't have balls, not because I'm weak and inferior, but because I love my wife and daughter and I refuse to let them be subject to that kind of behavior.
I may not have gotten it all out and it may not have come across the way I am wanted. I hope you all understand that I am tired of the way men treat women. Period.
Who is with me to help create a path of change?

Kiss The Baby



Monday, February 6, 2012

Im not a Virgin Anymore......At the Gun Range that is...

And it's all Michael's fault..  lol 

There is a guy that T and I started talking to on twitter close to a year ago and now we chat all the time. His name is Michael and he and his wife live kind of close to us.  I decided that for T's little brother Ethan who turned 15 on Saturday, I would try and do something different for him. Well his is into the video games and airsoft guns and stuff like that, so I thought it would be perfect for us to go to a shooting range.  After that idea popped into my head the first person I thought of was Michael.

I had never met Michael before Sunday. Let me tell you that he is a first class guy. Nice as can be.  When we met him at the range, he was very helpful. Basically a teacher of the art of caring for, handling, loading, unloading and using the gun.  I learned so much from him. I really did. I think Ethan learned a lot too. 

So on the way to go to the shooting range, I had to get myself pumped up and in game mode. Like I was preparing for my own Super Bowl and it was my first time, so I didn't want to be nervous. I had to do what I do in the car and get a little ready.

Me getting pumped up

Here are the pictures that show some of the fun we all had.

This is where we went. Very nice place.

Michael is damn Jack Bauer.

Dude was tearing up the targets.

Very sharp shooter. He was nailing
targets where it counts.

Ethan with this big bad boy
had a little trouble with it.

Ethan had an easier time with this gun.

Me and this bad ass gun.
Wasn't easy.

This target was far away.
(for me)

I did hit one right in the center of the bulls eye though.

Shooting my gun....finally.

I got better as I went along.

Started to get my confidence up.

And then with the target a beginners
15 feet away, I had some good shots
and felt like I did a good job.

Here are a few video clips of us at the range.
Michael, Ethan and myself.


Again, a huge thanks to Michael. I had the best time and I learned so much. I really did. He was so patient and he didn't seem bothered by all of our questions and I felt bad cause it seemed like he didn't get to do as much as he would normally do.  The rush, the excitement of doing that was so awesome and I actually cant wait to go back again.

And since Michael took me out to the range I do believe that he and T now discussed T taking his wife out shopping.  More to come on that shopping trip soon..Very Soon.

Michael, it was a great pleasure meeting you for the first time and I hope we get to do more stuff in the future. Thanks again.

I wonder if I scared off a new friend?  lol

Kiss the Baby



Daddy - Daughter Date Night. The Light of My Life.

I have been on a few dates in my life but none of them compare to the date I had Saturday night.

Saturday night was the second date night I have had with C3.

Chick-Fil-A holds a Daddy-Daughter Date Night and I love taking her and she loves going.

So we got to the mall where the Chick-Fil-A is and our dinner reservation wasn't until 6:30pm, so we decided to go walking around and do some window shopping. We went into stores looking for me some running shoes and she was very helpful.  We looked in some clothing stores that she wanted to go into and looked around. Last year on our Daddy-Daughter Date Night she wanted to go dancing.  Well last year she got sick and we couldn't do that. This year, I had a plan....We would dance, no matter where or how, but we would dance. And we did.

Daddy - Daughter Dancing

Then after we danced we went over to the Chick-Fil-A and I slipped the lady a $50 to get us in earlier.  I do stuff like that for my C3. She was ready to eat, so I got us our table.

And so it began

C3 was escorted to the eating area

We had our photo taken

We got to our special table 

We had a book to read with questions
to learn more about each other

Someone was excited and ready

She lights up my life

Our joke of the night. She couldn't blow
out the candle. Well she did.

Then I took her to ride the train.
She was the only one on it
and got to ring the bell the entire time.

We had such a great time and I loved taking her to do something that we can share. Just me and my Princess.  And just so everyone knows how sweet C3 is, since we had ice cream after our meal she decided to save and give the three Hershey kisses to her three brothers. My sweetie.

And she didn't get sick. Winner night all across the board.

Kiss The Baby.


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