Friday, February 10, 2012

Fridays Final Thoughts 2-10-12...Me, My Daughter, Music and A Lesson.

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Friday is here and this is where I usually post about my thoughts of the week or something that makes my small mind tick a little bit. 

Today I am just going to tell you about a little conversation that I had with a pretty special girl in my life last night at bedtime.  My 5 year old C3.  I love her so much, my only daughter. One of the things that she told me she loves about me is my music. I am a music lover and I always sing to her and play songs for her.  We sing them together and smile and laugh together.  I do this at night before bed so she can go off to sleep in a great mood knowing daddy listened to some of what I call "Our Songs"

So last night we listened to a few songs and this was one of them
Bruno Mars - Just the Way You Are

Now I know and you know the song pretty much is talking about physical appearance, but you can read more into it and I actually do read more into it.  And last night I got the chance to to talk to C3 about it and I think she may have learned a lot from our talk last night.

After the song, I asked my five year old daughter if she knew what the song meant.  Her response to me was "It means I'm beautiful and I'm your Princess".  At that point I knew I wanted to try and give her some deeper meaning to it all. She is pretty damn smart and I knew if I took a minute to explain it too her she might see the deeper meaning I wanted her to see.

I told her "Honey, you will always be my Princess and yes you are beautiful.  But I think what the song is trying to say is that you should always be yourself and never change for anyone.  You are amazing being who you are." She looked at me and smiled and I knew she was getting it. So I went a little further.  "You are a smart girl, learning fast and catching on. You are amazing in that way.  Never let someone tell you that you cant do something."  I also told her "You know how you like to do crazy things and climb walls and climb trees, I just ask you to be careful, but never stop doing the crazy stuff that makes you who you are." "Be yourself and you will be great!"  Then we listened to one more song and I told her music is better when you close your eyes and just listen and use your imagination...

I know that some many things in life are based on looks and appearance and so on, but I want to do my part to teach my daughter that no matter what, she can be strong, independent, smart, crazy, beautiful or not and as long as she is true to herself and stays just the way she is she can do anything she wants to in her life.

But C3 if you read this years down the road, understand that no matter what you do, no matter what happens, there is nothing in this life or any life that can take the fact away that you will always be my little girl and my princess. I love you baby. And thanks for being the only one in the house that appreciates my horrible singing yet still loves it when it I sing to you.

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Allison,  February 10, 2012 at 1:36 PM   Reply to

I used that song in my DDs 1st bday slideshow. Love the song & the deeper meaning.

Tina February 10, 2012 at 2:39 PM   Reply to

This is a wonderful post. I remember my dad first telling me the same things when I was about your daughter's age (except no singing :). He actually has had that talk with me multiple times throughout my life--before prom, before college graduation and as we were waiting to walk down the isle at my wedding. As a man of few words, that advice always stuck with me. You are a great dad and I guarantee that she will forever remember your advice and will always try to be true to herself.

Tina,  February 10, 2012 at 2:41 PM   Reply to

Sorry for the typo, supposed to be *aisle

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