Friday, February 17, 2012

Fridays Final Thoughts 2-17-12.....

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Another Friday is here and that is always a great thing.  I'm ready for a Friday.  I look forward to the weekends. Being around the kids is always fun. Sometimes, well most of the times crazy, but always fun. I love being with T too. We don't get to talk or love on each other too much during the week. After her long days of taking care of four kids, she really doesn't like for me to attack her during the week with hugs and kisses.  So I just annoy the shit out of her on the weekends.

I think its about that time

I have been thinking about making my blog private.  I made my twitter private due to some sneaky nosey people and then some people wanting to steal and reuse avatars.  I have some things that are going on in my personal life that I would love to blog about but cant at this point.  So if and when I decide to make it private, it may only be for a while, but I will ask that you send me your email address so I can send the invite to you. I think that is how its done. Oh well, we will see, but I will let you know. That way if your a close follower and been following for years, you can follow the journey.

I am a person that needs that constant motivation in life no matter what it is. I don't know why.  I always need that "In Your Face" to get shit done. But I am learning that having that doesn't get "It" done. No one can make me do what I want "Done" unless "I DO IT".  I have to "Want It" and trust me, I want it and I am going to get it this time.

Whether it be in the gym, at home or anywhere else there are times when a "In Your Face" person will do the trick and then sometimes you just need to handle it on your own. And when I say "YOU" in this post, I am really talking about "ME".

Its just all about time and change. And I am going to take the time to make the change. 

Have a great weekend and love and enjoy your kids.

Kiss The Baby



Anonymous,  February 19, 2012 at 5:08 PM   Reply to

Hi Scott,

Going private? Don't forget about me! I only follow several blogs, the ones I have linked on my blog; yours is at the top.

Sorry if you've been having trouble, you don't deserve it.

Please keep me informed, I think you have me email.

Remember, the pen is mightier that the sword!

Keep writing,
Mark L.

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