Friday, February 3, 2012

Fridays Final Thoughts 2-3-2012 Im doing this and that and a little more of that.

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I am so excited for this weekend. So much to do and I'm so worried that it is going to fly by but, I'm going to enjoy it no matter what.

Tonight. I have some personal homework that I need to do and I will also be catching up on some dvr shows and a couple dvr movies to watch.

Redbox also has probably five or six movies minimum that I would like to see. So I will be a movie watching fool this weekend.

T has a consignment sale coming up soon, so I need to get out the tubs of summer clothes and get that stuff ready. If you like good clothes and we have some good stuff, you better hit her up and ask her and offer a few bucks before the stuff goes to the sale or ebay. I'm telling you my wife is the ebay queen but she can be bought. Or the clothes rather can be bought. I'm not selling T.

I will be having to beat the kids off of me this weekend for sure over the lego people that I hijacked from them to make our lego family for upcoming movies. I have been asked daily for simple lego items such as hair. Yes lego hair. I'm sleeping with one eye open and lego people under my pillow.

Forget I said under the pillow and don't tell the kids.

Saturday night I am going to have a Date Night.  Just my second Date Night in the past two years. The best part about this Date Night is that it is with my little C3.  Yes, that's right, Chick Fil A is once again hosting the Daddy-Daughter Date Night and I am taking my darling out. We will eat and walk around the mall and have a good time. Last year we did this and then she got sick and threw up all over the place after and all she remembers from that night is that and the fact that we didn't get to dance. I will see if we can avoid the getting sick and maybe we can find a spot to dance. I may take her into the FYE store and since they play music we can dance there.

Sunday is going to be a great day for a few reasons.  I am taking my little brother in law Ethan and we are going to a indoor gun range and I will be shooting my gun for the first time. This will be Ethans birthday present and it will also be a gift for me. I am excited to go and learn about what I have in my house and I will finally learn and know how to use it.  I think it will be great for Ethan to learn and understand and gain respect for a powerful weapon at his age of 15, so at least he will know some safety and gun rules.  A twitter friend that T and I have talked to for so long now and actually live close to is meeting us. He is an avid gun shooter and is licensed to teach, carry and I believe sell firearms. He knows about as much as you can when it comes to guns. I am also excited to say that I will be meeting Michael for the first time.  I hope he doesn't run away after meeting me, I am kind of goofy.


Nuff Said.

The weather is suppose to be nice this weekend so if it is where you are too, get out there and enjoy it and lets get ready for some football.

Kiss The baby.



Helene February 3, 2012 at 11:40 AM   Reply to

Awww, love the idea of a Daddy-Daughter Date night. Bella and I always have our Mommy-Daughter dates and it makes me think I should encourage Tim to do something with her, as well. She's a total Daddy's girl, anyway.

Get this...I asked Tim if he wanted to watch the Superbowl and he said he was hoping to but the kids would probably get in his way and bug the crap out of him. So I offered to take the kids to the park so they could be out of his hair.

And all I could think of was, "Scott would give me a high-5 for this!"

Tracy February 3, 2012 at 12:19 PM   Reply to

You forgot 1 important thing.....


bev120 February 5, 2012 at 5:56 PM   Reply to

Ethan had a he wants a gun...

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