Monday, March 5, 2012

Better Workout...Crossfit and Im addicted to it.

I have been going to the gym for a while now. Over a year pretty steadily.  Before I was just lifting weights. Pushing, Pulling going through the random workout routines and using a trainer to try and cut my gut, some fat and also gain size in certain areas at the same time.  My gut to be gone, bigger chest, bigger arms, shoulders and back was what I was aiming for. My legs are pretty solid.  I worked hard to build up my max lift levels in the weights and kept hitting plateaus.  So I decided I wanted to try something new.

Crossfit is a strength and conditioning brand that combines weightlifting, sprinting, gymnastics, power lifting, and rowing. CrossFit contends that a person is as fit as they are proficient in each of ten general physical skills: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination, and accuracy. It defines fitness as "increased work capacity across broad time and modal domains." The CrossFit program consists of “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement."(From Wikipedia)

I have been reading and studying and learning and trying out and practicing the NEW fitness sensation that is sweeping gym rats across America off its feet.  Crossfit.  I mean it just sounds kick ass.  I have watched countless hours of YouTube videos, looked at websites, talked to many people and found out that while I am on the right track to a new and improved me, I have been doing somethings wrong and I need to change my mindset from hardcore working out with weights to hardcore training the Crossfit way.

I have had help from a few people that have really given me a hand in learning what to do and how to cross over form just lifting to actually crossfit training.  Paige (@GasFamily on Twitter) has been great and she has gone above and beyond in helping me with WOD's (WorkOut of the Day) and then I have relied on my long time friend (ok, he's not) Biggest Loser Super Trainer and Crossfit lover Bob Harper.  Bob who has so much information on His Website and then the Crossfit gym he frequents Brickcrossfit has some great info as well.  Paige has been great offering advice and passing along WOD's to make it easier for me.  She has been doing it a long time and always have great advice for me.  Bob as you know is just a guru and has become a leader in the Crossfit movement.  Check out this quick video as he goes over some things.

I have been doing this for a few months now and I have to say that I am addicted to it.  Its a huge rush. I can lift weights and feel good and pumped and at the end feel bigger, but while doing crossfit and after, I feel like I had a high impact workout.  Feels better.  You have to work out an average of 45 minutes or more to get a good high impact workout.  With Crossfit, you can get your WOD done is a little as 10 minutes. And to where you have to do a ton of exercises and lifts to get your normal workout done, all you have to do is no more than 3,4,5,6 or so exercises and maybe 304 so sets and you are done. Normally less than 30 and that is pushing it.  You one have to do one WOD.

But being that I have been lifting for a year now, it has been hard for me to change my mind set.  For example, Paige told me that I only have to do the WOD 21-15-9 each of burpees, pull ups, and squats.  I did those and was tired. Took me 30-40 minutes.  But me being me, I did a second WOD that Paige gave me and it was as many as you can in 10 minutes, 10 jumpboxes, 15 kettle ball swings, 40 jumps ropes.  I got three sets of those done in 10 minutes and I was dead tired.

I have purposely not show diagrams of the different exercises because I promise if you watch this video and learn some terms and exercises and research them on your own at YouTube and different sites, you will want to try this. You can even do a lot of this stuff at home.  Watch some of this.

This from Jim Lin aka Busy Dad Blog

"So I did Crossfit for about a year and a half. I used to do MMA/Muay Thai, and a lot of guys would do crossfit for a few months prior to fights.  Those guys always got sick strength and endurance from it. Due to a new job that I had just started, I had to find a fitness program that met at 6 in the morning. Since crossfitters are all certifiably as crazy as they are fit, there was indeed a 6am class near my home. I loved it from the first class. What I like about it is that everything you do contributes to overall body strength. You're not isolating muscles - you are simply becoming faster and stronger. To me, that's practical fitness. It also offers the perfect blend of strength and endurance training. And it's never the same thing twice. By not being able to master any one set of exercises, your body is in a constant state of adjustment. It's the adjustment that makes you stronger and stronger. Through Crossfit and a semi-strict Paleo diet (which I think is the official diet of Crossfitters), I lost 25 pounds in a few months."

You can find one of these crossfit gyms in your area. I am doing it on my own, but I do think that if you are a person that exercises or works out you should give Crossfit a try.  I am addicted to it. Funny story about it is that one of the exercises are hand stand push ups...Well it was hard enough to stand upside down and to do a push up..ummmm NO. I know I can replace that one.

Reebok is a new sponsor for Crossfit and they have a great site which is Reebok Crossfit One .  Bob does Crossfit on The Biggest Loser.  He does it on his own time. Check it out. If you have questions, go to YouTube, ask Me on twitter, Paige @GasFamily on twitter. is the main site.  And google Crossfit in your city.  Read about it.  There are so many links and sites you can find to learn about it and get started.

Crossfit, Its my new workout. It will be yours too. Beginner, less reps, advanced, high octane...It perfect for everyone.

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Rachel March 8, 2012 at 8:40 AM   Reply to

This reminds me of bootcamp and Shredders. Great combo kind of workout. Amazing how the methods have adapted over time. I don't know if I will find this in Rio but eventually it will come here :)

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