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Building Fun Times at the LegoLand Discovery Center in Atlanta.

On Sunday March 11 we were given the opportunity to go to LegoLand Discovery Center during the special advanced sneak preview that they were offering to only certain people.  Jennifer Walker who works for Brave Public Relations and the company Merlin Entertainments were kind enough to set our LegoLand at Phipps Plaza family fun day up.  Jennifer had contacted me a while back about the NEW LegoLand Discovery Center that would be opening and T and I are grateful for that.  Its safe to assume that the 4 C's had a great time too.

The moment you arrive at LegoLand Discovery Center you are greeted by warm, friendly people and legos.  I'm sure this place is going to have some massive long lines as they opened this past weekend on March 17th so having these pools of legos outside and inside next to the waiting area is going to make it a pleasure even before you get inside.
I know C4 was excited.

The moment we entered LegoLand Discovery we were surrounded by legos, legos and more legos. Some were little, some were big.

Our first stop was in the LegoLand Factory. In the Legoland Factory you will learn how the thing that my kids love is made. The kids were impressed and wide eyed as Master Builder Joshua Bohn explained to us how lego bricks are made.
First the colored plastic beads are mixed

Then they are heated.

Then they are put into a press where they
are molded into different shapes.

After learning how lego bricks are made we walked into an area called Miniland. Miniland is the area of Legoland Discovery Center where the entire room is made of legos and its made up of buildings, features, attractions, and things to do in and around the city of Atlanta.  Made up of almost 1.5 million lego bricks some of them moving with lights blinking and planes flying overhead, being in Miniland makes everyone feel like a giant.

C1 standing tall over the CNN Center

After towering over all the fun buildings in Miniland you make your way towards what may have been the most fun of all for the C's.  As you enter the big open area there is so much to do from rides, to builder workshops, to playing in the Lego Fire Academy which is the jungle gym area that every kid loves. You also have the Lego Racers: Build and Test area which lets you build your own lego car, race them down the track against other builders and even test your skills on the ramps.

This area had to be the C's favorite. All of them made cars
that won races and they were so proud.

C3 and C4 took some time to have a cupcake party
over at the Lego Friends area.

C2 who can leave destruction in his path on his own
tried to build a tower that would stand the test of the
Earthquake Tables.

We had a soaking good time watching the 4D
Lego Movie Clutch Powers.

Davio's was kind enough to serve food for everyone.
The food was good but what followed the food was
even better.

These mini lego cupcakes were AWESOME.
I hate to admit it but I think I ate too many of these.
The C's, yeah they loved them too.

After hours and hours of fun and watching the kids play and have the best time, well it was time to find the

Thats right the exit. The kids didn't want to leave. They would have stayed all night if they could have. It was a great time and T and I loved watching them have so much fun. We all built, played, ate, rested and then did it all over again. We had so much fun that we have already gotten our annual passes that will allow us to visit many times.  For us it was worth the hour plus drive. 

There were a few things that I would love to see LegoLand Discovery Center change.  I would love for them to add another race ramp for the Build and Test area.  That is where our kids had the most fun and it seemed to get crowded over there.  Also I think that the Fire Academy play area needs some kind of mat just outside the entrance area. The kids come flying out of that swing gate and with only socks on may go slipping on the floor.  The 4D movie, well I hope that they adjust the water pressure because the water that came out onto the audience was like an actual rain storm.  The last thing got to the kids more than it did us, trust me.  The lego shop was not open. The kids waited all day and were so ready to spend some money only to find out that when it was time to leave, they had to leave through the lego shop which was not open to purchase anything.  It left C3 repeating probably fifty times in the span of 30 minutes, "I wanna buy something".

Overall the time spent at LegoLand Discovery Center was great.  If I had to rate it on a scale of 1-10, I would rate it a 9.  I honestly loved it probably just as much as the kids.  So much for kids of all ages to do. From admiring the work done in MiniLand, getting a leg workout by pedaling the rides to move high above the ground to just sitting back and watching the kids have fun building and breaking down and building again this place is somewhere that I'm sure we will be making plenty of visits to.  Again, thanks to everyone that made it possible for myself, T and the C's to enjoy a Sunday at LegoLand Discovery Center.

I know THIS DADDY had a good time

and so did the

4 C's.

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Chrissy March 19, 2012 at 1:16 PM   Reply to

They are building a Lego Land in the KC area, and my sister lives up there, so I can't wait to visit her and take the kids to it! :)

jetts31 March 20, 2012 at 9:27 AM   Reply to

I thought the Crayola factory was fun. I would most likely leave my kids at home so I could play ;)

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