Friday, March 2, 2012

Fridays Final Thoughts 3-2-12.....Never take on Mom's!!

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Well seems yesterday was my day to start some shit and say some things to people and about people and cause some shit to stir on the blog and on twitter.  I am never sorry for anything I blog or tweet about.  I am as passionate a guy as they come. My best friends wife Laura always says I "stir the pot".  She has know me a long time and she knows that's true, but she also knows that I love my wife and kids more than anything so I just stay passionate about certain things and go about my business. T tells me too that sometimes I just need to "Shut up" when I am tweeting or blogging about something that will ruffle some feathers. So there are only two women that will tell me to shut up that wont get cursed out and that is T and Laura.  My mom would like to try, but she lives too far away, so I wont listen to her anyways. Its OK mom, you had your time. lol.

My post yesterday was MY post and it seemed to rub some people the wrong way. I don't think my point came across to clearly. But no matter what, I know my intent and I know what I believe, so I'm good with that. 

I also got into a twitter conversation with a few women yesterday about something and I had one way of thinking and they had another.  I was only using MY experience to back my beliefs instead of opening my eyes and mind to learn from them. I take pride on being open minded and after getting blasted by these moms, and then informed by T, It became clear to me that I was wrong and that I actually did understand what the bigger picture was.  So thanks to those three passionate ladies on twitter. They know who they are. @KellyNaturally, @AdoTheMamolog, and the one that always wants to argue with me @TheDanaK.  I also got a little blasting by T on twitter too.
So what I am doing today is giving you all my millions and millions, hundreds and hundred  few followers/ readers / paid tag alongs the microphone and giving you all the chance to tell me what you would like to see me blog about next week.  I have one topic ready for Monday. I am leaving it in your hands.  Is there anything you would like this father of four, husband of almost twelve years to write about.  You tell me. 

I am interested in what you come up with. Will any of you have any ideas at all? Guess we will find out.

Bring it on. No topic is too scary for me. I am ready for whatever you got.

Have a great weekend and

Kiss the Baby



Brad Jenkins March 2, 2012 at 11:21 AM   Reply to

I'm wondering if you have any thoughts on breastfeeding in public or KFC?

Dripping with sarcasm,

Papa Two Twin Girls

Chrissy March 2, 2012 at 12:39 PM   Reply to

I think it's funny that your tag line on your blog says judgmental and opinionated...and you think you're open-minded. Isn't that a conflict of terms? :) Explain!

Scott S. March 2, 2012 at 12:48 PM   Reply to

@Chrissy, for example, I am open minded enough to know that SOME people live through the Bible and Church and Im ok with that, But I also believe that SOME people that are big into church and the bible are the biggest hyprocrites you will ever meet. Have you ever met a person that is living through God and cheats on their spouse? I am open minded and always willing to learn and be taught but I will be the first and last one to call someone out and voice my opinion

Hope that answered your question

Siera March 2, 2012 at 1:08 PM   Reply to

Looks like I missed a lot! Must catch up.

Chrissy March 2, 2012 at 1:23 PM   Reply to

No, that didn't answer my question, that description is not one of open-mindedness, but that's just my opinion. I'm guessing people don't view me as open-minded, and that doesn't matter to me. I think everyone has opinions and a belief system (church or not), so I'm not really sure what open-minded even means.

Not trying to be a jerk! It's ok if you have strong opinions which come from your life circumstances. Just think it's an interesting combination of terms on the top of your blog.

People who go to church mess up. Some worse than others. Interesting that that's the example you chose.

Scott S. March 2, 2012 at 1:34 PM   Reply to

@Chrissy, Open Minded is - Receptive to new and different ideas or the opinions of others.

I am this. I just happen to be the type of a-hole that will speak up about it too. That is where the judgemental and opinionated part comes in. For example I think homeschooling is better than standing schools. that is me judging. But I am open minded enough to know that homeschooling is not for everyone.

And for the later, I have a guy I work with talks church and church and this and that, and yet he talks about going out with all these other women all this time.

Thats a hypocrate to me. Dont tell me I should go to church and then talk about you and your women

Ado March 2, 2012 at 2:15 PM   Reply to

I think you're very brave to take on Twitter moms and then listen to your wife and make a U-turn like that. I'm impressed. (-:
See you on Twitter!

The Awesome One March 11, 2012 at 9:18 AM   Reply to

Controversial posts huh? How do you feel about the words "gay" and "retarded" being used as slang to describe something unpleasant or stupid? I would love your thoughts on that.

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