Monday, April 30, 2012

Wee-Kend Fun......Broken Dishes, Soccer and Sun...

Why do the weekends always go by so fast?  Every Monday it is the same thing.  I'm talking about how the weekend has flown by.  Do weekends go slow? Ever?

Ours started Friday night as I got home and made an attempt to become a home antenna installer.  Yeah, didn't go so great to start as the DirecTv dish I took down was filled with bees.  Yeah. Awesome.  Got that down finally and connected the antenna to a few different cables and then went in and saw how many channels I had which was.......ZERO!

But I did get to call DirecTv Friday night and cancel them. That was a fun classic call. The guy on the other end just didn't get it. I tried being nice, funny, and told him he had better just cut my service before it gets ugly.  Told him I wanted a divorce, leaving him and that was that.  They offered everything and the anything but with the new Roku we have hooked up, in our room and downstairs and the wii in the living room we are all set with the stuff we need.  Once I figure out how to get the antenna hooked up and we have local channels too, its on. That dish will be a bird bath.

Oh god. Soccer Saturday.  Man.  How can I say this, ummmm of all the days that I could have been kicked out, ejected, sent home from a soccer game, Saturday would have been it.  BOTH GAMES!!!  I have to say that I am just into it. Not just for my kids, but their teams.  I want my kids to have fun, play hard and win and lose.  They have to know the feeling of both.  But C2's team (with one loss) was playing a team with NO losses and it was an intense game.  We were up, then they would score.  We were up again and then they would score.  C2 didn't have a good game at all. No hustle, just didn't have it Saturday and he when the game was over he knew he didn't play well and by that I mean he just didn't try hard enough. He will have another chance on Tuesday.  But to tie the (maybe) best team, I'm OK with that. (FOR NOW)  C3, her game....This was the final game of her season and they had only one loss too.  This was the tournament finale for the Under6 and if it wasn't for the other teams coach that loved to stand in the way, might have had a different outcome. We had a scare with her as she was running and ran smack into the face of another kid and both kids went down crying and she has a nice knot and bruise on her head.  She did go back into the game and played hard.  I'm proud of her for playing a great season and sticking with it. 

Saturday night C1 and C2 took Mommy T out for some dinner for a Mommy / Son Date Night.  They had a great time, did some shopping while I had C3 and C4 time.  Made them dinner and played games and watched shows.  I even changed diapers and gave them baths.  I'm moving up in the world.

Yesterday was get our ass outside and play in the sun and water day.  That is all we did, beside laundry, more laundry and cleaning and cooking and just a bit more laundry.

Get the week on and lets hope it goes as fast and good as the weekend.

Kiss the baby



Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wireless Router GiveAway Winner is...........

If you were nice enough to come over and enter the Tech Time GiveAway that I posted earlier in the week, then you have been wondering if you were the winner.

And with the huge amount of entries being at a grand total of 6 the winner of the Linksys Wireless Router is


Thanks to those that entered for coming by and reading. 



Friday, April 27, 2012

Fridays Final Thoughts 4-27-12......A GoodBye, A Hello, and A New

This Daddy's Blog


Another weekend is almost here.

I'm so glad too. Its been a crazy week.
Every week is crazy.

Before I tell you about the week, let me start with this
If you haven't taken 2 minutes to enter this GiveAway
you are crazy. You may win, you may not but either way
you have to try. 


OK. So by the time the weekend is underway, we at the This Daddy household should be finished with that ol' DirecTv company.  Tired of over paying for channels that we don't watch.  Tired of not getting channels that we want and not being able to get them unless we pay for the upgrade.  We have been with them for 10+ years and I personally would think that we should get better deals for being such long term customers instead of being a new customer getting all the bells and whistles for free.

So with that being said.  Dish will come down.  Roku is hooked up and another one is on the way.  So Netflix, Hulu+, PlayOn will all be used this weekend.  We will get all of those and more through the Wii in the living room.  The Roku in the bedroom and the other one will go in another room.  The money saved will be way greater than the money spent upfront to get all of the stuff.

Also the antenna that we ordered, here already and going up so the local channels will be viewable as well.  Sorry DirecTv but I have to say goodbye....Well, not really sorry.

I found out this week the guy that trained me for all those months and has actually become a good friend to me finished his personal trainer certification.  Josh Harper a local guy is ready to set his goals in place and follow through with them.  This guy trains me to the max.  He made a huge difference in the way I attack the gym and I have used what he gave me and implemented it into my Crossfit style workouts.  Being that he did so much for me, I offered to help him out getting started with a blog that will turn into a dot-com and hooked him up a twitter. His facebook will all be linked together.  This is a pay it forward thing for me. All he did to help me, its the least I could do.  I personally believe that with his hard work and dedication and his business knowledge he is going to do great things with this. Stay tuned for updates and links on all of his info.

By the way, I worked out with him this morning for the first time in months...
.....He kicked my ass.

Also. Prepare for some huge news.

I am going to see if you all can guess something and on Monday we will see if you were right.

You don't win shit, so don't think about it, just give a random guess.

TWO times this week, I have eaten something that I USED to dislike more than anything in the whole entire world. YES even more than roast. Roast...nasty. Anyways, I ate one the other night and then one this morning.  And now, I don't think they are actually that bad. I lived. I may eat more!  Can you guess what it is?

Come back Monday to find out what it was and if you were right.

Kiss The Baby



Thursday, April 26, 2012

Number 1 Pick in the Draft....Did you choose the right one?

Most of that are sports fans know what today is.
Today is the NFL Draft 2012.  This is the day when us die hard fans
begin to dream of our favorite football team going to the Super Bowl.
This is where we cheer or boo the players that our favorite team selects.

Drafting.  What a special process.  Just think about it.

Some players are watched over the course of years, with information being gathered
and a series of tests and lessons are learned from each player to their potential
new teams.

Just think about this drafting process as it relates to us in our marriages.
I know that some people meet and marry the first person
they fall in love with.
This is like having that Number 1 Draft Pick and knowing the whole time
who you are taking with that first pick.

Then you have some people that survey the field.  Check everyone out
and do interviews (dates) and may even have that one player
come and try out for you (relationship).

Just like all of the NFL teams hope that they pick a winner in tonight's
draft that will have a long storied career with them, we all hope
that when we make that pick of who our spouse will be that we spend
the rest of our lives with them.

When it came time to build my draft board of who I might select with my pick,
well lets just say, I interviewed some duds. Some busts. Some people that
wouldn't have been with my team for long.

I then had a chance meeting with a potential player and that player became
my Number 1 Draft Pick.  She shot up the board all the way to Number 1 after
the first weekend of interviews.  She passed all of the test with flying colors.

At the time I was the Owner, President and GM of my team. As I was leaving
the Atlanta airport, I realized that I had not signed this player to a contract yet.
At that point I couldn't get on that plane without having that player on my team.
It was then that I looked at that player and said one thing....

"I think I'm falling In Love with You!"

And with that T signed my contract, became my Number 1 pick and
now 12 years later she is still on my team and she will retire from my team and
take a position in the front office.

Actually she is the owner of the team now. lol.

Make sure you draft your women better than the NFL drafts its players.

Love is better than sports.

Kiss The Baby



Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Conversation With A 5 Year Old Girl.....

So.  We all know that there are some things that are private.  We all know as parents that some things that are supposed to be private usually are not private.


How many of us dads and moms often say that we are going to run into the bathroom to get away for a minute or two, just to have some peace?  I know I have.  I know T has.

But this is different. 

I will leave out most, well just about all of the details.

Wives always talk trash about how long husbands take while in the bathroom taking care of the business, and we all know what business I am talking about.  Wives joke and run their mouths and complain and so on......but DAUGHTERS?  Really?  When did this start and is it an issue in your home?

Just this weekend while I was in the bathroom doing ......umm yeah that, I had some knocks on the door.  I didn't answer.  Some more knocks come.  A few shakes of the door handle (locked) followed by more knocks.  Then the sweet voice of my daughter comes from the other side of the door.

"Daddy"......"Daddy are you in there?" "Daddy, Daddy" I mean she keeps calling me and I am no where else in the whole house, so it must be me in there....right?

I finally answer her. 

Me - Yes honey, what is it?

C3 - What are you doing?

I'm thinking what in the heck.

Me - C3, I'm pooping honey!

C3 - Why are you taking so long, daddy you take too long!

Oh my, for the love of god.

OK, now minutes later I am finally finished doing what I was doing and I go out of the bathroom and C3 is there waiting to interrogate me.

C3 - Why is the door closed daddy?

C3 - Daddy, why do you always close the door?

Me - Because it SMELLS in there honey, seriously?  That is why I have the door closed.

C3 - Daddy, you take too long in the bathroom, you need to concentrate!

And that is how it ended.  My five year old daughter has now taken the role of most wives.  Giving me grief while I am in the bathroom. 

Well at least I know she is well on her way to either being a great wife or a great interrogator.

Maybe both.

Kiss the baby



Monday, April 23, 2012

Tech Time. Are You Ready For A Great GiveAway?

I wouldn't say that we are a high tech household.  I mean we have lots of gadgets and gizmos and things like that, but tech savvy I'm not to say the least.  The technology we use the most in the house is a computer.  We homeschool and to homeschool in this day and age you need technology.

So the company Linksys along with Cisco is working together to spread the word about the Confessions of a Geek Dad Survey and that means we are talking tech.  When things at home get crazy, tech gadgets can help make life easier at those time but if you don’t have a good connection then you really have nothing but a headache.  Think about all the tech stuff you might use in your personal and or professional life – iPads, smart phones, laptops, Xbox, PS3, movie streaming…and having a reliable router helps keeps these devices connected so your family doesn’t have to suffer the buffer or the bad connections any longer!

So Linksys gave me the opportunity to try out Cisco's Linksys-E4200-Maximum Performance Wireless Router and I have to say that I am impressed.  Check out what we were using before the E4200

We had this for six plus years and it worked great.

So check out the upgrade. This is what the Linksys E4200 that Linksys sent us looks like.

Beautiful isn't it?

Look how small and thin and stylish it is.

You have all your multiports.

So I hooked it up. Easy!  Put the disc into the laptop. Easy!  Followed the directions. Easy! Even for me.  Had the luxury of entering security codes for all the computers in the house and that is better than what we have ever had before. A secure network.  This new wireless router is great. Its so small that you cant even see it anymore compared to the last one we used.  It was so easy to setup and I am so pleased with it. I think T is please with it too, she was so awesome and got the printer hooked up to it too. 

So, now is your chance to get your very own E4200 Linksys Router

GiveAway time.

Open to US residents only, all you have to do is any of these things...

1 entry - Leave a comment on what tech item you use most and why you think you need a new router.
2 entries - Take a picture of your current router and send me a DM on twitter
                  @ThisDaddys_Blog with that picture.

That is all you have to do.  This GiveAway ends on Friday night 4/27/2012 at Midnight Eastern time.
Winner will be picked by C4, in a random drawing. You have a chance at 3 entries total and the new router could be yours.

**I was given the Linksys E4200 in exchange for a review and hosting a giveaway.**

Kiss The Baby




Friday, April 20, 2012

Fridays Final Thoughts 4-20-12....Earth Day, Surprise GiveAway and Underwear

This Daddy's Blog


Sunday is Earth Day for most of us.

Everyday is Earth Day for this blond bombshell who resides in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Just like Lebron who took his talents to South Beach from Cleveland,

She took her talents to Texas from Canada.

From the cold to the bold.

So T and I and the kids will try and find something good, creative and fun
yet educational and helpful to do on Sunday, Earth Day this woman
Stephanie aka Good Girl Gone Green
will be out there treating the day like she treats each and every day....

Go to her blog and see what you can learn.

Well like any other Friday, I am just so glad that the weekend is almost here.  I'm not even sure what we are doing this weekend besides soccer and cleaning and our normal weekend do's and dont's but I'm sure we can find something.

I know that I am going to write a blog post later tonight for a GIVEAWAY for a very awesome item that we are actually using in our home and we have a need for it everyday.  Not like that bulls**t KFC blogging fresh junk, where someone is just blogging about it cause they got it for free.  This is a product that we have used for years and we have never really had any issues with it except user error.

Stay tuned. You will want to get in on this. Goes up tomorrow.

I noticed something too that needs to be done.

I have an underwear drawer.  A very messy underwear drawer.  Not because my underwear is messy or anything, actually just because I am messy.  I think I will let you guys and gals in on what is actually in my underwear drawer.  You would be surprised.  I am surprised.

This will be interesting.

So what will you all do this weekend.
Include your kids and have fun.

Kiss The Baby



Thursday, April 19, 2012

Children are like the Atlanta Braves

Remember a week or so ago when the Atlanta Braves started 0-4 and some people were writing them off already.  Some fans even were jumping off the ship?

Well after yesterdays win they have won 7 of 8 and are on a roll.

Don't leave, I'm going somewhere with this, trust me.....

I love the way I compare sports to parenting. I love the way I do a lot of stuff. Back to the matter at hand and enough about me.

The way your children act sometimes can be like a baseball team.  For weeks and weeks they may be as sweet as the chocolate in your mouth and then that very next day they can be as sour as the lemonade in your refrigerator.  Kids are streaky.  Parents are streaky, I know I am.  Trying to be consistent is the key.

Just like a coach or a manager has to know his players and the streaks they go through, we as parents have to know the same about our kids. We have to know our children's pressure point and when to possibly step in to settle them down or when to let them handle it on their own.  Like riding a streak or benching a player early, it can make all the difference in what your child does or how they act.

So take it from my Atlanta Braves......ride the streak.  Ride that streak of your kid and let them enjoy it, you never know when you will hit a slump.

Kiss The Baby



Wednesday, April 18, 2012

How about a real life game of Draw Something

As a parent sometimes we have days when we don't feel well and all we want to do is lay in bed and rest in the peace and quiet.

We all know as parents that most of the time that isn't going to happen.

You know what? 

Last night as I rested my body in bed watching a episode of Biggest Loser eating some Peeps (kidding about the Peeps, someone hid them from me) C1 kept coming into the bedroom wanting to show us the pictures he had drawn of the Ninjago Snakes.

One thing about this kid, he loves to draw. He is always in his bed late at night drawing something. Since his favorite thing at the moment is Ninjago, he is drawing the Ninja's and the Snakes. He knows them all by heart and what they look like and draws them from memory or from the Ninjago sticker books the kids have.

He is always so proud of his work.  But last night he came in with a picture and after he showed T and I this one picture, he said to me "Daddy, you may not like this next one" ?????  I wondered why.  So when he showed me the picture, he mentioned that on this one Ninjago Snake he had drawn you couldn't see the eyes and C1 kind of had a down feeling about it. 

Two things I have learned about myself and C1 and C2 is that the three of us do not like things that are not perfect.  We all have the need for things needing to be exactly like they are suppose to be.  One of the hardest lessons for me to teach to our children is that things will not be perfect.  I have a hard time showing this because of my actions around the house.

I made sure to tell C1 that the one good thing about drawing is that YOU can draw whatever you want and it comes from YOU being creative and the thing I love about YOU is that you are so creative.  He still said that "You cant see his eyes!"  I told him the best thing about that drawing is that YOU drew it.  It came from YOU and you are the creative mind.  I told him I love that he draws and again made it a point to tell him that the great thing about drawing is that he can make it anything he wants it to be.

So on a night when all I wanted to do was to lay in bed and chill out, it became a night when all I wanted to do was tell my son how great it is that he loves to draw.

Kiss The Baby



Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Im thinking of buying one of these or maybe two or three.

My favorite hats to wear are hats that have the letter


on them. I love to wear the C hats because I feel like I am
wearing something that displays my love for my kids.  I have other hats too,
lots of them.  But my C hats are my favorites.

Well I have to get a new hat. I just now occurred to me that a certain teams hat
has both a T and a C on it.  Wouldn't that be awesome to wear a hat that shows my love
for both my wife of 12 years and my kids?

I think so.  So while I am not a fan of this team and could care less if they win or lose,
I am going to be trying to shop around online and find the perfect one.

Gotta be a fitted hat. The stretch hats are the best. I love the stretch fitted hats
cause they don't look like the 10 gallon hats like the MLB players wear.  I will never
wear an adjustable hat...NEVER.

Here is the teams hat that I will be searching online for and making a
purchase soon for my summer hat.

See the T for T and the C for the 4 C's

I am not to sure about this one. I like the shape of the hat
not sure about the red lines

Love the color but not that raised top look.
Too poofy and the flat bills look stupid

Oh yeah....HELL NO

And again....NO NEVER

I may live in Georgia, but no camo

Perfect. Faded look, like I have had it a while
the fitted hat with the stretch or either a M/L or L/XL
I think this is the one.

I will probably go on the hat site I get my hats from and do some looking
and get T's input too. And I will have to go through ebates of course
to get the cash back.

Maybe a buy one get one half off and then I can get a visor too.
You know so I can let my balding dome get some sun.
But know this. Even in the dead of winter, no matter how cold
I will never be caught wearing this


Kiss The Baby



Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Anniversary to T.......Twelve Years and She Still Loves Me.

Happy 12th Anniversary 
to my wonderful

Some people may say "Hard to believe its been that long" or "Wow, its been twelve years already?" but when I think of our anniversary I can still remember it like it was yesterday.  I can remember every detail of that day from my awesome bride to be leaving my hotel room, to me almost fist fighting with one of my buddies while driving to the wedding over stopping for Altoids.

I can remember being at the old house where we got married and waiting to go outside.  I can remember waiting for her and thinking she was coming down the outside stairs to the house and then what seemed like hours later, she surprised everyone by coming around the house in a horse drawn carriage.

I can remember wanting to cry when I saw how beautiful she was.  I can remember those funny words she said to me as we were up at the unity candle.  I can remember having to get into the horse drawn carriage for a ride after we became husband and wife.

And the thing about it is. I love my wife more today than that wedding day. I know a lot of people say that, but I have really grown to love her more and more. We have both grown as people over the twelve years.  She has taught me so much about so many things. 

Its funny I tried to plan something for us today and she is too damn smart for her own good and put 2+2 together and found out I was trying to surprise her.  Well she doesn't like surprises of any kind. I know this and that's what was funny.  I tried anyways. Oh well.  On the way home from Stone Mountain last night we were laughing about seeing if I could list 12 things I have learned about her over the 12 years of our marriage.  So let me see if I can do this.  I'm sure she will comment and let me know if I was right or not.

In no special order....
I have learned,

1. She hates surprises.  Even little ones.
2. Don't ever buy her anything for Christmas. Not even if I have a coupon. It will get returned.
3. Her favorite color is red.
4. She doesn't like when I sing in the car.
5. She doesn't like when i shave my beard off or when I have body hair.
6. Sleeping close to the air conditioner vent is her spot on the bed.
7. She is awesome, even better than before at PO-DO!!!!!!!!
8. She cant stand country music.
9. She has become a great and very active advocate for her gentle parenting style.
10. She doesn't like it when I wash the kids clothes.
11. She makes me eat roast even though it is nasty.
12. She is the absolute best wife and we are perfect for each other.

I have learned more than 12 things but these are just a few. I always blog about how much I love her and how awesome she is and she doesn't like that either, so I'm just going to say she is a @#*(%& and a (&#&#^#...

She has put up with a lot of my bullsheeet.  She has forgiven a lot.

I love you so much T and I cant wait to have one of the kids type as I dictate a blog  post in another 12 years.  I may not be able to type then.

You are in my heart!

Kiss T.



Friday, April 13, 2012

Fridays Final Thoughts 2-13-12...Sleeping with Chris Cuomo in new t-shirt sheets

This Daddy's Blog

Fridays Final Thoughts

Friday. Its always a good day. Most of all when you don't have to work on Saturday or Sunday.

I had some good things happen this week and I think I may have turned the corner in an important area of my personal life.

I think we are planning a fun outing for Saturday afternoon and I am excited.

Sometimes its the little things that make you feel so much better.

For instance.  We had these awesome t-shirt sheets for the bed and they were the best thing ever.  Well that was until we got a hole in the fitted sheet.  Then the hole got bigger.  And then a certain C that will remain nameless (#4) started to make the hole even bigger.  Then that little sweet co-sleeping boy thought it would be cool to hide legos in the hole in the sheet.  Ever had the feeling of a lego sticking you in the middle of the night?  Feels great. (Not)

T bought us NEW softer than soft t-shirt sheets.  Oh my god. When I made the bed this past weekend, it was like falling asleep in a soft cloud of t-shirt heaven. Thanks for getting those new sheets.  It was getting old fighting over who got the side of the sheet with the hole.

And with new sheets bring awesome things like this.

I had the coolest dream last night. I am a huge fan of Chris Cuomo on ABC and I love his interviews and he is also great on twitter.  But last night I had this dream that he came to our house and did an interview with T and I. T and I have a special day coming up soon and the interview was about how so many marriages seem to be failing these days and couples don't try to work it out and stay together no matter what.  He asked T how hard it was being married to an unhappy guy who drank all the time and did drugs and he asked me if I was jealous of her being able to stay at home with the kids while i worked at a place I don't like.  Chris asked about us homeschooling and changing our eating habits and if it was easy having four kids in today's society.

We made Chris feel right at home. Even left some legos on the floor for him to step on. He had to take his shoes off of course at the door.  He loved how the kids locked themselves in their rooms to play and how C3 sat right up next to him asking HIM all kinds of questions.  Chris really didn't like C4 trying to jump on him, but he handled it well and was impressed at the amount of toilet paper used for one child's poo that wasn't flushed.

It was just like you see on tv.  Great questions and emotional answers and at the end of it all, the only thing that mattered was that we love each other more today than we did when we met so many years ago. Love is stronger than anything.

I remember waking up this morning at 5am to go to the gym, sitting down to pee and all I could think about was Chris Cuomo sitting in our house doing an interview about us. A couple with a strong marriage.

Thanks Chris and ABC. Check your local listings for the interview. Check really hard.

Have a great weekend.

Kiss the baby



Thursday, April 12, 2012

I dont need no stinking Lou Holtz, I have these folks!

You know if there is one thing about myself that I don't like lately is that I have fallen back into that negative hole in which I cant seem to climb out of and fill back up with dirt.  And to be honest, I am trying to get back out and fill it this time with concrete that way I never fall back into it.  I don't think I am as bad as I used to be, but I still have that little bit in me.

The kids have been great.  They have no idea I am stressing and down at times and the little things they do make me smile on a daily basis. Building things with legos, singing songs with me, big hugs, soccer games, those are just some of the things the kids do to make me feel better when they don't even know they are doing it.

T, I don't know how many times I have to say how great she is.  She gets tired of me bitching and complaining.  Just the other day she gave me a suggestion and I actually used it and it seemed to payoff and I'm hoping that it has a huge benefit in the near future.

I didn't really have a huge blog topic today so I wanted to take a sentence or two or twenty or how ever many it is and mention a few bloggers and twitter friends that are so positive and often say kind things to me to make my day better and say nice things about T and our family.

Christopher - The twisted one. He knows who he is. A great guy and someone that is easy to talk to. Not a day goes by that I don't check on this man.  A man who dedicates so much time with so little reward.  This is a guy I will go to battle with any day of the week.

John - The Dad in Charge.  A guy who is great for conversation and he loves to get involved in my twitter feuds too. I could never do what he does. I admire him for that.

Brandon - Rookie of the Year - We speak in Kansas phrases. Only he and I know what each other is saying.  Great guy, hard worker and he better stop talking about me changing diapers or I will unfollow him.  But the diaper talk makes me laugh and throw up.

GasFamily - The one with Gas - OK, that is what C3 said one time. She is my twitter Crossfit workout guru, and she is asking me everyday what I did and pushing me to do better and to keep trying. She also likes to draw dirty pictures on draw something, with T though not me.

Mama M - The Mama with the most.  She has been very uplifting the past few days saying things to make me keep my head up. She told me one time all I do is mostly say goofy stuff and make smart ass comments but for her to look past that and be inspiring to me, I thank her.

BrandiRay - My sweet friend, who has battled her own health issues but still has a better attitude than I do and I'm not even struggling with my health. She is always on the positive path, even though I have to remind her sometime to not be so sappy.

The Penny Planter - He knows who he is. The Matchbox king of the World.  This guy has been leaving me comments on my blog for over a year and always has great things to say and is a real man that is never shy about speaking about his love for his wife either. His bond with his son is through cars like Johns is with Legos to his boys.

There are so many more people that I converse with daily and its nice to have a forum to air out frustrations and angers and things that are bothering me.  I appreciate all the people out there more so because I can complain and they cant kick me in the balls when I cry too much like T can.  All they can really do is not respond or block or unfollow me.  But with my charming personality I know that none of the people I talk to will ever leave me.

Days are looking brighter and the nights are looking more clear.  Hope everyone has great days ahead.

Happy Birthday to our friend Laura who is much older today and is always there to bust my balls a little more after T puts me in my place. You are a great friend.  May Brandon have the strength and will to put up with your ass on this fine day.

Kiss The Baby



Wednesday, April 11, 2012

To Sing or Not to Sing

I have two boys in the house that love a certain song by The Fold.  "Weekend Whip" which is the Lego Ninjago theme song and I have the video on my phone for the kids and they listen to it all the time. C1 and C2 love to sing along to it.  That is about the extent of my musical influence over those two.

Now when it comes to C3, she is a different story. She is asking every night to listen to my phone to hear her songs.  I have certain songs that I have on a playlist for her and her listening pleasure.  She was listening to my phone the other night and as I walked into her room, she didn't notice me and I caught her singing Gavin Degraws "Not Over You".  Word for word.  She also loves her some Bruno Mars, only a few songs that I let her listen to that are clean.

Then a few nights ago, she came to me and said "Daddy, can you get this one song on your phone that we hear in Mommy's van?"  I asked what song and she started to sing it and I had no clue.  Then on Easter as I was cutting up some sweet potato for sweet potato fries an Adele song was on the radio "Rumor Has It" and C3 comes running screaming into the kitchen and tells me that is the song she likes now and wants me to get it on my phone.

C4, well he has my dance moves, so he should be..well lets just say he better not dance.

Music, while it can bring a family closer, it can also drive some away.  I just now figured out why C1 and C2 started heading for the hills when I started singing "Moves Like Jagger"

Kiss The Baby



Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Following my own Game Plan

Life is like a game. I love basketball and football. I love life.

Life is like basketball and football.

You know how you have a game plan and sometimes it just doesn't work.  Some days you stick to the game plan and your day doesn't go as planned.  Sometimes a team may stick to the game plan and they may not be successful on that given day.

You wake up and the plan is in place.  You live by that plan.  Making adjustments as you go and adapting to the things that are trying to mess up your day or your game.

Lets take yesterday for example in my personal life.  I slacked. I slept in.  I didn't make it to the gym.  I left the house late.  Rushed.  That wasn't the game plan that I had set in place for my Monday morning.  Actions have results.  The action of me not sticking to my personal life game plan, was me having a bad day.  A very bad day.  I adapted but still couldn't overcome the obstacles that were in my way.

Now today.  Same game plan as yesterday.  Ahhhh, got up 5am. Hit the gym and kicked my own ass this morning till 7am.  Crossfit, great workout and lots of extra stomach and cardio.  Felt great. Really great.  So great I thought I was going to throw up.  That's a good workout when you feel like that.  Nice early drive to work. Made some phone calls got some personal business accomplished and felt good.  My game plan was working. 

Then it hit me.  Something happened this morning and I had to adapt.  I had to make an adjustment to my game plan.  You know what?  I did.  I made the personal call off my game plan and got past that obstacle and everything seemed to work out.  Things started to fall into line this morning.  Having a great feeling that my plan of action is working and to top it off, I get to leave early today to go watch the kids play soccer. C3's season is almost over and I am going to see just my 2nd game of hers.  Perfect.

See, I knew that if I stuck to my game plan and did what I was suppose to do, everything might work out OK.  I think tomorrow that I will follow the game plan and see what happens.

Kiss The Baby



Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend. Blink your eyes and its over.

So the Easter weekend is over and just like any other weekend it flew by. 

It does suck how the weekends fly by so fast but the work week just seems to drag on.  But its the same ol same ol. Play hard on the weekends and try hard on the weekdays.

Saturday our family friend was in Atlanta on her tour of photo stops and we were lucky enough to get down there and have some pictures taken.  It was a fun time. Packed up the van with a cooler, snacks, drinks, toys and other goodies and got on the road. It was a nice old style house and there was a huge open front yard that the kids played in. FOR HOURS....The kids, our kids and Jennifer's kids played for hours. They played legos, kickball, soccer, more legos, name it and they played it. It was a really fun time. I would have to say the best part was watching the kids all freak out when the silly string broke out. Some loved it and some didn't. Silly string and kids scattered all over the place.

Yesterday was nice. Easter morning came very early as three of the C's were up before the sun came up. They tried to wake T and I up more than once. They loved the baskets of surprises which included everything from lego mini figures to angry bird t-shirts.  And NO chocolate. T got up and made her world famous french toast. So good.

We hunted eggs all over the outside of the house, in the yard, on the trail in the woods and they kids had so much fun. C1 and C2 ran so fast around the trail that they had to make two or three trips to make sure they got all of the eggs and C3, well with every egg she found came a loud scream and C4 yeah, being the happy boy he is had to pick up each egg and yell that he found one and stare at it for a minute. They had some great prizes in the eggs.  They played outside and played hard. So hard that by the end of the night after we brushed teeth they were in their beds asleep before we could even get them in our room for story time.

And with that, I too had a great night sleep. Slept in and skipped the gym. Back at it tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Kiss The Baby.



Friday, April 6, 2012

Everybody's working for the weekend

This Daddy's Blog


So its Good Friday.  Well for me I like to think that any Friday is good. Actually for me every Friday is great!  Means I'm closer to spending more time with T and the C's.

We have a busy weekend planned.....I think?  I know tomorrow is going to be busy. We are having family pictures taken tomorrow by a blogger friend of ours that comes to Ga. to visit every now and then and we have to be up and at em very early.

Sunday is Easter and I'm sure we will be hiding and finding eggs and having fun on that day as well.

I just have to say that I am ready for the weekend. I am ready to be off of work and at home.

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter. No matter how you spend or celebrate your Easter weekend make sure you have fun.

Kiss The baby



Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Having fun on the Weekend

Well it was a great weekend and it lasted just a bit longer yesterday since I got to stay home with the kids as T had yet ANOTHER dentist appointment yesterday morning.

Friday.  C2 Turned 7. HE says HE is allowed to do so much more now. HE SAYS

Friday you can tell I am not one of the winners of the Mega Millions largest jackpot in history. How can you tell. Well, I'm writing on this blog and its still called This Daddys Blog and not This Daddy Who Won Millions Blog. You also didn't hear the womanly screams coming from West Ga. Friday night, and my most beautiful face has not been on Good Morning America. We celebrated NOT WINNING by eating Chick Fil A and watching Zoo Keeper.

Saturday. Ahhhh, what a good day Saturday was. Slept in, got up and did some stuff around the house as T and C2 went and picked up some birthday party supplies.  We went to the movies and had a movie party.  The Lorax. It was a cute movie.  I think the only problem I had with it was that it said stupid or shut up like five or six times and an idiot here or there, but other than that the kids loved it and C2's friends had a good time. Popcorn, drinks, chocolate, and cookie cake. Then since it was also the big day of birth for T we went and bought her some Yellow Box flip flops which is what she loves.  She hates spending money on herself, yes even on her birthday. But me and the C's held her down and made her pick out two pairs and get her money out.

C2 had like a million dollars ($100) burning a hole in his pocket and he was ready to hit the Toys R Us.  And hit it he did. Lego Ninjago sets didn't stand a chance. All that he had to do was either listen to himself or his big brother and figure out what to get.  C1 loves helping build the sets, so he was really excited for C2.  C2 picked out his sets and other items, a Poptropica learning website gift card. He loves that site.

Then we went to our most favorite birthday dinner place..Tokyo Steak House. Only for birthdays. We had two to celebrate.  Good food. Kids were tired and hungry and ready to go home and play with the legos but they made it through the wait and dinner and then a car wash of T's van. No Boden socks (or sock) were lost this time.

Saturday night...Kansas vs. Ohio State. Needed this game. Kansas sucked in the first half, second half came out and spanked that monkey. I loved watching the game with T. She makes sports so much fun to watch with the shit she says.

Sunday..What a nice day. Did nothing but watch the kids play.  It was so nice and hot that they played outside so much and got to play in the water.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and the week will be good for everyone coming up and leading into Easter Weekend.

Kiss The Baby


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