Thursday, April 19, 2012

Children are like the Atlanta Braves

Remember a week or so ago when the Atlanta Braves started 0-4 and some people were writing them off already.  Some fans even were jumping off the ship?

Well after yesterdays win they have won 7 of 8 and are on a roll.

Don't leave, I'm going somewhere with this, trust me.....

I love the way I compare sports to parenting. I love the way I do a lot of stuff. Back to the matter at hand and enough about me.

The way your children act sometimes can be like a baseball team.  For weeks and weeks they may be as sweet as the chocolate in your mouth and then that very next day they can be as sour as the lemonade in your refrigerator.  Kids are streaky.  Parents are streaky, I know I am.  Trying to be consistent is the key.

Just like a coach or a manager has to know his players and the streaks they go through, we as parents have to know the same about our kids. We have to know our children's pressure point and when to possibly step in to settle them down or when to let them handle it on their own.  Like riding a streak or benching a player early, it can make all the difference in what your child does or how they act.

So take it from my Atlanta Braves......ride the streak.  Ride that streak of your kid and let them enjoy it, you never know when you will hit a slump.

Kiss The Baby



Lily Dawn April 23, 2012 at 11:05 AM   Reply to

So true! Great post :)

P.S. We finally got to go to the home opener this year and it was such a fun game to be at- Go Braves!!

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