Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Following my own Game Plan

Life is like a game. I love basketball and football. I love life.

Life is like basketball and football.

You know how you have a game plan and sometimes it just doesn't work.  Some days you stick to the game plan and your day doesn't go as planned.  Sometimes a team may stick to the game plan and they may not be successful on that given day.

You wake up and the plan is in place.  You live by that plan.  Making adjustments as you go and adapting to the things that are trying to mess up your day or your game.

Lets take yesterday for example in my personal life.  I slacked. I slept in.  I didn't make it to the gym.  I left the house late.  Rushed.  That wasn't the game plan that I had set in place for my Monday morning.  Actions have results.  The action of me not sticking to my personal life game plan, was me having a bad day.  A very bad day.  I adapted but still couldn't overcome the obstacles that were in my way.

Now today.  Same game plan as yesterday.  Ahhhh, got up 5am. Hit the gym and kicked my own ass this morning till 7am.  Crossfit, great workout and lots of extra stomach and cardio.  Felt great. Really great.  So great I thought I was going to throw up.  That's a good workout when you feel like that.  Nice early drive to work. Made some phone calls got some personal business accomplished and felt good.  My game plan was working. 

Then it hit me.  Something happened this morning and I had to adapt.  I had to make an adjustment to my game plan.  You know what?  I did.  I made the personal call off my game plan and got past that obstacle and everything seemed to work out.  Things started to fall into line this morning.  Having a great feeling that my plan of action is working and to top it off, I get to leave early today to go watch the kids play soccer. C3's season is almost over and I am going to see just my 2nd game of hers.  Perfect.

See, I knew that if I stuck to my game plan and did what I was suppose to do, everything might work out OK.  I think tomorrow that I will follow the game plan and see what happens.

Kiss The Baby



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