Friday, April 20, 2012

Fridays Final Thoughts 4-20-12....Earth Day, Surprise GiveAway and Underwear

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Sunday is Earth Day for most of us.

Everyday is Earth Day for this blond bombshell who resides in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Just like Lebron who took his talents to South Beach from Cleveland,

She took her talents to Texas from Canada.

From the cold to the bold.

So T and I and the kids will try and find something good, creative and fun
yet educational and helpful to do on Sunday, Earth Day this woman
Stephanie aka Good Girl Gone Green
will be out there treating the day like she treats each and every day....

Go to her blog and see what you can learn.

Well like any other Friday, I am just so glad that the weekend is almost here.  I'm not even sure what we are doing this weekend besides soccer and cleaning and our normal weekend do's and dont's but I'm sure we can find something.

I know that I am going to write a blog post later tonight for a GIVEAWAY for a very awesome item that we are actually using in our home and we have a need for it everyday.  Not like that bulls**t KFC blogging fresh junk, where someone is just blogging about it cause they got it for free.  This is a product that we have used for years and we have never really had any issues with it except user error.

Stay tuned. You will want to get in on this. Goes up tomorrow.

I noticed something too that needs to be done.

I have an underwear drawer.  A very messy underwear drawer.  Not because my underwear is messy or anything, actually just because I am messy.  I think I will let you guys and gals in on what is actually in my underwear drawer.  You would be surprised.  I am surprised.

This will be interesting.

So what will you all do this weekend.
Include your kids and have fun.

Kiss The Baby



Good Girl Gone Green April 20, 2012 at 11:38 AM   Reply to

THANK YOU so much!!!! That made my day.....seriously!

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