Friday, April 27, 2012

Fridays Final Thoughts 4-27-12......A GoodBye, A Hello, and A New

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Another weekend is almost here.

I'm so glad too. Its been a crazy week.
Every week is crazy.

Before I tell you about the week, let me start with this
If you haven't taken 2 minutes to enter this GiveAway
you are crazy. You may win, you may not but either way
you have to try. 


OK. So by the time the weekend is underway, we at the This Daddy household should be finished with that ol' DirecTv company.  Tired of over paying for channels that we don't watch.  Tired of not getting channels that we want and not being able to get them unless we pay for the upgrade.  We have been with them for 10+ years and I personally would think that we should get better deals for being such long term customers instead of being a new customer getting all the bells and whistles for free.

So with that being said.  Dish will come down.  Roku is hooked up and another one is on the way.  So Netflix, Hulu+, PlayOn will all be used this weekend.  We will get all of those and more through the Wii in the living room.  The Roku in the bedroom and the other one will go in another room.  The money saved will be way greater than the money spent upfront to get all of the stuff.

Also the antenna that we ordered, here already and going up so the local channels will be viewable as well.  Sorry DirecTv but I have to say goodbye....Well, not really sorry.

I found out this week the guy that trained me for all those months and has actually become a good friend to me finished his personal trainer certification.  Josh Harper a local guy is ready to set his goals in place and follow through with them.  This guy trains me to the max.  He made a huge difference in the way I attack the gym and I have used what he gave me and implemented it into my Crossfit style workouts.  Being that he did so much for me, I offered to help him out getting started with a blog that will turn into a dot-com and hooked him up a twitter. His facebook will all be linked together.  This is a pay it forward thing for me. All he did to help me, its the least I could do.  I personally believe that with his hard work and dedication and his business knowledge he is going to do great things with this. Stay tuned for updates and links on all of his info.

By the way, I worked out with him this morning for the first time in months...
.....He kicked my ass.

Also. Prepare for some huge news.

I am going to see if you all can guess something and on Monday we will see if you were right.

You don't win shit, so don't think about it, just give a random guess.

TWO times this week, I have eaten something that I USED to dislike more than anything in the whole entire world. YES even more than roast. Roast...nasty. Anyways, I ate one the other night and then one this morning.  And now, I don't think they are actually that bad. I lived. I may eat more!  Can you guess what it is?

Come back Monday to find out what it was and if you were right.

Kiss The Baby



Gretta April 27, 2012 at 12:29 PM   Reply to

Sushi....or kohlrabi....yep, those are my guesses!

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