Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Anniversary to T.......Twelve Years and She Still Loves Me.

Happy 12th Anniversary 
to my wonderful

Some people may say "Hard to believe its been that long" or "Wow, its been twelve years already?" but when I think of our anniversary I can still remember it like it was yesterday.  I can remember every detail of that day from my awesome bride to be leaving my hotel room, to me almost fist fighting with one of my buddies while driving to the wedding over stopping for Altoids.

I can remember being at the old house where we got married and waiting to go outside.  I can remember waiting for her and thinking she was coming down the outside stairs to the house and then what seemed like hours later, she surprised everyone by coming around the house in a horse drawn carriage.

I can remember wanting to cry when I saw how beautiful she was.  I can remember those funny words she said to me as we were up at the unity candle.  I can remember having to get into the horse drawn carriage for a ride after we became husband and wife.

And the thing about it is. I love my wife more today than that wedding day. I know a lot of people say that, but I have really grown to love her more and more. We have both grown as people over the twelve years.  She has taught me so much about so many things. 

Its funny I tried to plan something for us today and she is too damn smart for her own good and put 2+2 together and found out I was trying to surprise her.  Well she doesn't like surprises of any kind. I know this and that's what was funny.  I tried anyways. Oh well.  On the way home from Stone Mountain last night we were laughing about seeing if I could list 12 things I have learned about her over the 12 years of our marriage.  So let me see if I can do this.  I'm sure she will comment and let me know if I was right or not.

In no special order....
I have learned,

1. She hates surprises.  Even little ones.
2. Don't ever buy her anything for Christmas. Not even if I have a coupon. It will get returned.
3. Her favorite color is red.
4. She doesn't like when I sing in the car.
5. She doesn't like when i shave my beard off or when I have body hair.
6. Sleeping close to the air conditioner vent is her spot on the bed.
7. She is awesome, even better than before at PO-DO!!!!!!!!
8. She cant stand country music.
9. She has become a great and very active advocate for her gentle parenting style.
10. She doesn't like it when I wash the kids clothes.
11. She makes me eat roast even though it is nasty.
12. She is the absolute best wife and we are perfect for each other.

I have learned more than 12 things but these are just a few. I always blog about how much I love her and how awesome she is and she doesn't like that either, so I'm just going to say she is a @#*(%& and a (&#&#^#...

She has put up with a lot of my bullsheeet.  She has forgiven a lot.

I love you so much T and I cant wait to have one of the kids type as I dictate a blog  post in another 12 years.  I may not be able to type then.

You are in my heart!

Kiss T.



Anonymous,  April 15, 2012 at 6:39 PM   Reply to

Damn, she's beautiful.

Congratulations, Bro, you deserve this happiness.

Enjoy the craziness!

Mark L.

Good Girl Gone Green April 21, 2012 at 7:56 PM   Reply to

You are so sweet, Scott. That was a super nice post! :) :)

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