Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Having fun on the Weekend

Well it was a great weekend and it lasted just a bit longer yesterday since I got to stay home with the kids as T had yet ANOTHER dentist appointment yesterday morning.

Friday.  C2 Turned 7. HE says HE is allowed to do so much more now. HE SAYS

Friday you can tell I am not one of the winners of the Mega Millions largest jackpot in history. How can you tell. Well, I'm writing on this blog and its still called This Daddys Blog and not This Daddy Who Won Millions Blog. You also didn't hear the womanly screams coming from West Ga. Friday night, and my most beautiful face has not been on Good Morning America. We celebrated NOT WINNING by eating Chick Fil A and watching Zoo Keeper.

Saturday. Ahhhh, what a good day Saturday was. Slept in, got up and did some stuff around the house as T and C2 went and picked up some birthday party supplies.  We went to the movies and had a movie party.  The Lorax. It was a cute movie.  I think the only problem I had with it was that it said stupid or shut up like five or six times and an idiot here or there, but other than that the kids loved it and C2's friends had a good time. Popcorn, drinks, chocolate, and cookie cake. Then since it was also the big day of birth for T we went and bought her some Yellow Box flip flops which is what she loves.  She hates spending money on herself, yes even on her birthday. But me and the C's held her down and made her pick out two pairs and get her money out.

C2 had like a million dollars ($100) burning a hole in his pocket and he was ready to hit the Toys R Us.  And hit it he did. Lego Ninjago sets didn't stand a chance. All that he had to do was either listen to himself or his big brother and figure out what to get.  C1 loves helping build the sets, so he was really excited for C2.  C2 picked out his sets and other items, a Poptropica learning website gift card. He loves that site.

Then we went to our most favorite birthday dinner place..Tokyo Steak House. Only for birthdays. We had two to celebrate.  Good food. Kids were tired and hungry and ready to go home and play with the legos but they made it through the wait and dinner and then a car wash of T's van. No Boden socks (or sock) were lost this time.

Saturday night...Kansas vs. Ohio State. Needed this game. Kansas sucked in the first half, second half came out and spanked that monkey. I loved watching the game with T. She makes sports so much fun to watch with the shit she says.

Sunday..What a nice day. Did nothing but watch the kids play.  It was so nice and hot that they played outside so much and got to play in the water.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and the week will be good for everyone coming up and leading into Easter Weekend.

Kiss The Baby



Anonymous,  April 3, 2012 at 4:27 PM   Reply to

Great family time, you're a fun Dad, you make everything a celebration; good times, Bro!

Mark L.

Merrie April 4, 2012 at 2:15 PM   Reply to

I love those weekends -- sounds perfect!

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