Thursday, April 12, 2012

I dont need no stinking Lou Holtz, I have these folks!

You know if there is one thing about myself that I don't like lately is that I have fallen back into that negative hole in which I cant seem to climb out of and fill back up with dirt.  And to be honest, I am trying to get back out and fill it this time with concrete that way I never fall back into it.  I don't think I am as bad as I used to be, but I still have that little bit in me.

The kids have been great.  They have no idea I am stressing and down at times and the little things they do make me smile on a daily basis. Building things with legos, singing songs with me, big hugs, soccer games, those are just some of the things the kids do to make me feel better when they don't even know they are doing it.

T, I don't know how many times I have to say how great she is.  She gets tired of me bitching and complaining.  Just the other day she gave me a suggestion and I actually used it and it seemed to payoff and I'm hoping that it has a huge benefit in the near future.

I didn't really have a huge blog topic today so I wanted to take a sentence or two or twenty or how ever many it is and mention a few bloggers and twitter friends that are so positive and often say kind things to me to make my day better and say nice things about T and our family.

Christopher - The twisted one. He knows who he is. A great guy and someone that is easy to talk to. Not a day goes by that I don't check on this man.  A man who dedicates so much time with so little reward.  This is a guy I will go to battle with any day of the week.

John - The Dad in Charge.  A guy who is great for conversation and he loves to get involved in my twitter feuds too. I could never do what he does. I admire him for that.

Brandon - Rookie of the Year - We speak in Kansas phrases. Only he and I know what each other is saying.  Great guy, hard worker and he better stop talking about me changing diapers or I will unfollow him.  But the diaper talk makes me laugh and throw up.

GasFamily - The one with Gas - OK, that is what C3 said one time. She is my twitter Crossfit workout guru, and she is asking me everyday what I did and pushing me to do better and to keep trying. She also likes to draw dirty pictures on draw something, with T though not me.

Mama M - The Mama with the most.  She has been very uplifting the past few days saying things to make me keep my head up. She told me one time all I do is mostly say goofy stuff and make smart ass comments but for her to look past that and be inspiring to me, I thank her.

BrandiRay - My sweet friend, who has battled her own health issues but still has a better attitude than I do and I'm not even struggling with my health. She is always on the positive path, even though I have to remind her sometime to not be so sappy.

The Penny Planter - He knows who he is. The Matchbox king of the World.  This guy has been leaving me comments on my blog for over a year and always has great things to say and is a real man that is never shy about speaking about his love for his wife either. His bond with his son is through cars like Johns is with Legos to his boys.

There are so many more people that I converse with daily and its nice to have a forum to air out frustrations and angers and things that are bothering me.  I appreciate all the people out there more so because I can complain and they cant kick me in the balls when I cry too much like T can.  All they can really do is not respond or block or unfollow me.  But with my charming personality I know that none of the people I talk to will ever leave me.

Days are looking brighter and the nights are looking more clear.  Hope everyone has great days ahead.

Happy Birthday to our friend Laura who is much older today and is always there to bust my balls a little more after T puts me in my place. You are a great friend.  May Brandon have the strength and will to put up with your ass on this fine day.

Kiss The Baby



Anonymous,  April 14, 2012 at 6:51 PM   Reply to

Hi Scott,

Thanks so much for the kind words. I'm very glad to be apart of your team and watch you kids grow up!

Mark L.

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