Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Im thinking of buying one of these or maybe two or three.

My favorite hats to wear are hats that have the letter


on them. I love to wear the C hats because I feel like I am
wearing something that displays my love for my kids.  I have other hats too,
lots of them.  But my C hats are my favorites.

Well I have to get a new hat. I just now occurred to me that a certain teams hat
has both a T and a C on it.  Wouldn't that be awesome to wear a hat that shows my love
for both my wife of 12 years and my kids?

I think so.  So while I am not a fan of this team and could care less if they win or lose,
I am going to be trying to shop around online and find the perfect one.

Gotta be a fitted hat. The stretch hats are the best. I love the stretch fitted hats
cause they don't look like the 10 gallon hats like the MLB players wear.  I will never
wear an adjustable hat...NEVER.

Here is the teams hat that I will be searching online for and making a
purchase soon for my summer hat.

See the T for T and the C for the 4 C's

I am not to sure about this one. I like the shape of the hat
not sure about the red lines

Love the color but not that raised top look.
Too poofy and the flat bills look stupid

Oh yeah....HELL NO

And again....NO NEVER

I may live in Georgia, but no camo

Perfect. Faded look, like I have had it a while
the fitted hat with the stretch or either a M/L or L/XL
I think this is the one.

I will probably go on the hat site I get my hats from and do some looking
and get T's input too. And I will have to go through ebates of course
to get the cash back.

Maybe a buy one get one half off and then I can get a visor too.
You know so I can let my balding dome get some sun.
But know this. Even in the dead of winter, no matter how cold
I will never be caught wearing this


Kiss The Baby



Anonymous,  April 17, 2012 at 7:26 PM   Reply to

Cool, as usual. I love the camo and the navy blue.

Knit hat? um... Maybe on crazy hat day, after knocking back a few. Maybe.


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