Thursday, April 26, 2012

Number 1 Pick in the Draft....Did you choose the right one?

Most of that are sports fans know what today is.
Today is the NFL Draft 2012.  This is the day when us die hard fans
begin to dream of our favorite football team going to the Super Bowl.
This is where we cheer or boo the players that our favorite team selects.

Drafting.  What a special process.  Just think about it.

Some players are watched over the course of years, with information being gathered
and a series of tests and lessons are learned from each player to their potential
new teams.

Just think about this drafting process as it relates to us in our marriages.
I know that some people meet and marry the first person
they fall in love with.
This is like having that Number 1 Draft Pick and knowing the whole time
who you are taking with that first pick.

Then you have some people that survey the field.  Check everyone out
and do interviews (dates) and may even have that one player
come and try out for you (relationship).

Just like all of the NFL teams hope that they pick a winner in tonight's
draft that will have a long storied career with them, we all hope
that when we make that pick of who our spouse will be that we spend
the rest of our lives with them.

When it came time to build my draft board of who I might select with my pick,
well lets just say, I interviewed some duds. Some busts. Some people that
wouldn't have been with my team for long.

I then had a chance meeting with a potential player and that player became
my Number 1 Draft Pick.  She shot up the board all the way to Number 1 after
the first weekend of interviews.  She passed all of the test with flying colors.

At the time I was the Owner, President and GM of my team. As I was leaving
the Atlanta airport, I realized that I had not signed this player to a contract yet.
At that point I couldn't get on that plane without having that player on my team.
It was then that I looked at that player and said one thing....

"I think I'm falling In Love with You!"

And with that T signed my contract, became my Number 1 pick and
now 12 years later she is still on my team and she will retire from my team and
take a position in the front office.

Actually she is the owner of the team now. lol.

Make sure you draft your women better than the NFL drafts its players.

Love is better than sports.

Kiss The Baby



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