Wednesday, April 11, 2012

To Sing or Not to Sing

I have two boys in the house that love a certain song by The Fold.  "Weekend Whip" which is the Lego Ninjago theme song and I have the video on my phone for the kids and they listen to it all the time. C1 and C2 love to sing along to it.  That is about the extent of my musical influence over those two.

Now when it comes to C3, she is a different story. She is asking every night to listen to my phone to hear her songs.  I have certain songs that I have on a playlist for her and her listening pleasure.  She was listening to my phone the other night and as I walked into her room, she didn't notice me and I caught her singing Gavin Degraws "Not Over You".  Word for word.  She also loves her some Bruno Mars, only a few songs that I let her listen to that are clean.

Then a few nights ago, she came to me and said "Daddy, can you get this one song on your phone that we hear in Mommy's van?"  I asked what song and she started to sing it and I had no clue.  Then on Easter as I was cutting up some sweet potato for sweet potato fries an Adele song was on the radio "Rumor Has It" and C3 comes running screaming into the kitchen and tells me that is the song she likes now and wants me to get it on my phone.

C4, well he has my dance moves, so he should be..well lets just say he better not dance.

Music, while it can bring a family closer, it can also drive some away.  I just now figured out why C1 and C2 started heading for the hills when I started singing "Moves Like Jagger"

Kiss The Baby



Anonymous,  April 11, 2012 at 11:02 PM   Reply to

Hey Bro, nice post.

My son isn't even three yet, but he knows the Ninjago song. Funny kids.

He got his first Ninjago minfig this past weekend. Red. Kai.

Legos are perfect for kids.

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