Monday, April 30, 2012

Wee-Kend Fun......Broken Dishes, Soccer and Sun...

Why do the weekends always go by so fast?  Every Monday it is the same thing.  I'm talking about how the weekend has flown by.  Do weekends go slow? Ever?

Ours started Friday night as I got home and made an attempt to become a home antenna installer.  Yeah, didn't go so great to start as the DirecTv dish I took down was filled with bees.  Yeah. Awesome.  Got that down finally and connected the antenna to a few different cables and then went in and saw how many channels I had which was.......ZERO!

But I did get to call DirecTv Friday night and cancel them. That was a fun classic call. The guy on the other end just didn't get it. I tried being nice, funny, and told him he had better just cut my service before it gets ugly.  Told him I wanted a divorce, leaving him and that was that.  They offered everything and the anything but with the new Roku we have hooked up, in our room and downstairs and the wii in the living room we are all set with the stuff we need.  Once I figure out how to get the antenna hooked up and we have local channels too, its on. That dish will be a bird bath.

Oh god. Soccer Saturday.  Man.  How can I say this, ummmm of all the days that I could have been kicked out, ejected, sent home from a soccer game, Saturday would have been it.  BOTH GAMES!!!  I have to say that I am just into it. Not just for my kids, but their teams.  I want my kids to have fun, play hard and win and lose.  They have to know the feeling of both.  But C2's team (with one loss) was playing a team with NO losses and it was an intense game.  We were up, then they would score.  We were up again and then they would score.  C2 didn't have a good game at all. No hustle, just didn't have it Saturday and he when the game was over he knew he didn't play well and by that I mean he just didn't try hard enough. He will have another chance on Tuesday.  But to tie the (maybe) best team, I'm OK with that. (FOR NOW)  C3, her game....This was the final game of her season and they had only one loss too.  This was the tournament finale for the Under6 and if it wasn't for the other teams coach that loved to stand in the way, might have had a different outcome. We had a scare with her as she was running and ran smack into the face of another kid and both kids went down crying and she has a nice knot and bruise on her head.  She did go back into the game and played hard.  I'm proud of her for playing a great season and sticking with it. 

Saturday night C1 and C2 took Mommy T out for some dinner for a Mommy / Son Date Night.  They had a great time, did some shopping while I had C3 and C4 time.  Made them dinner and played games and watched shows.  I even changed diapers and gave them baths.  I'm moving up in the world.

Yesterday was get our ass outside and play in the sun and water day.  That is all we did, beside laundry, more laundry and cleaning and cooking and just a bit more laundry.

Get the week on and lets hope it goes as fast and good as the weekend.

Kiss the baby



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