Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend. Blink your eyes and its over.

So the Easter weekend is over and just like any other weekend it flew by. 

It does suck how the weekends fly by so fast but the work week just seems to drag on.  But its the same ol same ol. Play hard on the weekends and try hard on the weekdays.

Saturday our family friend was in Atlanta on her tour of photo stops and we were lucky enough to get down there and have some pictures taken.  It was a fun time. Packed up the van with a cooler, snacks, drinks, toys and other goodies and got on the road. It was a nice old style house and there was a huge open front yard that the kids played in. FOR HOURS....The kids, our kids and Jennifer's kids played for hours. They played legos, kickball, soccer, more legos, name it and they played it. It was a really fun time. I would have to say the best part was watching the kids all freak out when the silly string broke out. Some loved it and some didn't. Silly string and kids scattered all over the place.

Yesterday was nice. Easter morning came very early as three of the C's were up before the sun came up. They tried to wake T and I up more than once. They loved the baskets of surprises which included everything from lego mini figures to angry bird t-shirts.  And NO chocolate. T got up and made her world famous french toast. So good.

We hunted eggs all over the outside of the house, in the yard, on the trail in the woods and they kids had so much fun. C1 and C2 ran so fast around the trail that they had to make two or three trips to make sure they got all of the eggs and C3, well with every egg she found came a loud scream and C4 yeah, being the happy boy he is had to pick up each egg and yell that he found one and stare at it for a minute. They had some great prizes in the eggs.  They played outside and played hard. So hard that by the end of the night after we brushed teeth they were in their beds asleep before we could even get them in our room for story time.

And with that, I too had a great night sleep. Slept in and skipped the gym. Back at it tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Kiss The Baby.



Anonymous,  April 9, 2012 at 5:01 PM   Reply to

Hey Bro, Another great family weekend for ya. I love the image of your kids running to find the eggs and how each one reacts in their own way!

I love french toast, what a great breakfast, too.

Happy Easter,

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