Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We Got Back To It This Weekend

How do you know

when you are

about to hit


Well we spend a ton of time here

And this is usually what happens

after we are done.

We had a fun long weekend.

Lots of yard work, lots of pool time and

lots of food.

All of the above was followed by

Lots of sleep.

Kiss The Baby



Friday, May 25, 2012

The Anatomy Of Our Family Picture

This Daddy's Blog


Today I want to take a look and break down the anatomy of a family photo. We all have different ways of having our family pictures taken.

Here is a photo taken by a dear friend.
We are a good looking family. Happy kids and
T and I are smiling too.

This photo says a lot about us.
If you know us or about us, then you
know whats up just by looking at this picture.

Then you have this.

This is a family picture that was drawn by C1 the other night. He came into our room and took a minute to show us.  We looked and I have to admit I was impressed. I love the details he puts into his drawings.  After studying it for a few minutes I had to bring up some of the things I noticed...

1. I have no pants! I do this often but not usually when the kids are up.
2. I have only seven hairs! While I am losing my hair, I do have more than seven.
3. T and I are holding hands! No going to happen, she hates holding hands.
4. Mommy T has a bow on her dress! Does she even own a dress with a bow?
5. C1's shirts says "The Bigger the Better"! Who told him this and I was always told size didn't matter?
6. C1 is tall!  But man, as tall as me?
7. He have the other C's shirts exactly correct! C2-soccer ball, C3-kitty cat, C4-I am 2.
8. 5 Hearts on each side of the top!
9. Leo our Cat is just as fat as Laila our dog! This is True.
10. Bearie!  Bearie is always with us.

C1....Thanks for the pic. It is hanging on my wall in the office and I love it. But......

No Pants and Seven Hairs?????

Kiss the baby



Wednesday, May 23, 2012

He Made It A Good Day

He doesn't know that I am miserable.  He doesn't know how hard it is for me.  He has no idea how much of a struggle it is each day.

And I will hide it from him until he is old enough to understand and process it.

But something I will not keep locked away is how happy and proud he makes me.

Five little words came from his mouth last night in the form of a question and it just made me smile.

"How was your day Daddy?"

That's it.  Just as easy as that. It was so care free yet he had such a loving look about him. So I gave him a high five, looked at him and said....

"It was a good day"

Was it really a good day? 

At 9:30pm on Tuesday night, C1 just made it a good day.

Kiss The Baby



Tuesday, May 22, 2012

He Didn't Need Me As Much As I Needed Him

Sky Hike at Stone Mountain Park   is something that I have been looking forward to

doing for some time now. So this past Saturday while we were at Stone Mountain we made sure that we took the time to head over there.  Now C1, C2 and C3 wanted to do this with me. Climbing is something that C3 does on a regular and we got her past the first checkpoint where they were checking to see if she was tall enough.  T and C4 found a little Sky Hike Jr. playground to play on and he loved that. It had things to climb on and different obstacles for the younger kids as well as the older kids (and adult kids).  Well C3 got turned away at the second checkpoint and she went on to have a blast playing where C4 was.  So that left me with C1 and C2. 

We got strapped in the harnesses and hooked up to the tracks where the ropes were attached and we were on our way through a world of high rise adventures.  We lined up like this....C1, then C2, then Me.  C1 made it across the first plank and made it to the second platform.  C2 then made it across followed by myself.  When I got there, C2 said he wanted to go back. He didn't want to go any further. I wasn't going to push him, so I told C1 to stay where he was and I got C2 back to T and then HE went on to play with the others in the Sky Hike Jr. area.

So after making it back to the second platform it was just C1 and myself.  He was flying through this course and I was just making it.  I couldn't figure out if I was scared or scared for him?  But every time we got a the next platform, he just waited his turn and then went on his way.

We got a little more than half way through the course and I asked him if he was doing alright and C1 turned to me and said this.....

"Daddy it's OK.  All you have to do is believe in yourself and you can do it. You can do anything"

My little 8 year old was more wise and mature than I am at the age of 39.  I was proud he finished the adventure and never lost his footing, never looked back and when we were done, he wanted to do Level 2.

"Let's wait till next time for that buddy"  That's what I told him.

He then went on to climb the rock wall and make it all the way up to touch the buzzer not once but twice.

So the whole time T and I thought that C3 was the climber after scaling door jams, it turns out that C1 is in fact a SpiderMan

Fun times.

Kiss The Baby



Friday, May 18, 2012

Blood Is In The Water....

This Daddy's Blog


So being that its Friday, I'm going to let you in on a secret.  I have a show that I love to hate and hate to love.  Its cant miss tv for T and I, its on the dvr and we watch it no matter what. We often sit and watch this show while in bed and when its on I'm glued and intensely interested, when its over....I'm pissed at the world that I don't have any reason to try and get on that show.

Shark Tank. The show where average people with different idea come to the room (Tank) and ask for help, money and anything else they can get from five big time, very successful money making monsters...actually they call them Sharks.  The people will come before them and pitch the ideas and then get offers or told "I'm Out!"  Two words you never want to hear when you are on the show.

Barbara, at first seems nice and quiet but don't let her get on a roll. She is fast to snap at the guys and hold her ground. She seems to have a soft heart and will make a deal when the guys wont. 

Daymond.  This is a guy that I love and T cant stand.  She thinks he has an attitude.  I just think he tells it like it is.  He really won me over last week when personally approaching a man and taking time to explain the deal and make an offer.

Kevin. Mr Wonderful. Oh yeah. Another that T rolls her eyes at. She really thinks he is a jerk. This guy pulls no punches, he is rude but tells you like it is. He wants more money. End of story. 

Lori. The Queen of QVC.  She is usually on when Barbara isn't. I really like her. She is smooth and its so funny when the guys talk shit to her and she just tells people she will put them on QVC and make them rich and then the deal is done.

Robert. Gotta be honest. Never heard of him before the show. But I love how he is soft spoken and references his kids a lot. Maybe its because they stick him on the bookend. He is a likable guy but I wish he would make more deals.

Mark. Who in the world doesn't know this guy. I think he is T's favorite and along with Daymond I like Mark as well.  Mark is lovable because he is always getting up and involved with the people on the show. I'm ready for him to say "24 seconds" as I am typing this.

So as I sit at home tonight watching this show, seeing people get rejected and accepted and I will be thinking of what could I come up with that I could go and try to sell these people on. What could I invent, think of, make up, hell even throw a sock at the wall and see if it sticks.  I would love to have something that I love and believe in that was MINE and take it to the Shark Tank. 

Here's to another Friday night wishing I was smarter and another weekend that I wish was longer to spend with T and the 4 C's.

Kiss the baby




Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Do You Have Time ?

I'm not sure if there has been a cover of a magazine that has caused more commotion in recent memory than this one.  Maybe I'm only paying attention to it because it has a mom breastfeeding her child on it.  Twitter, Fakebook, and blogs and feeds were all crazy over the cover. Comments that were good, bad and ugly were being thrown out there. 

I only want to say this about the cover.  I have three children that have breastfed and one that is still breastfeeding and will be three in June.  Unless I was at work or sleeping or watching the Falcons, I never ever ever remember any of my children eating the ninny juice this way.  The only issue I have with this cover is that I wish she and her son were shown breastfeeding in a more natural way.

But that wouldn't sell would it?  That would make it so controversial now would it? That may not have caused the uproar!

How many people got past the cover to actually read the article on "Attachment Parenting"? I read it.  I didn't have any problems with it.  I would consider us as "Attachment Parents".  Now years ago, hell maybe months ago, I would have blogged, tweeted and talked about how "Our Way" is the best way.  Well the simple fact is that "Our Way" is the best way.......FOR US.  Maybe not for you and I'm OK with that. If you love your kids, please just love them more and more every day.  I know some people wont read the article simply because it doesn't interest them or they don't believe in "Attachment Parenting" at all. All I ask is that if you can, get past the cover and read it with an open mind.  Read it and understand that what DOESN'T work for you, works very well for others.  I am not preaching this way of thinking after be a complete hypocrite not to long ago.  T and others have taught me that bashing parents for being different is not a way to make me or our style of parenting look any better than any other.  So while you may not agree with the fact that I have a child in my bed, a child breastfeeding, children homeschooling, understand I'm OK with you not agreeing with our decision. But its our decision.

Now here is where I have some harsh words over the cover of the Time Magazine.  A day or two after the magazine was released in stores, it came down that Kroger (grocery stores) were going to stop carrying the issue.  WHAT? Look close, you cant see anything dirty or nasty or sexual.  You only see some of her boob and breastfeeding is not sexual. But Kroger pulled them anyways. Not sure where that decision comes from but I bet it is the same place where the decision is made to carry and sell...

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue


So Kroger will sell these two mag's but wont carry the Time issue.  Just makes me wonder. Hey sex sells. Skin is in.  The more you show the farther ya go.  If ya got it use it.....except in the case of breastfeeding.

Just saying.

Questions for me? Ask!  Debate with me? Let's!  Run and Hide or block and delete you? Not me!

Kiss the Baby




Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Color Me Good

Some of us get them by having wives.  Some of us get them by having kids.  Some people may have jobs that cause these. And just good ol' fashioned old age can make this happen.  If you are lucky enough to be young and get these then you probably look good and are pulling in all the ladies.  Well when you are old like me (almost 40) and you are either losing your hair or have it going grey that's when you may need or want some extra help.

That is where Smiley360 came in.  Along with them and Just For Men - Autostop I was sent some boxes of hair color.  Now I am not really one to color my hair to cover up the grey, but more for just changing up, looking different, crazy. One time I colored my hair black and it came out purple.  I have also colored my beard too. 

So since I was sent some free samples, I decided to try it out and change it up a bit. Now I don't have a ton of hair to begin with. Had to let it grow out some then went to work. 

This AutoStop is probably the fastest way for a man to color his hair or beard.  The box comes with a tube and a comb applicator that looks like a toothbrush. Just screw the applicator onto the tube and you are ready to go. No mixing.  Just run it through your hair like a comb and then all you have to do is shampoo it out.  You are finished in under 15 minutes.

Another good thing about this product is that it has NO peroxide or ammonia and that makes it a gentle hair color to use.

I guess the only problems I have with the product is that since I don't have a lot of hair to begin with, the darker my hair gets the more noticeable that damn bald spot gets. That is the reason I keep the hair short. But it worked really well for the beard also. No complaints there.

Check it out if you want to or need to. You can always color it again, or shave it off.  Also I cant endorse that this product will make you better looking or help you land a hot woman. I was already not good looking and I have a hot woman.  Good Luck with both.

Thanks again to Smiley360 for sending me free samples and I was not paid for this review.

Kiss The Baby




Monday, May 14, 2012

Mothers Day.

Saturday night as the kids fell asleep with T in the bed I went out to the living room got my pillow and blanket ready for the night on the couch and I thought about how lucky I am.  I am so lucky to have a wife that is a great mother and even more lucky that the kids already know how lucky they are too.

The kids made a card, C1 and C3 had cut and made their own hearts to glue on the card. C2 added some that we cut and I did C4's work for him. I did my usual handy work and stole some paper from T's scrapbook stuff and made her a card. She so loves when I steal from her scrapbook collection.

I had her coffee ready Sunday morning and I went and got us all breakfast.  Then she had the shopping experience she always wanted...Grocery shopping that is, all by herself. She actually loved that.  She got home and we had some cuddle time while we watched a few shows we had to catch up on...Just cuddle and tv, nothing

Then the plan was for me...(YES ME) to cook her a nice steak, shrimp, crab cakes dinner with corn on the cob, rolls, veggies but something happened as we were prepping the kitchen...

A damn wooden chair jumped out and hit me in the eye.  Hurt really bad. Bleeding and T wanted to put superglue on my eyelid...Ummm NO!  I put some ice and that was it.  She started making jokes that "This is what you do to get out of cooking me dinner?"  "This is what happens when you don't get me a good Mothers Day gift!"  "Keep it up and you will have one on your other eye!"  She is too sweet.  Chair-1 and Me-0.

Dinner was great. Very nice.

As I rolled over to go to sleep last night, I once again remembered how lucky I am to have such a great wife who is also a great mom.  I may be the one who sits at a job all day and is gone away from home, but T is the one that is there all day doing it all.

I hope she really did enjoy her Mothers Day as much as I really do enjoy seeing her be a MOM.

Love ya honey.

Kiss The Baby



Friday, May 11, 2012

Crossfit.....My Journey Has Begun...Join me or get out of my way!

This Daddy's Blog


As I start this post I want to thank a few people.  These people have helped me in ways they may or may not know.  For some reason I am a person that needs approval and support to feel like I am doing something right.  Well these people have made me feel like that.

Josh my Trainer. Josh has pushed me and taught me things about working out and being healthy that I would have never known if not for meeting him.  He is also a main reason I am even writing this today and you will find out more later.

Crossfit Cedar Park, TX.  @CrossfitCP is one of the first Crossfit sites I started following after learning of this great style of workout. Coach Robin Tillman sent me a wonderful informative email and the girl that handles twitter for them, Amber is always helpful.

P from @GasFamily has been like a Crossfit Trainer over twitter for me for the past several months. She always tells me to make sure I say she is NOT a instructor but whatever, she gives me WOD's and tips and video links and is always motivating me in the areas of Crossfit.

T.  Last and by no means least.  She is my wall. I can lean on her and she will not move.  She is the tough love wife that I need and puts up with no shit.  She is the best because she makes sure she stays out of the way when it comes to me and the gym. She says "Do it if you are going to do it and if you don't stop bitching about it"  She makes me hold myself accountable. She does talk shit to me when I need it and I love that.

Now for the reason of today's post.

A few weeks ago, Josh talked to me at the gym about getting certified to be a trainer.  Then he said to me, since you are doing the Crossfit and you like that so much, get certified in that. He told me he thinks I would be good at it.  I didn't buy into it. I never have faith in anything I do.   But I thought about it.  Thought some more, kind of brought it up to T and that was really the end of it.  Josh talked to me more about it, told me to basically shit or get off the pot. 

So last Sunday, I looked at T and asked her point blank if she thought I could do this. This being signing up with Crossfit Atlanta to take the Level 1 Trainer Course to be certified to instruct Level 1 Crossfit. What happened next surprised the shit out of me.

She said YES!  I got the full endorsement of my wife. That to me is the most important thing in the world.  She looked at me and said you have till August, better start busting your ass.  I then asked her if she thought I could pass the written test and she said "Hell No, don't put that pressure on me, do the work, study and pass it she said."  She did say she would be my study buddy.

So this weekend I will be signing up. Putting my deposit down for the August training course and I will continue to learn the different exercises and then come test time I will kick ass.  So not only will I continue to work on being fit, I will be able to help other be fit and healthy as well. I am going to become a Crossfit Instructor.  I am really going to do this.  I will learn, learn some more and I believe with my personality and energy I can be a great instructor. I look forward to teaching people how fun it can be to workout.

So in August I will be personally thanking the few people above by showing them a certificate and a passing grade.

So, can a 40 year old become a Crossfit Instructor? Well, I will be my biggest self doubter, but I will also become my biggest self motivator. 

This is just a peek of what I want to become.
(And NO, not the old people)

Look out.

I'm coming for you.

Kiss The Baby



Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Something happened to me.

Something has happened to me.  Something is wrong with me.  I used to not be like this. Am I finally growing up?  Damn, now that I am almost 40 years old, married for twelve years and the father of four C's can it be true?  Am I changing?

History lesson. Quick.  Four things off the top of my head that I, and I use this word with all intentions...Hate.  There are four things that I hate.  Yes, that is a strong word but it is what it is.  These four things I have not been a fan of for all the years of my life as long as I can remember.

Lets go over them.

The Dentist.  Hate. Don't care how nice or even how hot they may be.  Don't care how much gas they give me, I don't like the dentist and I never will. Now don't get me wrong I don't have black or missing Chiclets and I do take care of my teeth, I just don't like the dentist.

Frogs.  Frogs are like a horror movie to me. They will kill me. I am scared to death of frogs.  I have been for the longest time.  The sound, the sight.  A couple weeks ago T put a fake frog down in the storage room where I have to go to get the dog food and when I turned and saw it, I jumped and screamed.  T and the C's thought it was really funny. It wasn't.

Pot Roast.  Nasty.  I'm sorry. I don't care who makes it, where it comes from...It is nasty.  I got in trouble as a kid for taking the roast and sticking it in a large mason style jug.  I was kind enough to cork it back, but after a few smelled.  Now since I made the mistake of telling our friend how great her pot roast was one night (Laura) T remembered that and I now have to suffer through eat hers too.

Bananas.  I don't ever remember liking bananas.  Not even as a kid.  My mean Aunt Toni (kidding about the mean part)  used to try and make me eat these and other good foods at her house. My PoP PoP used to try and get me to eat these on fishing trips.  NO way.  Even as a grown man, the smell made me want to throw up.  I couldn't even peel one for the kids without being disgusted. 

Fast forward to my awesome age of 39.  Just a few weeks ago, I was so hungry and I was feeling lazy and didn't want to make anything to eat. OK, here it comes....The surprise of a lifetime....

....I ate a banana. (trumpets started playing)  I ate the whole thing. Didn't even puke either. And the worst part about it, it wasn't even that bad.  I actually liked it. Can you believe that?  Me liking bananas.  Well now I have been eating them in the morning before the gym. I know right, me eating a banana at 5am.  I even went to the grocery store trying to buy some, but since I have never even looked for them in my life....yeah, I had no idea of where they were.

So after 39 years of life I have changed.  For the better I guess. I'm eating bananas. Now the dentist, frogs and pot roast...Forget it. Well unless T forces me to eat the roast.

Kiss The Baby



Monday, May 7, 2012

Wee-Kend Fun......Soccer and TV

Damn, what a weekend.  It was a crazy weekend.

Saturday morning, early in the morning. Game 1 of the U8 soccer tournament.   What a battle.  Man, I felt so stressed watching this game. We had it. We really did have it. Then at the end....we lost it. That was a heart breaker to lose.

Then yesterday, we had another tough game.  Had this one too. And then again at the end..Lost it. 

I have to give it to our kids and the team.  They played very hard all season long and Saturday and Sunday they really gave it their all.

They have the final game of the season tonight and I wont be there but I am sure hoping that they play hard and finish with a victory.  I am proud of the way the team has played all season long.

I am proud of the way C2 has played.  He has had his share of good games and bad games.  Whats awesome is that after a bad game, he always comes back and plays harder than before.  That is all I ask of him is to try hard and play hard the entire game.

Good season bud. I love you.

And late Saturday afternoon, we renewed our vows with DirecTv.  It wasn't easy as the installers kept their shoes on inside the house and that ate at me, but they fixed everything and the kids (and T and I) were enjoying TV again that evening.

I'm ready for another week. I'm not sure what the week will bring but I am hoping it will bring some great opportunity and news.  Guess i will see.

Kiss The Baby



Friday, May 4, 2012

We tried Separating

We jumped the gun on getting divorced.  I hate divorce and we talked about it and we were both upset and just didn't want to deal with the b.s. anymore.  T and I had been exploring options for a while but at the end we just felt it was the right thing to do.  It was going to be hard on us and hard on the kids.  We took steps to make it easier and we told the kids and they seemed to understand at first.  Then it all hit during the middle of the week.  All the pressure and all the stress of separating was becoming too much to bear for both T and I.  She was having trouble dealing with it, I was having trouble dealing with her and the kids were becoming ill and C2 was very vocal about his unhappiness over what was going on.  So during the middle of the week T and I sat down and we had a long talk about trying to work it out.  At the end of our talk, we both decided that we would give it another try.

We would give DirecTv another shot.  That's right, the separation from DirecTv was made one week ago and it has been hell on all of us. I couldn't get the damn antenna up and get a signal, I couldn't get one single local station.  We tried streaming most of the shows we watch but the PLAYON thing that has most of the local station sucks ass.  Netflix and Hulu+ we will still use but for the most part all the other stuff sucks.  The Roku is good, that thing works great.  I think we will be returning one of them and keeping one.  The DirecTv deal will be mostly to have local channels.

Its so funny that after being a customer for 10 years and calling them all the time to get a better deal and offer, they always tell me no and give me the cheap movie options.  When you actually call them and cancel your service they call you all day long every day to come back.  T got them on the phone, told them I ripped the stuff down and they were going to have to bring new stuff out.  They are bringing out new dvr's and a new dish and giving us a great price for 2yrs and we will have the local channels.

Everyone is happy.  So while we thought it was going to be a good idea, we are still saving money but we wont have the stress of trying to do something that I have no idea about. Also means I don't have to get my clumsy ass up on the roof.


Soccer tomorrow. C2 has the first game of his tournament. Then Sunday and then Monday. Time to put it all together and whoop some ass.  Lets do this.


This week was the first week in months that I have hit the gym all 5 days. Not missing one single day.  I feel good and had some great workouts. I am back. Now that the routine of getting up is back in effect, I will have no problem getting there. BOOM!

Kiss the Baby



Thursday, May 3, 2012

I cried. So what!

If you have been reading my blog for a while now you know that I am probably not the most masculine person that walks the Earth and I have moments of weakness....OK I'm a crier.  I cry.  Sports, songs, and yes even Movies.  I cry during happy and sad movies.

So yesterday T chose a movie that I probably wouldn't have.

Well I actually turned out to be a really good movie.  T fell asleep half way through and I'm kind of glad she did.  I have to admit that I cried during this movie, not ONCE but TWICE.  That is why I'm glad she didn't witness that.

The first time was when Matt Damon's character was fighting with his son in the house and they were yelling at each other.  I have a very head strong child that is full of will and desire and he wears his emotions on his sleeve.  So i envisioned something like that when he is 14 years old and when they fought and made up, I let a few tears fall.  Just a few.

The second was at the end when he was telling and showing his kids where and how he met their mom.  He went through the story with such a clear description that they could see their mom sitting there.  Once again, I shed a few tears.

So I cried. So what.  I cried when Cal Ripken broke the record for games played streak.  I cried when the Houston Rockets won the back to back championships.  I cried when Adam Sandler got custody of the kid in Big Daddy....So I cried..Whatever!

Just cause I'm saying it and writing about.  Still didn't have anyone witness me crying during a Matt Damon movie so I don't lose my man card. 

That is why I'm glad she was asleep.

Kiss the baby



Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lets Meet Josh Harper.....Pro Form Fitness by Josh

Josh Harper,  he is a Husband, Father and a Personal Trainer. 

Today I am going to introduce you to him. 

Now a year or so ago when I first started the gym, I would go all the time, every morning in fact.  I was very intimidated by the gym, kind of like high school all over again.  I would only stay on the cardio and machine side of the gym.  There were a few guys over there working out and they looked scary and mean and I didn't want to go near them.  Well come to find out that after talking all that mess to T about these guys at the gym, those guys ended up being really friendly and nice and actually helped me along the way big time in getting on a path to being fit.  One of those guys, Josh Harper.

I found out that Josh and I are a lot alike in some ways.  A husband that has so many nice things to say about his wife. Feel like I know her too.  A father that talks non stop about his two boys lets call them Big J and Little J.  A hard worker that works too much and has to travel a lot due to his position in the company that he has worked at for such a long time.  Josh gets his workout in the morning before a long day and then is lucky enough to get to spend the late afternoon and evening with his lovely family.  Did I mention that he wants to look like me too. I know hard to believe isn't it!

So when I asked Josh about different workouts he didn't waste any time in helping me.  He handed me his notebook with his workouts in it.  Everything from the exercises to what to do on the certain days and the weights he was doing.  This was unreal.  How could this guy, a person that I never even wanted to talk to be this nice?  Well as luck would have it, this is what he wanted to do.  He was looking for a person to help just as much as I was looking for help.

After several months of training and measuring my body FAT (yes I have plenty of it) I had gotten into a great routine and made awesome strides and gains as well as losses.  All due to Josh and his plan of steady working out from 5am to 7am and eating right.  T still says to this day, you ate better when Josh was training you...I just roll my eyes and move on. Only because she is right.

Upon finding out that Josh finished his personal training certification, I made sure that I jumped at the chance to help him out since he was one of the main reasons that I have fallen in love with going to the gym.  I called him and wanted to help him start a blog that he can eventually turn into a dotcom and use it to gain new trainees and followers and build and expand a business that he also loves.  He is so excited about this new opportunity and cant wait to start training new people. He is also looking into getting certified to become a Crossfit Instructor as well.

Here is where you come in. My trusty, faithful readers, followers, any of you and all of you.  I want you to go to Pro Form Fitness By Josh check out his blog that is still under construction and join him as well and tell him or ask him about something along the health, fitness lines of what you are wanting to know.  Tell him and give him ideas and suggestions on what you think readers would like to see on his blog.  Don't take my word for it, go hit him with your best shot and you will see that he is in my opinion going to be the best personal training option in West Ga. and that's just to start.

Go now!  Also find him on twitter @FitnessbyJoshH

Kiss The Baby


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