Friday, May 18, 2012

Blood Is In The Water....

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So being that its Friday, I'm going to let you in on a secret.  I have a show that I love to hate and hate to love.  Its cant miss tv for T and I, its on the dvr and we watch it no matter what. We often sit and watch this show while in bed and when its on I'm glued and intensely interested, when its over....I'm pissed at the world that I don't have any reason to try and get on that show.

Shark Tank. The show where average people with different idea come to the room (Tank) and ask for help, money and anything else they can get from five big time, very successful money making monsters...actually they call them Sharks.  The people will come before them and pitch the ideas and then get offers or told "I'm Out!"  Two words you never want to hear when you are on the show.

Barbara, at first seems nice and quiet but don't let her get on a roll. She is fast to snap at the guys and hold her ground. She seems to have a soft heart and will make a deal when the guys wont. 

Daymond.  This is a guy that I love and T cant stand.  She thinks he has an attitude.  I just think he tells it like it is.  He really won me over last week when personally approaching a man and taking time to explain the deal and make an offer.

Kevin. Mr Wonderful. Oh yeah. Another that T rolls her eyes at. She really thinks he is a jerk. This guy pulls no punches, he is rude but tells you like it is. He wants more money. End of story. 

Lori. The Queen of QVC.  She is usually on when Barbara isn't. I really like her. She is smooth and its so funny when the guys talk shit to her and she just tells people she will put them on QVC and make them rich and then the deal is done.

Robert. Gotta be honest. Never heard of him before the show. But I love how he is soft spoken and references his kids a lot. Maybe its because they stick him on the bookend. He is a likable guy but I wish he would make more deals.

Mark. Who in the world doesn't know this guy. I think he is T's favorite and along with Daymond I like Mark as well.  Mark is lovable because he is always getting up and involved with the people on the show. I'm ready for him to say "24 seconds" as I am typing this.

So as I sit at home tonight watching this show, seeing people get rejected and accepted and I will be thinking of what could I come up with that I could go and try to sell these people on. What could I invent, think of, make up, hell even throw a sock at the wall and see if it sticks.  I would love to have something that I love and believe in that was MINE and take it to the Shark Tank. 

Here's to another Friday night wishing I was smarter and another weekend that I wish was longer to spend with T and the 4 C's.

Kiss the baby



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