Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Do You Have Time ?

I'm not sure if there has been a cover of a magazine that has caused more commotion in recent memory than this one.  Maybe I'm only paying attention to it because it has a mom breastfeeding her child on it.  Twitter, Fakebook, and blogs and feeds were all crazy over the cover. Comments that were good, bad and ugly were being thrown out there. 

I only want to say this about the cover.  I have three children that have breastfed and one that is still breastfeeding and will be three in June.  Unless I was at work or sleeping or watching the Falcons, I never ever ever remember any of my children eating the ninny juice this way.  The only issue I have with this cover is that I wish she and her son were shown breastfeeding in a more natural way.

But that wouldn't sell would it?  That would make it so controversial now would it? That may not have caused the uproar!

How many people got past the cover to actually read the article on "Attachment Parenting"? I read it.  I didn't have any problems with it.  I would consider us as "Attachment Parents".  Now years ago, hell maybe months ago, I would have blogged, tweeted and talked about how "Our Way" is the best way.  Well the simple fact is that "Our Way" is the best way.......FOR US.  Maybe not for you and I'm OK with that. If you love your kids, please just love them more and more every day.  I know some people wont read the article simply because it doesn't interest them or they don't believe in "Attachment Parenting" at all. All I ask is that if you can, get past the cover and read it with an open mind.  Read it and understand that what DOESN'T work for you, works very well for others.  I am not preaching this way of thinking after be a complete hypocrite not to long ago.  T and others have taught me that bashing parents for being different is not a way to make me or our style of parenting look any better than any other.  So while you may not agree with the fact that I have a child in my bed, a child breastfeeding, children homeschooling, understand I'm OK with you not agreeing with our decision. But its our decision.

Now here is where I have some harsh words over the cover of the Time Magazine.  A day or two after the magazine was released in stores, it came down that Kroger (grocery stores) were going to stop carrying the issue.  WHAT? Look close, you cant see anything dirty or nasty or sexual.  You only see some of her boob and breastfeeding is not sexual. But Kroger pulled them anyways. Not sure where that decision comes from but I bet it is the same place where the decision is made to carry and sell...

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue


So Kroger will sell these two mag's but wont carry the Time issue.  Just makes me wonder. Hey sex sells. Skin is in.  The more you show the farther ya go.  If ya got it use it.....except in the case of breastfeeding.

Just saying.

Questions for me? Ask!  Debate with me? Let's!  Run and Hide or block and delete you? Not me!

Kiss the Baby



christopher (@twistedxtian) May 16, 2012 at 12:08 PM   Reply to

It was interesting when my wife and I first became parents that we just did what felt natural. Sure we'd ask other people what they did, especially when we ran into problems, but for the most part we just parented as we saw fit.

Then I learned there were labels, and parenting wars, and advocates for this crowd, and advocates for that. There are people that are pro-this, anti-that, my way is the only way, and the list goes on. You get into the online parenting community and it just seems to magnify everything.

Much of our parenting would fall under the label of "attachment parenting," some of it doesn't. We did more with our daughter than our son.

I like that there is a strong online parenting community. It can be a little hard to take at times, and you have to sift through a lot of garbage to get to the good stuff sometimes, but when you find something that fits you, do it. Don't worry about it. Don't worry about what others are doing, what they are telling you to do. Do what works best for you.

I like that about you. You do things your way, I do things mine. Often, they overlap, sometimes they don't. But we can still be friends in the end. :D

Dagmar May 16, 2012 at 9:58 PM   Reply to

Great to read a father's perspective. So true, why are those other magazines revered and a picture of a mom using her breasts for what they are actually there for is pulled? Our society is really messed up. What's more important, a healthy child or magazine sales?

Here is what I wrote:

Dagmar's momsense

Krista May 17, 2012 at 8:27 AM   Reply to

I enjoyed reading your perspective on this, and was actually unaware that Kroger had pulled the magazine until reading this.

It's nice to see a father's perspective, and I believe that you mirrored the way my husband feels about raising our child. My husband has become a bigger advocate for my breastfeeding that even I have been, but he is also very sensitive to the fact that some of my very close friends were unable to breastfeed. It's a balance, and what works for my family may not work for yours. Thanks for the open and honest discussion on this!

Mum May 20, 2012 at 3:53 PM   Reply to

I have recently found your blog and am really enjoying it, thank you! This post sticks out to me though. You have done an awesome job of presenting this very argument laden topic. We have five children, and while we have breastfed, still do with the little guy, I must give credit where credit is due, I never managed to keep a toddlers interest. Trucks, or barbies... once they hit the scene the kids lost all interest in sitting still for a drink. lol. Whatever works for each family is best, this parenting lark is hard enough with out brow beating each other.

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