Tuesday, May 22, 2012

He Didn't Need Me As Much As I Needed Him

Sky Hike at Stone Mountain Park   is something that I have been looking forward to

doing for some time now. So this past Saturday while we were at Stone Mountain we made sure that we took the time to head over there.  Now C1, C2 and C3 wanted to do this with me. Climbing is something that C3 does on a regular and we got her past the first checkpoint where they were checking to see if she was tall enough.  T and C4 found a little Sky Hike Jr. playground to play on and he loved that. It had things to climb on and different obstacles for the younger kids as well as the older kids (and adult kids).  Well C3 got turned away at the second checkpoint and she went on to have a blast playing where C4 was.  So that left me with C1 and C2. 

We got strapped in the harnesses and hooked up to the tracks where the ropes were attached and we were on our way through a world of high rise adventures.  We lined up like this....C1, then C2, then Me.  C1 made it across the first plank and made it to the second platform.  C2 then made it across followed by myself.  When I got there, C2 said he wanted to go back. He didn't want to go any further. I wasn't going to push him, so I told C1 to stay where he was and I got C2 back to T and then HE went on to play with the others in the Sky Hike Jr. area.

So after making it back to the second platform it was just C1 and myself.  He was flying through this course and I was just making it.  I couldn't figure out if I was scared or scared for him?  But every time we got a the next platform, he just waited his turn and then went on his way.

We got a little more than half way through the course and I asked him if he was doing alright and C1 turned to me and said this.....

"Daddy it's OK.  All you have to do is believe in yourself and you can do it. You can do anything"

My little 8 year old was more wise and mature than I am at the age of 39.  I was proud he finished the adventure and never lost his footing, never looked back and when we were done, he wanted to do Level 2.

"Let's wait till next time for that buddy"  That's what I told him.

He then went on to climb the rock wall and make it all the way up to touch the buzzer not once but twice.

So the whole time T and I thought that C3 was the climber after scaling door jams, it turns out that C1 is in fact a SpiderMan

Fun times.

Kiss The Baby



christopher (@twistedxtian) May 22, 2012 at 10:09 PM   Reply to

That place looks awesome! :)

You should like you're doing a pretty great job with C1. If he's teaching you things that means you must be doing a pretty awesome job teaching him things.

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